White noise: успокоительное дляnewborn baby

What is white noise? Why use white noise for
newborns? What kinds of “noise” are there, and what are their benefits (and there are
Does harm)? Maybe this is a new great way to calm and lay down.
newborn baby ребенка спать? Let’s figure it out together …

Good afternoon, “I am Your Baby”! I’m on the verge of a nervous
срыва и highly надеюсь, что Вы сможете мне помочь. My little
My daughter is only a month old, but I’m already tired of chronic lack of sleep. To me
can not establish a dream baby. Машенька засыпает highly
wakes up from the slightest noise for a long time (even a
low sound). I absolutely do not get enough sleep, get annoyed at the child,
I have neither the time nor the strength to do my homework
обязанностями, я почти ничего не успеваю делать!

My neighbor told me that there is one way: white
noise for newborns. When using the method babies quickly
calm down, sleep long and hard. But unfortunately, she is not really
knows how to organize white noise and how to properly use
method. I ask you to tell in detail about the wonderful way
allowing babies to sleep sweetly, and parents to allocate a little
time for yourself.

The content of the article

  • 1 What is white noise: types of white noise
    • 1.1 The origin of the theory
    • 1.2 What is white noise for?
  • 2 Benefit and harm
    • 2.1 How to use the method
    • 2.2 White or pink noise – differences
  • 3 Видео: White noise for kidsЗвуки тихого океана


Many young parents face the problem of empathetic
прерывистого сна у newborn baby. With a similar problem is easy
справиться, если использовать этот method.

What is white noise: types of white noise

White noise technique for quiet sleep of newborns
used relatively recently. However, some tricks of this
ways to lull the baby and provide him a long sound sleep
used for a long time.

What is this wonderful white noise? It’s simple.

White noise – это сочетание звуков различной частоты, громкости и
intensity, creating a monotonous acoustic background. Similar noise
evenly fills the entire auditory range. As a result
it turns out monotonous sound without sudden drops, which allows
baby calm down and sleep.

White noise встречается в природе (природный белый шум).
Sources of such sounds are:

  • the murmur of the stream;
  • the sound of a waterfall;
  • sounds of the rain;
  • ocean noise, sea surf, rustling leaves, hum of the wind and

White noise includes sounds that are produced during
work many household units (technical white

  • air conditioning;
  • hair dryer;
  • a vacuum cleaner;
  • Washer;
  • fan;
  • pump.

Create a similar noise can be artificial. For this
You can:

  • turn on the water tap (shower);
  • find an unoccupied wave in the radio (hiss of free
    radio frequency or television channel);
  • including the appropriate audio recording;
  • use a device that generates white noise.

By the way, whispering and lingering “sh-sh-sh”, which mothers intuitively
trying to calm the child, this is also a kind of white noise.

Origin of the theory

The idea that the acoustic background does not annoy babies, but
promotes sound sleep, appeared after studying the conditions
stay of the fetus in the womb. In the womb of the future
the child is not at all surrounded by complete silence, the fetus hears a lot
sounds. The little man hears his mother’s heart beating,
blood moves through her vessels, how her lungs work, inhaling and
exhaling the air. Some sounds penetrate it from the outside.
of the world. itт фоновый шум сопровождает плод на протяжении его
formation. The noise level can reach 90 – 100 dB.

The child gets used to this background. White noise highly напоминает крохе
this “acoustic system”, which was his guarantee
security. That is why the baby automatically relaxes and
calms down under its influence.

However, many parents, trying to create the ideal baby
conditions do not think about the conditions in which the crumb remains before
birth, and make a fatal mistake, while sleeping artificially
ограждают newborn baby от любых sounds. Meticulous fencing
newborn baby от всех звуков не успокаивает младенца, а
increases his anxiety and sensitivity in his sleep. But worth trying
organize “white noise”, and about problems with long falling asleep and
intermittent sleep, you can forget.

If you are not sure about the effectiveness of the white noise method for
lulling a baby, then remember that such sounds are perfectly
involuntarily publish all the mothers, lulling his baby. Holding
newborn baby на ручках, мамочки произносят: «ш-ш-ш» либо:
�”H-h-h.” These sounds are classic white noise. And this method is real

Many parents say that newborns sleep better,
if a hair dryer, fan or even a vacuum cleaner is working. Some parents
specifically buy indoor fountains or include aquarium
compressors to “lull” the baby. The indisputable fact is
that on the street, where there are a lot of extraneous sounds, the child sleeps better,
than in homely silence. All these cases are confirmation.
white noise efficiency.

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What is white noise for?


White noise contributes to the activation of the complacency mechanism,
which is formed in a baby before birth, and correctly
selected acoustic background contributes to its activation.
The method can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Fast falling asleep. Under the correct acoustic
    background baby relaxes and quickly falls asleep. Monotone sounds
    help him feel secure, just as he did inside
    maternal womb;
  • Deep sleep. White noise provides strong
    sleep newborn. Scientists have long established that human sleep
    It has two alternating phases: superficial and deep. Their change
    accompanied by a short awakening. In this short moment
    any rustling or other extraneous sound will result in the crumb
    wakes up completely, and lull the baby again
    is difficult. The usual cycle of deep sleep in babies
    is only 20-30 minutes, and then comes the phase of sleep
    superficial, when even a slight cough can tear out
    hugs morpheus. After that, the child is unlikely to be able to sleep soundly.
    This phase in infants occurs twice as often as in
    an adult. The impact of white noise does not interrupt sleep in
    moment of transition from one phase to another.

Also, comfort and relaxation from white noise often helps.
baby if he refuses to take the breast due to
overexcitement or fatigue. White noise for
newborn is also an aid in stress relief.

Against the background of white noise, extraneous sounds will not be so noticeable until
white noise sounds, sleep will be strong and calm, and transitions between
sleep phases are smoother.

  • Elimination of extraneous sounds. White noise
    effectively absorbs extraneous sounds. Sharp dog barking outside the window,
    сигнал автомобиля, крики играющих детей ( даже если в соседней
    children play in the room), all of this is successfully silenced by a common sound
  • Reassurance. Monotonous noise reminds
    the newborn is in the intrauterine state and very beneficial
    affects the nervous system. Baby starts to feel
    protected, he is comfortable, he quickly calms down. If a child
    overexcited, can’t stop crying or has a tantrum
    turn on the white noise, it will help to quickly calm the baby. Also
    calm and relaxation from white noise often helps the baby,
    if he refuses to take a breast due to over-stimulation or
    very tired. White noise for новорожденных является и
    stress reliever;
  • Relaxation. Monotonous sound background is useful and
    for adults. Everyone knows how nice it is to relax and forget about
    current worries under the sound of rain outside the window or under the murmur of the brook.
    If you need to recuperate, calm your nerves or just
    Relax, sit in a comfortable position and turn on the white noise. In ordinary
    situations, our brain constantly analyzes the sound background, monotonous
    noise does not require much effort to scan, which allows
    completely disconnect and indulge in a relaxing holiday.

White noise может помочь и родителям высыпаться лучше за счёт того
same principle of reducing the phase of fast sleep. Child sometimes just
tossing and turning but not waking up completely, and mother immediately
reacts to any rustling and can not sleep for a long time. White noise
allow her to sleep better and feel better.

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Benefit and harm

  1. The most effective method of white noise for children in the first 4
    of the month. This is due to the fact that the memory of the infant is saved
    intrauterine sensations. The child remembers the sounds he heard in
    the white womb, white noise soothes him and provides
    psychological comfort.
  2. An important advantage of white noise is the strengthening of sleep.
    Healthy sleep has a most beneficial effect on the nervous system.
    малыша, младенец хорошо высыпается, а значит во время
    waking pipsqueak will feel great, will not
    naughty, happy to communicate with my mother and study
    the world.
  3. White noise подарит маме свободное время. Instead of
    for hours to rock the crumbs and run to the cradle with each sound,
    distant from the street, she can calmly take care of herself and others
    children or household chores. After all, time for lulling
    the baby leaves less, and his sleep lasts longer. And do not need
    constantly monitor the crumbs while he sleeps, hoping to notice in time
    a period of awakening and try again to rock the child.
  4. This method is completely harmless. The sounds that make up the white noise
    come in a comfortable range for a person. White noise не влияет на
    subconscious processes on mental and physiological development
    child can not cause hearing loss.
  5. The method is not addictive (research has proven this). Kid
    will grow and develop and over time will become itself
    control your own sleep, and the need for additional
    The acoustic background just disappears.

It is interesting! There is a version that
use of white noise during sleep
the occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). it highly
controversial statement, as the study of foreign scientists with
using a fan in the room the child was sent to
testing the theory of the effect of carbon dioxide accumulation on respiration
kids The fan was supposed to overclock it. And immoderate
carbon dioxide concentration is one possible reason
Svds. About white noise in the experiment results nothing

Thanks to a more even sleep due to white noise in children
decreases the tendency to somnambulism (walking in a dream).

How to use the method

It is recommended to use white noise only when the baby is sleeping.
Depending on the characteristics of the child, you can include a sound background
only for the period of falling asleep or to leave sounds for the whole period of sleep.

If you want to calm the newborn, then the noise
used in accordance with certain rules:

  • to soothe a child when he cries or is naughty,
    the acoustic background should be louder than baby crying. it
    necessary for the crumb to hear the sound and listen.
    For example, to the very mother’s “boo” acted,
    it is necessary that the volume of my mother’s voice exceeded crying
  • when the baby stops crying, the volume is reduced;
  • during sleep volume should not exceed 50 dB. Louder
    noise will be harmful to the psyche and hearing;
  • the source of the noise must be removed from the child no less than
    one meter.

Parents also need to know that using the method succeeds
reassure the baby only if ate tantrums and whims caused
nervous tension, fatigue or psychological discomfort.
If the child is not healthy, suffers from colic, is sick or hungry,
white noise will not solve the problem.

Today, there are even special devices that generate
pleasant noise for newborns. They may have a great friend.
another design, but the basis of most of the same – the fan,
the sound of which helps to calm the child. Some devices
generate acoustic noise or are common
players for recorded audio files.


Прибор для белого шума

Also устройства упаковываются в различные игрушки, которые
the baby can take with him to bed and sleep, hugging. Such
The options are convenient and in the case of travel, you can take them on trips –
The toy will always help calm the child. There are even pillows
for feeding, inside which devices are embedded,
reproduce uniform sound. This option is especially good
Mom can do two things at the same time, and feed the baby, and
stack it.


Игрушка для белого шума

Белый или розовый шум — отличия

In addition to white noise for calming babies use
pink noise. Between these methods are very minor.
the differences.

Кстати, существуют другие цветные шумы: розовый, красный,
blue, purple, brown and gray.

  • Pink noise is a “filtered” white. Of
    range remove all the harsh sounds;
  • Pink noise is not so diverse. The resulting acoustic range
    it turns out to be poorer and more monotonous, but many believe that
    he is more tender and this option is more suitable for infants.

Unambiguous research data that would confirm which
the kind of noise more effectively and beneficially influenced children, no.
Focus on your baby’s tastes and use acoustic
the row that most favorably affects your baby.
Experiment, select various sounds and their combinations, and in
In a short time, you will understand which acoustic range is causing your
baby’s most positive emotions and what kind of noise he likes

I hope you got all the necessary information and you can
to make your little daughter sleep. Can be sure
thanks to the white noise, you will have time to rest, and on

Also надеюсь, что после этого у вас больше не будет проблем с
lulling daughters and you will have free time for which
you not only have time to cope with all their affairs, but also
You can pay a little attention to yourself.

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Видео: White noise for kidsЗвуки тихого океана

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