WHO named the 10 most dangerous chemicalsubstances

Update: February 2019

WHO experts have published on its website the top 10 most dangerous
химических substances, которые ежегодно уносят жизни миллионов людей.
Химические substancesа окружают человека с рождения, но есть среди них
extremely dangerous, detrimental to the environment and


ATсе виды асбеста вызывают мезотелиому, рак легких, гортани,
ovarian and pulmonary fibrosis. In 2004, from the effects of exposure
Asbestos in the workplace has killed 107 thousand people. Growth was noted
DALY up to 1 523 000 (years of life lost due to
disability). Asbestos попадает в организм при вдыхании, в основном
in the workplace (about 125 million people are at risk
in the world due to professional activities).


Benzene оказывает острые и долговременные отрицательные
health effects, including cancer and aplastic anemia.
Ingested in the workplace or at home when used
petroleum products (fuels and lubricants, solvents). One more
benzene source – cigarette smoke with active or passive

Диоксины и диоксиноподобные substancesа

These are byproducts of combustion and many industrial processes. AT
mainly enter the body through the use of polluted
food products. ATызывают токсические поражения, нарушения уровня
thyroid hormones and steroid hormones, reproductive
dysfunction, suppress immunity. Especially dangerous for infants

Air pollution

Every year about 3.1 million people die prematurely.
due to polluted air, and 3.2% of all diseases are due
polluted indoor air. More from this problem
residents of megacities and developed countries suffer. Contaminated air
causes cardiovascular diseases, respiratory infections,
lungs’ cancer.


Cadmium оказывает токсическое воздействие на костную,
urinary and respiratory systems. Present in the surrounding
environment in small quantities, but as a result of activity
human cadmium level has grown. Refers to the number of carcinogens,
dangerous to humans. Able to be transported by atmospheric flows.
over long distances, it easily accumulates in organisms, especially in
shellfish and crustaceans. AT овощах, зерновых культурах и
root crops rich in starch cadmium are also found, but in
lower concentration. Enters the body with food, when
active and passive inhalation of tobacco smoke and cadmium particles
(workers of non-ferrous metallurgy).


ATысокотоксичное химическое substancesо, при попадании в организм в
for a long time in a small amount causing
chronic poisoning, which manifests itself in the form of skin lesions,
cardiovascular diseases, cancer, peripheral neuropathy,
diabetes. Source: high level drinking water from groundwater
natural arsenic products cooked on such water

AT 2001 году от загрязненной мышьяком питьевой воды в Бангладеш
9 100 people died. Organic Arsenic,
detectable in seafood, less dangerous to health and fast
are displayed.

Lack of or excess fluoride

Excessive intake of fluoride causes dental enamel fluorosis and
skeleton, insufficient – caries of teeth. ATОЗ рекомендует потреблять
fluorine in addition only in places with natural deficiency.
Excessive intake of fluorine occurs when using soil
water saturated with fluoride, crops absorbing
element.  Disabled skeletal fluorosis, osteosclerosis,
calcification of tendons and ligaments, bone deformations – all this
develops due to excess fluoride.

Hazardous Pesticides

They have acute and / or chronic toxic effects and
особенно опасны для children Widespread use of pesticides in agriculture
led to health problems and death.

AT 2002 году от самоотравлений пестицидами погибло 186 тыс.
person. Get into the body through food or water from their


Mercury — токсичное substancesо, представляющее особую угрозу для
внутриутробного развития плода и здоровья маленьких children
There are different forms of mercury – metallic, inorganic
(mercuric chloride) and organic (methylmercury, ethylmercury). They
vary in toxicity and effects
digestive, nervous, immune systems and internal organs.

AT странах, где население занято рыбной ловлей, 1,5-17 детей на
1000 suffer from cognitive impairment due to consuming fish,
containing mercury. ATещество попадает в окружающую среду при сжигании
coal in coal-fired power plants, in home heating systems,
when burning garbage, in the extraction of gold, mercury and other metals. AT
environmental elemental mercury is transformed into methylmercury,
which bioaccumulates in fish and mollusks.


Lead сильно загрязняет окружающую среду и вызывает проблемы со
health in many countries. Accumulated in the body,
has a toxic effect on the gastrointestinal tract,
cardiovascular, nervous system, blood system, brain and the kidneys.
About 0.6% of all diseases in the world are caused by lead exposure, the most
a high percentage is in developing countries. Every year
approximately 600 thousand new cases of violation are registered
intelligence in children caused by ingestion of lead.

. Publication date 03/01/2019.

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