Which oil is better to eat?

Update: February 2019

Recently, scientists have dealt with the problem of choosing the most
harmless oil. Which one is better: soy, coconut or
olive University of California together with a professor
Francis Sladek conducted his experiment, during which it was
established: soybean oil, although harming the liver, lowers
risks of overweight. The discovery was reported by the journal “Nature
Scientific Reports.

It is easy to understand that soybean oil is extracted from soybean seeds. It
includes the mass of polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic,
palmitic, oleic, etc.), the excess of which is directly related to
the emergence of obesity of varying severity, diabetes and
fatty liver disease in an experiment on laboratory mice.
Despite this, soybean oil remains popular among the population.
Some firms have tried to make it genetically modified.
option that was immediately subjected to university verification.


Professor Sladek focused on the brand “Plenish” (company
�”DuPont”). Manufacturers claim the product is reduced
content of linoleic acid, why and can be used in
Cooking healthy Mediterranean dishes. Californians
compared the long-term effects of soybean, olive and
genetically modified soybean oil.

As a result, the doctors were able to find out:

  1. All types of oils cause enhanced deposition (accumulation)
    cholesterol in liver tissue and hypercholesterolemia – increase
    serum total cholesterol levels.
  2. Olive and modified soybean oil contributed
    impaired hepatic lobule function with increased organ
    (hepatomegaly) in laboratory animals.

Previously, the most safe for the health of the population was considered oil from
olives. Now, Professor Francis Sladek urges to exclude from
your diet is not only his, but also soy product. Optimal
substitution option – coconut oil with the lowest
negative effects on the liver and cholesterol in

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