Where more people get cancer: in Russia, Europe orUSA?

Update: February 2019

To the question: how many patients with oncology are in our country and for
abroad, meets Academician Andrei Kaprin, Director General of the FSBI
�”National Medical Research Center of Radiology”
Ministry of Health of Russia:


Worldwide, the incidence of oncology is increasing by an average of 1.5%
in year. And over the past 10 years, the figure has grown by 20.4%.

  • In 2016, 600,000 patients were identified in Russia
  • The total number of cancer patients in Russia is 3.5 million people, including
    50% of those under surveillance for 5 years or more.

The most recent data on the number of patients per 100 thousand population only
for 2012 according to the International Agency for the Study of

  • USA – 105.8 people
  • EU – 109.4 people
  • RF – 117.1 people

Standardized cancer mortality rate in Russia
roughly comparable to the figures in the EU and the USA. See how not to die
from cancer.

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