Whether to give the baby water in the chestfeeding

Grandmothers and girlfriends nursing mom claim that the baby
на грудном feeding нужно допаивать водой. Only modern
women usually follow the recommendations of pediatricians who do not advise
give extra drink to children under six months. So needed
ли грудничку вода или она действительно может навредить?
You will find the answers in this article.

WITHветлана Панина

вода при грудном feeding

For a newborn mother’s milk is not just food, but also
best drink. It not only contains all the necessary crumbs.
nutrients, but also 87% consists of water. Still at the chest
Milk has important properties necessary to maintain
normal child’s digestion, what is different from simple drinking

  • Babies under 4 months old are allowed by pediatricians
    water or feed mixture strictly in the presence of medical
    . You just can’t do it at will,
    otherwise there is a risk of harm to the health of the infant;
  • In the summer heat or in the period of illness with high body temperature
    baby should be given more often to the chest. Children from 4 months to six months
    you can already offer water in the cup, but do not force it
    drink. For this age, a safe dose of water is considered not
    more than 60 ml per day.

Breast milk – food and drink for a newborn

So provided by nature that the baby receives breast milk.
almost immediately after birth. At the same time, the body
mothers after giving birth constantly adapts to the needs

Breast milk changes its composition depending on
child’s age, as well as in different situations. So, if the baby is
for some reason, more fluid is needed, it starts more often
applied to the chest and often requires to change it.

As a result, the thirsty baby gets more
переднего молока, а оно на 88% состоит из water. Only it
differs from ordinary water in that such liquid does not wash out
body crumbs electrolytes and maintains their optimal balance.

By the way, adults with dehydration are also recommended for drinking
plain water, and a solution of glucose (grape sugar) and mineral
salts necessary for the normal functioning of the body. At the front
milk is just such a composition: it contains lactose (milk
sugar) and a whole set of mineral salts. Therefore, it is not only
eliminates the lack of fluid in the body of the baby, but also replenishes
stocks of essential electrolytes.

More front and more fatty back milk contain many
vitamins, enzymes, bioactive substances that stimulate
digestion of a small child. When he is in addition to
mother’s milk gets water or tea, the concentration of all
beneficial substances are reduced. Therefore, the stomach and intestines crumbs
reduced protection against bacteria and the effects of enzyme

Thus, a healthy baby with breast
feeding нужно только материнское молоко вплоть до начала
complementary foods.

Can water be treated?

Even the doctors have not yet come to a common opinion about whether
water children under 4-6 months, if they have an increased
fever or they picked up an intestinal infection. Anyway,
give extra crumbs to drink only as directed


It is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of the doctor about how much
fluid to give the baby, at what time and from what dishes. On
This moment there is no convincing evidence that water,
which is prescribed to infants with dehydration and fever, from
Bottles or from cups, benefits him.

In severe cases, children put droppers with special
solutions. In other situations when the child cannot be attached to
Breasts, pediatricians recommend to fill the shortage of fluid
do not use water, but expressed breast milk. Giving it
need with a spoon or cup.

Even if the newborn has vomiting, you can water it.
breast milk – in very small portions and often not to
provoke a reverse reflex. If the doctor decides that the baby
water is required, he must indicate this in the list of appointments and
determine the dose that is safe for your child.

For babies younger than 4-5 weeks, ordinary water is fraught with development.
additional complications.

  • If you feed water to the baby with a physiological jaundice, this
    can slow down the elimination of bilirubin from his body, as a result
    what the disease is only delayed. Bilirubin is eliminated much faster.
    when consuming a sufficient amount of breast milk: it has
    laxative effect, so bilirubin comes out from the crumbs along with
    by the chair. If the need arises, then, in addition to feeding
    Breast, baby with jaundice can additionally give expressed
    breast milk;
  • A newborn who gets a lot of ordinary water
    the stomach is filled and the feeling of hunger is dulled, therefore
    sucks less milk from mom’s breasts. It is fraught with weight loss,
    because there are no calories in the water, while the required volume
    baby does not get mother’s milk;
  • If the baby plentifully dope, there is a risk of intoxication,
    that is, water poisoning. This is accompanied by acute edema and
    leads to состоянию, угрожающему жизни baby According to
    recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), healthy
    babies receiving breast milk on demand
    normal water up to six months of age is not necessary.

Water mode for infants

For a child from 4 months a safe dose
water is 30-60 ml per day, but only if the baby itself
asks her and drinks from a cup with the help of her parents.
If baby
refuses, no need to force him to drink – instead, mom
better to offer him the chest.


Most babies who are fed only breast milk, with
with pleasure they even wash down the lure, refusing the usual
water. This is considered normal and not dangerous even for children.
older than half a year – of course, provided they get enough
mother’s milk.

Even in extreme heat, babies who are breastfed on demand,
reliably protected from dehydration. Only very important to mom
she drank enough water, did not overheat in the sun and did not boil
baby, so he did not sweat.

If the temperature outside the window rises above +25
degrees, baby in a diaper and long sleeves
перегревается, что leads to чрезмерной потере жидкости. Not worth it
in this case, give him water – to prevent dehydration
it is better to just undress the baby and offer him a breast.

Water becomes a really necessary child from that
the moment when solid food appears in his diet. Need to
offer breast milk or water after each feeding, in
котором были блюда complementary foods. In most cases, children who
fed only breast milk, only 1-2 months after the onset
прикорма выпивают более-менее существенное количество water.

Usually at the age of 8 months, children already drink water with pleasure.
Just don’t give her too much, because at that age
малышам еще необходимо и большое количество mother’s milk. WITH
1 year the baby already independently determines the volume of water that it
need to quench thirst. You can offer her baby every time
after he eat solid food.

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A question to Dr. Komarovsky: do children need breastfeeding
feeding в допаивании водой?

Dr. Komarovsky will explain why WHO does not recommend
water replenishment and in what cases the child should still be given
water The criterion of necessity of feeding is the behavior of the infant:
if there is no pathological loss of fluid, he will refuse water,
preferring his mother’s breast, if he is literally on the bottle
pounces, then he needs water, he suffers from
overheating or getting sick.

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