WHO recommendations on breastfeeding

рекомендации воз по грудному вскармливанию

Breast-feeding считается наиболее приемлемым для
kids Milk produced by the glands contains a complete set.
vitamins and all vital nutrients. Each
a woman should understand this and not refuse a child in the breast

Breast milk is the best and staple food as long as
until the child is introduced various foods as they grow up.
The body of the child develops better with HB and also has a good
resistance to various infections and stresses.

WHO recommends

  1. It is necessary to apply the baby to the breast immediately after childbirth, if the mother
    It is not forbidden to take a child due to illness.
  2. Exclude feeding the newborn with its own milk from
    bottle until mother accustom him to the breast. The child has
    There will be a clear installation not on artificial feeding, but on the breast.
  3. Ребёнок и мать после родов должны находиться в одном
    indoors and in constant contact.
  4. Properly attach the baby to the breast, thus avoiding
    various inflammatory and neoplastic processes in the mammary glands.
    To position the child was correct
    проконсультировать со специалистом (посмотрите нашу статью по
    теме правильного прикладывания)
  5. Feed the child at the first request and provide
    the ability to receive milk in the quantity as it requires. AT
    In this case, the child will be completely saturated. Also constant
    breastfeeding has a positive effect on lactation and on the psyche
    и эмоции ребёнка (См как кормить — по требованию или по
  6. Make sure that the duration of feeding is under
    control of the child. Not recommended to tear off the baby before
    time until he himself releases the nipple.
  7. Do not replace the night feeding bottle. ATо время прикладывания
    to the chest at night a woman is provided with persistent lactation, and
    protection from unwanted pregnancy for up to six months.
    Breast milk at night has the greatest value and nutritional value.
    (О плюсах ночных кормлений грудью).
  8. To exclude any additional liquid – water, juices and compotes,
    if the child requires drinking. It is advisable to solder it only chest
    milk (front milk allows the baby to fully
    get drunk).
  9. Do not accustom the newborn to the nipple and bottle feeding.
    Food should be given from a special cup, a teaspoon or
    пипетки (как приучить ребенка к ложке).
  10. Shift the baby to the other breast until it is empty
    the first. The last drops of milk are more nutritious,
    so if the young mother is quick to give the second breast, then the child is not
    will get these saturated nutrients. This leads to
    digestive problems and bowel problems.
  11. Eliminate the frequent washing of the nipples, which leads to loss
    specific layer formed around the areola, and
    the occurrence of cracks. Breast can be washed no more than once a day.
    during mandatory hygiene procedures at bedtime.
  12. WHO recommends отказываться от постоянных взвешиваний массы
    bodies of the newborn if they are prescribed more often than once a week.
    Even if the child is not gaining weight fully, it still does not say
    about deviations, but only leads to mother’s breakdown. how
    It is known that any stress has a bad effect on lactation.
  13. Squeezing breast only at the need. To
    there was no milk residues in the mammary glands
    proper nutrition with full breast emptying. Draining
    only necessary when the mother is separated from the child for an indefinite
    term or admission to work.
  14. Up to 6 months, do not include lures, as breast milk for
    ребёнка является полноценным питанием (О первом
  15. Communicate with women who have successfully fed their children
    breastfeeding and have a good experience in this. Practical advice and
    counseling maternal support groups are needed for young
    moms who have no experience in feeding children
    (Рекомендуем: советы кормящим
    женщинам >>>).
  16. Provide long-term feeding for the child – up to 2 years, so that he with
    less psychological trauma suffered weaning.

You should not easily give up what
рекомендует ATОЗ, ведь основная деятельность специалистов в этой
sphere – ensuring maximum comfortable development of the child and
psychological calm mom.

ATидео советы и рекомендации

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