Where are the pimples on the face of a newborn?baby and what to do with them

В первые дни жизни ребенка кожа новорожденного может
suddenly become covered with small pimples. These pimples may have
different type – they can be red, white, can cover
отдельные участки кожи, могут появиться на лице, а могут и на
whole body. So as not to wrestle with why the newborn has a face
pimples appeared, you need to know about the most common causes of their
appearances and, depending on the reason, select treatment.
In general, there are acne that require treatment, and there are those that
pass by themselves.

почему у новорожденного прыщики на лице

Causes of acne

White pimples

  • Acne newborns

An overabundance of maternal hormones in a child’s body.

After the birth of the child’s body is saturated with maternal
гормонами, которые влияют на состояние кожи, из-за этого у
детей может появиться сыпь (гормональные прыщи). Like
the phenomenon has a scientific name – acne of newborns. More often
affected area of ​​the face, at least – other parts of the body. Acne does not require
treatment, the only thing that is necessary is to maintain dryness and
clean skin. Acne is not contagious and is not a sign of non-compliance
hygiene. The main symptom of acne is localization in the face, neck and

Excessive activity of the sebaceous glands.

Immediately after birth, the work of the glands is activated, hence
there are pimples on the face of the child. These pimples look like acne,
which cover significant areas of the skin. Usually rash appears
a week after birth and lasts about a month. Worry
should not be if pimples on the face do not deliver to the newborn
child inconvenience – do not itch, do not fester and inflamed.

What pimples look like – look like pus accumulations under the skin
whitish-yellow color (base red tip white).

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  • Milia


Small white pimples on the face of a newborn (white dots
the size of a pinhead) is a mile, a cluster of secret in
sebaceous glands (blockage of sebaceous ducts). Pass themselves their
can not squeeze. clean with cotton swabs, handle
спиртовыми растворами, т.к. можно занести инфекцию и
тем самым вызвать воспалительный процесс.

Red pimples

  • Allergy

A common cause of red acne is an allergic reaction.
на съеденный матерью продукт (через грудное молоко
ребенок получает не только питательные вещества, но и
allergens. Читаем о питании кормящей матери), 
либо на
the mixture that feeds the newborn. To prevent allergies
a nursing mother should keep a diary in which she will
write down everything she ate and the time she ate it
product. Usually 18 hours after consuming the allergen on
the cheeks of the newborn (and sometimes on the whole body) may appear
pimples. In this case, the product is removed, and if the cause of allergies
was a mixture, then it should be replaced by another.

Allergy can be caused by washing powder, which
used to wash baby things. Remember that baby’s skin
very gentle, so baby clothes need to be washed only
powder or gel, which is marked “hypoallergenic”.
Аллергию может вызвать и шерсть животных, цветение растений и
other external stimuli.

Allergy проявляется в виде красных пятен с мелкой сыпью,
crusts that are shelled.

При появлении на лице новорожденного красных пятен (прыщей)
need to see a doctor. Allergy требует лечения.

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  • Prickly heat

Too hot clothes, high temperature in the room
ребенка, чрезмерное «закутывание» — все это приводит к
that the baby starts to sweat. Skin permanently in
condition of moisture, acne. First acne appears in
neck area, then can go to the face. To avoid
the appearance of prickly heat, you need to maintain a constant temperature
air in the room where the newborn is located – 18 – 22 degrees
Celsius Желательно одевать ребенка только в одежду из
natural fabrics, according to the weather, do not overheat.

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ее >>>

  • Dysbacteriosis

This is another one of the causes of acne in newborns.
Look at the symptoms and causes of dysbiosis.

Treat or not treat

маленькие белые прыщики на лице новорожденного

In most cases, small white pimples (hormonal
rashes) pass by yourself, so mom just needs to get
patience By about 2 months, most babies can already
boast soft smooth skin without any acne.

Do not squeeze out acne, it can
seriously damage the upper layers of the skin, infect the infection and leave

All doctors advise – when a rash or acne appears, you need
consult a specialist, only a specialist can supply
correct diagnosis.


If you still want to alleviate the skin of the baby, the most
simple and proven method:

  • 2 — 3 раза в день умывайте ребенка кипяченой водой;
  • bathe the baby in a weak solution of potassium permanganate;
  • or bathe the baby in the series (bathing in a variety of decoctions from
    herbs). Trays with a series of gently care for infant skin.
    Before the daily bathing, add a brewed string to the bath.
    (a large cup on the bath) and bathe the baby, as usual;
  • wipe your face and affected skin with a decoction of a string or
  • необходимо обеспечить правильный уход за кожей (ссылка на
    article below).

You can not:

Do not use for the treatment of fukortsin, potassium permanganate or brilliant green, not
use alcohol-based lotions or solutions, as these
means will not cure acne, and can only harm the health
baby Не нужно применять: жирные масла и
мази, присыпку, настойка календулы, гормональные
мази, кисломолочные бактерии или адсорбенты
(смекта), антибиотики, антигистаминные препараты.
Repeat – squeeze acne is prohibited!


Most pimples in newborns are not considered dangerous and
following simple rules you can prevent their occurrence:

  • A nursing mother should watch her diet (which is not
  • When YVO monitor the reaction to the mixture;
  • Proper hygiene and child care are needed;
  • Do baby air baths;
  • Wash baby clothes with special powders.

If you have any acne or rash, you need a rhinestone
consult a doctor. The diagnosis should be only
specialist. There are a huge number of varieties.
rashes that only a doctor can recognize.

Often with strong and long-term acne, doctors prescribe
такие лекарства как Пантенол, Бепантен, Цинковая мазь.

On the subject of skin problems:

  • All the most common skin problems in children under one year
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  • Skin care for newborn baby (read recommended)
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Video: Acne / Allergies

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