Where does the bald spot on the back of the head come from baby


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On the back of most babies who still cannot sit, you may notice a small receding hairline. It is formed because the child, tossing and turning, wipes part of the hair.

And since they grow quite slowly, constant friction interferes with their “replenishment”. That is formed on the back of the head at the baby bald spot. As soon as the child begins to sit confidently – the receding hairline will gradually disappear.

In the initial stage of rickets in infants is also observed hair loss in the neck. Although there is one small difference: in the case of ordinary abrasion, thin growing hairs still visible, and with a lack of vitamin D, the skin is completely bare. it occurs because with rickets the head of the child in a dream is very sweats, the baby is unpleasant, and he constantly rubs against the pillow. Besides bald spots, with rickets in a child are observed:

  • Sweating
  • Shyness;
  • Sleep disorder (the child can not fall asleep for a long time);
  • Large and soft fontanel on the edges;
  • Random teething
  • Thickening on the ribs;
  • A fossa in the sternum (“chicken” chest).


According to experts, up to 3 months of age the baby cannot get rickets. At risk for this children from six months to a year to the disease. However, for the purpose of prevention, as well as for the treatment of the initial stage of rickets, to all infants of age it is recommended to give the drug “Aquadetrim”.

This is an aqueous vitamin D solution that babies need. be sure to take in the cold and cloudy seasons. That is, with September to April. It is during this period of sun rays, helping to produce vitamin D in the skin is not enough. The drug can be given to infants from 1 month of life.

If wiping the hair on the back of the head was caused by rickets, after a week after taking “Aquadetrim” bald head will begin to be covered with fluff new hair.

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The appearance of abrasions on the back of the head in a baby should not cause panic attacks. The bald spot itself is just one of possible signs of rickets. But to be sure of health baby, you need to contact an experienced specialist who will appoint tests and, if necessary, conduct the correct treatment to the bald spot on the back of the head of the baby disappeared.

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