Who helps borovaya uterus for conception -reviews

Update: November 2018

Today, the problem of infertility of young couples is considered very
According to statistics, there are 3 million people in Russia (5%
reproductive population of the country) can not for various reasons
to have children.

However, the diagnosis of infertility for a woman can be made with 100%
with confidence, only if she has no uterus or
appendages. If the reproductive organs are saved, you can
talk only about specific problems, the difficulty in the offensive

Many women have to resort to
various treatment methods – traditional and folk. Causes of problems
with conception a lot and often drug treatment is not
always successful, and old proven tools
traditional medicine, such as the treatment of boron uterus for
conception, brings a long-awaited pregnancy (see preparation for
conception, pregnancy).

Why can not get pregnant and how helps uterine uterus
при infertility

Doctors determine the infertility of a married couple according to the following fact.
—  если в течение года при половых контактах 2-3 раза в notделю
pregnancy does not occur – then the couple is considered infertile.
Since the probability of pregnancy in the first 3 months
equal to 30% in the next 7 months. – 60%, and by the end of the year only 10%.
Medicine identifies a lot of causes of female infertility, the main of
which are the following:

Hormonal disorders

These are various endocrine disorders. Before starting
to use a pine womb for conception, you should find out the level
hormones in the body of a woman. Трава Боровая матка

  • One of the causes of infertility may be a violation
    the functioning of the ovaries and to check it should pass
    анализ на эстрадиол. When it matures
    follicle, the level of this hormone increases dramatically, and after ovulation
    going down. Therefore, the analysis pass in the 1 phase of the menstrual cycle.
  • In the second phase, you should be tested for progesterone,
    insufficient production of which may also be the cause
    difficulties in conception. With a lack of these hormones in women
    значительно снижается вероятность of pregnancy. And Borovaya uterus
    It contains phytoestrogen and phytoprogesterone, which
    skillful use can help a woman get pregnant.
Obstruction of the fallopian tubes, adhesions

This is a serious reason for the lack of offensive.
of pregnancy. However, the use of boron uterus with
obstruction of the fallopian tubes is very dangerous, increasing the risk of developing
ectopic pregnancy (symptoms).

Infectious diseases of the female reproductive system

This is one of the most common causes of infertility, especially
salpingo-oophoritis (adnexitis) – inflammation of the uterus. Any
inflammation in the genitals of a woman leads to adhesions
process, reduction of ovarian function, failure of the menstrual cycle,
hormonal disorders, etc.

  • In this case, you should pass a full examination for all hidden
    infections (ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis,
    chlamydia), and treat existing diseases.
  • Female genital tuberculosis should also be excluded.
    which most often occurs silently, asymptomatically, leading to
    persistent infertility, obstruction of the fallopian tubes. Wherein женщину
    only occasionally worries subfebrile temperature, weakness,
    периодические notсильные the pains. Most often, adnexitis is a major
    manifestation of the tuberculous process of the urogenital system in women.
    Diagnosis of this pathology today is very difficult,
    because gynecologists often ignore the tuberculosis cause
    infertility, as this should deal with anti-tuberculosis
    dispensaries, and in them today is not enough
    qualified phthisiatricians – gynecologists.
  • As for the Borovoy uterus in the treatment of any inflammatory
    diseases in a woman, she has antimicrobial and
    anti-inflammatory, resolving effect, increases libido and
    has an immunostimulating effect. Read more
    article – indications for use Borovoy uterus and its useful

It is also a serious obstacle to conception, however,
To use the Borovoy uterus with this disease should be with special
caution. The occurrence of endometriosis doctors associate with
excessive estrogen production in the first phase of the cycle and insufficient
progesterone levels in phase 2 Therefore, drug treatment
endometriosis includes hormonal drugs, and their
use simultaneously with the Borovoy uterus is unacceptable. Application
Borovoy uterus for conception with endometriosis should be
purpose and under its control. Read more about the treatment of Borovoy uterus
with endometriosis, read our article.

Immunological cause of infertility

This is most often due to the formation of female
the body of antibodies against the sperm of a particular man. To
determine whether a woman has similar immune system activity
«против ее мужчины», следует сдать посткоитальный теArt. what
For treatment of infertility, the Borovoy uterus helps
not will be able.

Psychological component of infertility

Sometimes in especially anxious, impressionable, suspicious women,
experiencing, there are certain fears based
on the difficulties or the inability of it to bear and give birth to a child, this
may provoke an unconscious suggestion of infertility on
subconscious level.

More often than not, a woman has not one, but several at once.
reasons for the impossibility of conception – and hormonal violation, and
inflammatory processes, etc.

Borovaya uterus as a therapeutic agent for conception

This medicinal herb has long been used by women for
conception. But we live in an age when a person owns an abundance
information on various medical research, chemical
processes occurring in the body of a woman. Now you can with
confidence to talk about who this means for conception
contraindicated, who needs it, and at what time it is better
take for the onset of a long-awaited pregnancy.

You can not use the Borovoy uterus for treatment
infertility, be sure to consult with your doctor
a doctor. And also remember that herbal medicine never gives
immediate effect to achieve a noticeable improvement should
Use Borovoy uterus for a long time, at least 1-3
of the month. But as soon as a woman finds out about pregnancy, you should
stop her reception.

Much has been written about the beneficial properties of this miracle herb.
helps women with adhesive processes, with ovarian cysts, with
cervical erosion, uterine polyps, normalizes the menstrual cycle,
reduces symptoms of PMS, etc. How to take Borovoy uterus with
infertility It should be used skillfully, with care, only in
necessary cases, so we will look at some of the basic principles in
its application:

    • Before using Borovoy uterus, be sure to know
      hormone levels – estradiol and progesterone. And only with
      the doctor to determine what should be adjusted and how. Control for
      the level of these hormones should be maintained 2-3 months after the onset
      treatment, as well as regularly conduct ultrasound of female genital
    • Before using the Borovoy uterus, examine all contraindications.
      and side effects of the herb, as there are cases of individual
      intolerance to this plant.
    • Particularly well helps Borovaya uterus those women who have
      elevated estrogen levels, i.e. hyperplasia exists
  • At a normal level of progesterone during phase 2, you can drink
    Borovoy uterus, and with its low level Duphaston, Utrozhestan.
  • In women with low estrogen levels, take Borovaya
    uterus in phase 1 is impossible, because it reduces its level, but in
    Phase 2 is possible, but with regular monitoring of hormone levels.
  • Reception Borovoy uterus is not desirable to combine with the reception
    drugs containing hormones. This grass
    recommended when minor irregularities exist
    hormonal levels, with more severe deviations should be treated
    medication. Sometimes a doctor may recommend hormonal
    drugs with estrogen in phase 1 of the cycle for several cycles,
    and then in phase 2 for several cycles – Borovoy uterus,
    they cannot be taken at the same time.
  • With drug therapy of inflammatory diseases and
    Using the Borovoy uterus should be protected from
    of pregnancy.
  • You can not use the grass during menstruation, because it
    provokes uterine bleeding.
  • At the established diagnosis – obstruction of the fallopian tubes, its
    use is contraindicated because the risk of development is high
    вnotматочной of pregnancy.
  • With a low level of estrogen, lack of ovulation, it is possible in 1
    phase of the cycle to take sage, in phase 2 – Borovoy uterus.
  • The duration of receiving boron uterus with infertility should not
    exceed 3 menstrual cycles, then one cycle break and course
    can be repeated, provided good tolerance of plant

How to take boron womb to get pregnant

Настойка боровой матки для зачатия Alcoholic

It can be purchased at the pharmacy, or do it yourself. Wherein
should take 50 grams of grass, pour it 500 ml. alcohol 40%,
put in a dark place, occasionally shaking for 21 days, then
strain. Reception to carry out 3 r / day on 20-30 drops.

чай боровой матки Broths or packaged

Packaged ready-made forms of Borovoy uterus and Red Brush also
can be used, but it is a less effective treatment method than
more technological stages of the production process passes
herbal preparation, the lower its effectiveness.

Therefore, the best option – make a tincture or decoction
independently from packs of dry grass. For cooking broth
1 tbsp required spoon of herbs. It is not filled with boiling water, but
slightly cooled boiling water, about 80C, then only in a water bath
boil for 10 minutes, insist 4 hours and take 5 times a day for 1
Art. a spoon. Pharmaceutical herb has a different grinding, so it is worth
brew strictly according to the instructions on the pack.

Гиnotколь для зачатия Pills
Gynekol with Borovoy uterus

There is a ready drug Borovoy uterus tablets –
Gynekol, it includes both the herb itself and its dry extract, and
also dry extract yarrow. This is a dietary supplement that helps 
elimination of inflammatory gynecological diseases, also
accelerates tissue regeneration.

 What can happen while taking Borovoy uterus with

  • Sometimes, in women with gastritis, when taken on an empty stomach,
    there are unpleasant sensations, so it is better to use and decoction,
    and tincture half an hour after meals. Effect a bit
    decrease, but the dose can not be increased. Also sometimes after
    long course receiving Borovoy uterus may cause the head
    the pains.
  • At the very beginning of the drug in some women may
    the menstrual cycle fails, it may be a delay, or
    on the contrary, the early onset of menses. Also grass affects
    profusion during menstruation, someone may become more
    abundant, someone – scanty monthly.
  • Very often when taking the Borovoy uterus for conception, especially in
    the complex with the Red Brush can aggravate existing diseases
    женских половых organs. This is the best time for testing.
    latent STI infections that are often asymptomatic, and
    taking grass sharpens the process and you can identify the causative agent
  • Those women who regularly measure basal temperature,
    inadequate jumps may be noticed, as well as a shift in days
    ovulation. This is considered normal and after 1-2 cycles it should
  • If during the reception of the Borovoy uterus, the long-awaited
    pregnancy, and this herb is not used during pregnancy
    desirable, therefore, should not abruptly throw her reception, and
    finish gradually, reducing the dose to complete abolition.

Reviews of women taking boron uterus are such that
most observe the following changes: at the beginning of the reception
recurrence of chronic diseases of the female organs, reducing or
increase in the days of the menstrual cycle
discharge during menstruation, reduction of PMS symptoms,
normalization of the basal temperature schedule, i.e. offensive
ovulation, and the onset of pregnancy !!!

When using the Borovoy uterus for conception, women’s reviews are very
varied. Each has its own cause of infertility, its own chronic
diseases and individual characteristics of the organism, therefore
listen to yourself, your body, undergo regular
examination, trust your doctor and hope that God
will give you the joy of motherhood, because every woman dreams and
worthy to be mom.

Боровая матка при infertility — reviews:

If you took Borovoy uterus to get pregnant, write,
Please give your feedback on this wonderful grass, especially if
you did it !!!

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