White discharge from girls and women isfine?

Update: December 2018

Allocations from women and girls should always be – this
the natural state of the vaginal mucosa. Moreover,
thanks to the discharge, the vagina is independently cleaned from
various bacteria, dead cells, menstrual blood, mucus.
Most often, the natural selection does not have color, but sometimes
the appearance of white discharge in girls and women may be a question
– is it normal or are they pathological, indicating
any disease.

When are white secretions considered normal?

Often, white discharge from girls is somewhat more abundant,
than women of reproductive, middle-aged, or women in
period of menopause. This is because girls only
hormonal background begins to stabilize, and
middle-aged women this process is already finished and wears more
permanent character. Normally, both girls and women to
menopause, the vagina has a weakly acidic environment, due to the presence
lactobacilli that form lactic acid. This wednesday
is harmful to pathogens, it
unfavorable for the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. So what
discharge can be considered the norm?

  • The color selection should not be particularly noticeable, more often
    altogether they are transparent, but the appearance of a little cream is possible,
    white or slightly yellowish.
  • Normal discharge must be odorless.
  • The consistency should be watery, liquid, not thick, in
    mid-cycle during ovulation may be transparent, stretching
    mucous secretions
  • The rate of discharge per day – there should not be more tea
  • The amount of discharge may increase before menstruation, with
    sexual arousal and after intercourse.

Why does a girl have white discharge with a sour smell?

White mucous discharge from girls and women is called
Beli. They are a natural product.
vital functions of the organism
renewal of cells covering vaginal walls. Dead cells
constantly exfoliated, mixed with mucus. In addition, the composition
whiter is included and discharge from the cervix, therefore physiologically in
The time of ovulation increases the amount of discharge from the cervix,
they become more stretching, slimy. Therefore normal
if the highlights are transparent or white, nothing more
a woman does not bother, no itching in the vagina, no burning, no pain.

However, if a white discharge with a sour odor appears,
this itching or discomfort are either significant or
only intermittent, it can be a symptom of candidiasis
vagina. The causes of thrush in women are many –
This hormonal changes, failures, hormonal intake
contraceptives, during pregnancy very often thrush,
violations of hygiene, the abuse of flavored and
antibacterial intimate hygiene, colored toilet
papers, taking antibiotics, stressful situations, climate change,
nutritional errors – abuse of sweet, diet,
synthetic underwear, too much douching
(syringing with thrush soda, chamomile, potassium permanganate


What secretions may indicate a disease?

With a decrease in local or general immunity, in violation of
hygiene, taking antibiotics, hormonal disruptions,
conditionally pathogenic organisms that are normal in
vagina, without causing harm – can begin to multiply and
cause an inflammatory process. If a girl
the following discharge character appears – this is a symptom
any diseases or disorders and requires inspection and
a thorough examination by a gynecologist:

  • Very rich, thick white curdled discharge from girls.
    If the discharge resembles cottage cheese, the woman is itchy and
    burning in the vagina, especially sitting on one leg – this is a bright symptom
    thrush in women and girls. And thrush or candidiasis
    vagina does not depend on whether the girl has a sex life or
  • Пенистые, обильные выделения — более 1 чайной spoons в
  • Highlight any pronounced color – brown discharge,
    yellow, green or other noticeable shades.
  • Unpleasant smell – discharge with the smell of fish, putrid smell,
    sour, smell of onions and others.
  • Any suspicious discharge, especially in combination with itching,
    dryness or discomfort during sexual intercourse, external redness
    genital organs, lower abdominal pain (in one side or both
    sides just below the navel), burning, pain when urinating, raising
    body temperature or persistent pain during and after sexual
    of the act.

If whites began to change color, smell, quantity, and
there is irritation and discomfort in the genital area – this is
considered pathological changes and secretions, and should
determine the reason for their appearance. Also, highlighting can be
different in origin, that is, come from different departments
female reproductive system. Classification of secretions by the origin

  • Трубные бели— появляются при воспалении
    fallopian tubes, while in the tubes accumulates fluid, which
    first enters the uterus, then through the neck comes out
  • Влагалищные бели — это самые безобидные
    discharge when inflammatory diseases of the vagina,
    there are various white, yellow, discharge, most often with
    unpleasant smell – it can be trichomoniasis, gardnerellosis,
    thrush, etc.
  • Шеечные бели — появляются при воспалении шейки
    uterus (cervicitis) of any etiology. The cause can be mycoplasmosis,
    chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, gonorrhea, etc.
  • Маточные бели — при эндометрите любой
    etiology. At the same time, inflammatory exudate through the cervical canal
    стекает во влагалище и смешивается с выделениями vagina.

Is it possible to determine the disease by the color of the discharge?

Unfortunately, the reasons for the change in color and nature
emissions, may be over 100, based on an external description
discharge, no gynecologist without laboratory diagnosis can
establish a diagnosis. Theoretically, only abundant, strong white
curd discharge from girls and women can be unmistakable
диагнозом кандидоза vagina. However, thrush is often combined with
other sexually transmitted infections, so only smear tests and
bacterial culture, as well as STI tests, can establish
the true cause of a change in a woman’s discharge. Highlight color
can only slightly tell which direction should be more
to thoroughly research:

  • Прозрачные бели, пенящиеся могут быть
    symptom of chlamydia in women.
  • Серый оттенок белей с характерным рыбным
    odor, most often with gardnerella, bacterial
  • Зеленоватые выделения — выделения с таким
    they say about purulent process, since a large number
    leukocytes give secretions a green color. The stronger
    the inflammatory process, the more leukocytes, and accordingly
    more green tint in discharge.
  • Желтые выделения — это может быть одним из
    symptoms of trichomoniasis, since inflammation in trichomoniasis is more common
    total localized in the vagina, in which the concentration of leukocytes
  • Выделения у девушек белого цвета — могут как
    be a symptom of thrush, and so be the norm. Since when light
    the degree of candidiasis of the vagina significant itching and burning may not
    only occasionally and insignificantly, therefore, when more
    plentiful, too white, thick, cheesy discharge, should
    visit the gynecologist and find out if it is a thrush or

However, it is not necessary to clearly consider the color of the whiter as
diagnosis of the disease, only tests can determine the exact
diagnosis of pathological secretions.

When do you have a white discharge to see a doctor?

Если белые выделения у девушки или женщины не больше ч. spoons в
day, not accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms,
do not worry. However, if the discharge becomes very
plentiful, cheesy, frothy, thick, brown appears
selection in the middle of the cycle, the color changes to yellow, green,
gray, any unpleasant smell appears, especially if anything
of these are complemented by itching, burning, pain, not even
high, low-grade fever is a reason for addressing

  • First, the gynecologist conducts an examination on the chair. In the mirrors can be seen
    vaginal walls and cervix – in what condition they are inflamed
    or not, is there any abnormal discharge from the cervix and which
  • In some cases, the doctor may perform a colposcopy, for
    exclusion or confirmation of cervical dysplasia or erosion.
  • If an STI is suspected, besides the usual smear on the flora and
    bakposev, gynecologist can send for smear analysis method
  • If the patient complains of pain, irregular menstruation
    etc., in case of suspected inflammatory diseases of the uterus
    or the uterus itself, it is shown transvaginal ultrasound, which may
    assist in establishing a complete clinical picture.

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