Where to buy and how to do it yourself reusable nappies


  1. Opinions on reusable diapers
  2. Buying reusable diapers
  3. DIY reusable diapers
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When a baby appears in the house, parents have to decide many tasks. One of them is diapers for a baby. They are babies constantly needed, the older the child becomes, the less diapers used per day. The Chinese came up with an alternative disposable hygiene diapers that are not inferior to them in any way moisture absorption, no usability – reusable diapers for children.

Differences between reusable and disposable diapers:

  • Reusable nappiesMom is comfortable, the baby is pleased

    Reusable diapers are sewn from fabric and have thin waterproof layer.

  • Reusable diapers are erased after urination and the act of defecation. After they dry, they again ready to use.
  • One-piece disposable diapers, fastens with Velcro, have elastic bands and cuffs at the legs (protection against leaks). Reusable diapers consist of fabric panties with an inner layer of fleece (or another material) and a liner for absorbing liquid. On the front the surface of the panties are plastic adjustment buttons the size of the legs are gum.

There are a lot of reusable diapers, so reviews different about them. Most often, mothers mention additional rows buttons on the front side, fleece inner surface and large bamboo charcoal liners. For a walk, for sleep and night in the diaper is installed immediately two liners. It is necessary for prevent leakage.

Opinions on reusable diapers

Reusable nappiesColor options

A huge number of mothers have already tried reusable diapers. Reviews on them can be found on any forum.

A pack of 14 disposable diapers, on average It costs 200 rubles. Reusable diaper firms Glories, Cannabis, Nepromokashk and CoolaBaby will cost about 450 – 500 rubles, together with two inserts. On Taobao and Aliekstpess, such diapers can be purchase for 150 rubles without inserts. Plain diapers more suitable for older children – they are made as panties and do not have an additional row of adjustment buttons.

Reusable diapers used for ease of finding at home during the games. At night and walk – only disposable. Reusable diapers can cause diaper rash and irritation, in contact with delicate skin, urine and feces. It dries quickly, color persists even after 1.5 years of use.

Reviews of doctors about reusable diapers are different. Alone consider them a salvation for parents, because the skin of the baby in this the diaper breathes even after he pee.

Reusable nappiesDisposable diapers different in that they breathe until the child descends into restroom. Doctors also say that with timely diaper replacement (after 2–3 urine and / or after the baby cried 1 time) and using the waterproof inner surfaces (fleece, not mesh) the use of diapers is not will allow irritations and diaper rash to appear on the skin of the baby.


Other doctors find reusable diapers a problem. modern children. The inner surface of the diaper, which is easy leaks moisture, keeps the baby’s butt constantly wet. In contrast from disposable diapers, the baby’s skin is in immediate proximity to harmful substances, because urine is a waste organism.

Also, such a diaper does not save from an unpleasant odor. If disposable diapers have a special system that retains odor and moisture in itself, the tissue diaper exudes unpleasant odor after a single urine output.

Buying reusable diapers

Reusable nappiesReusable in Russia diapers are sold at fairly high prices.

Moreover, the quality of their performance is competitive level. Paying money, you know exactly what is in the package.

Many online stores offer reusable diapers. Buying them in a trusted store is the main rule. Unscrupulous manufacturers can use in the manufacture low-quality fabric (raincoat fabric that does not allow air to pass through or grid).

For regions, buying in online stores is great an alternative. Metropolitan stores offer not only a purchase, but and delivery to the door. This is especially important when there is no time to go on the street and suddenly reusable diapers ran out. Buy (Moscow and area) diapers at any time in the online store.

The most common manufacturers of reusable diapers:

  • Crap Diaper Design – three-layer, natural materials (cotton and microporous membrane).
  • Konopusha. Several types of diapers and inserts (coal-bamboo and microfiber). Production material – velor and polybrush (suede microfiber).
  • Gloryes. Three-layer diapers (microfleece, microfiber liner and outer layer PUL). Several species diapers.
  • CoolaBaby. Many different types of diapers, different manufacturing materials.
  • Babyland Different types of diapers, including Velcro. Materials of manufacture – microfiber, microfleece, coal-bamboo and microfiber five-layer inserts.

DIY reusable diapers

  1. Reusable nappiesWe make a pattern of the liner from paper. We print it out and put it on the fabric. Inner fabric – fleece. It almost does not get wet, it is pleasant to the skin and hypoallergenic.
  2. We make a pattern of the upper part of the diaper. The top fabric should be bright and water-resistant. Can Use fleece with a bright pattern. In this case, she must “breathe.” We draw and cut out patterns from fabric (fleece and spandex).
  3. Cut holes for the buttons. Cut fleece into pieces (gasket for buttons) – 9 pcs.
  4. Insert the buttons into the holes.
  5. We sew all parts together, leaving space for rubber bands (legs and girdle).
  6. We insert the elastic and sew it up. Top part overlay – no insert will be inserted through.


Olga, Moscow

We use such panties from the birth of my daughter, I really like it. Panties are regulated by buttons. When the baby peed or poop – a diaper in the wash. 4-6 pieces accumulate per day, I wash in the express wash mode in the evening. Purchased 10 pieces, because that have been used since birth. Someone takes more, but I used to wash 2 times in laziness – we had enough. During use (we are 2 years old) none of the purchased panties lost their properties and colors.

Marina, Kazan

For the first month, the mother-in-law gave a pair of reusable diapers. I don’t know how I lived without them before. The only minus is for some manufacturers (mainly with aliexpress) the inner layer of such material that immediately gets wet. Better buy diapers with microfleece. For six months, the inner layer is a little dirty, in the rest I am happy with everything.

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