Where to relax with children in Russia?


  1. Anapa
  2. The beaches of the Krasnodar Territory
  3. Crimean coast
    1. Summarizing

Many people start planning a vacation long before they travel to sea. However, it’s not so easy to choose exactly what children and to parents. Offers to have fun in the tourist market a lot of services. Perhaps vacation in Anapa is one of the most popular Russians. According to the results of studies of the maritime leisure market some of the best places to stay.


The beach hotel “Golden Bay” is located near the seaport. Entrance will have to pay at least 500 p. per person, but for this fee you can relax all day on the equipped beach with umbrellas, chaise lounges, toilet, dressing room. But one minus: they charge for every entrance, that is, going out and going back is unprofitable. Hotel places tourists in an eco-bungalow made of wood. There are fresh water pool. There is a game complex for children, and parents can go diving training.

Vacation with children

Dzhemete beach, unlike the Central city, is clean, equipped, water with almost no algae, transparent. Entrance to the sea is sandy, and the strip of rest is wide with small golden the sand. In addition, there are much fewer people than on the city coast. Vacationers will not be bored, as there are attractions on the territory. You can relax, swim freely, sunbathe here for free and comfortable. Not in vain “Dzhemete” entered the top ten beaches Of Russia.

Lovers of outdoor activities are invited to visit the water park, water skiing, Anapa Dolphinarium in the village of Big Utrish. Anapa is positioned as a children’s resort. You can rest here combine with treatment, since Anapa is a balneological health resort. On Pioneer Avenue there are many boarding houses, where the depth of the sea grows only after 100 meters, so you can Feel free to send the baby into independent swimming.


The beaches of the Krasnodar Territory

The Long Spit beach is located in the Krasnodar Territory. Spit beaches share the Sea of ​​Azov and Taganrog Bay. This is the perfect place. for relaxing with tents. Lack of developed infrastructure, low prices, low population, clean water and the sandy coast are the main characteristic features of this area.

The Imiritinsky beach in Sochi is the most equipped from the side Adler. The wide coastal strip is covered with small pebbles. In places the pebbles are so tiny and smooth that they are no different from sand.

Crimean coast

“Golden Beach” in Feodosia is located within the boundaries of the village of Beregovoe – the largest in the Crimea. Visitors can relax for free with comfort. All conditions for adults and children are created here: free playgrounds for games, changing rooms are arranged all over the line, there are toilets. An ideal place to relax with children.

In Yalta, you should visit the Massandra Beach complex, which was recognized as one of the best for ecology, clean water and the infrastructure. Entrance for vacationers is free, for an additional The price organized rental of sunbeds, umbrellas and other equipment.

Sandy beaches with a shallow and clean coast are in the west. Crimea. For families with children recommend Sevastopol, Evpatoria, Saki. Kids will love Waterpark “U” in Evpatoria Lukomorya “, decorated in the style of Russian folk tales. Adults offer water aerobics, hydromassage, water slides.


When planning a vacation with children, it is worth choosing a resort with sandy coast or small pebbles, comfortable soft the climate. Pay attention to the shallow coastal area, infrastructure, availability of medical care points on the territory, entertainment. Housing is offered on any wallet: from expensive boarding houses to private houses. The best choice would be a place where there are all conditions for children. Then only leave about vacation warm and vivid memories.

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