Where and how to remove a wart – a childfor an adult?

Update: October 2018

It has long been proven that the appearance of any warts, papillomas on the body
caused by the progression of human papillomavirus HPV
which has over 100 different types.

This virus is transmitted as by direct contact with a healthy person.
with infected and through the use of common household
objects, when visiting baths, saunas, gyms, etc.
Since the incubation period of papillomavirus lasts several
months to establish the source of infection happens

Teenagers and children are most susceptible to the growth of warts, and
adults with reduced immunity due to psychological
overstrain, the presence of microtraumas on the skin, increased
sweating. How to remove a wart child, an adult, on the arm,
on the face, from the finger – by what physiotherapeutic methods?
On the pros and cons of such procedures, we will discuss in this

Do I need to get rid of warts and why?

For each type of papillomavirus in medicine is used
number system. It is known that HPV types numbered 57, 26-29,
14-17, 12,10,7 1-5 – are responsible for the appearance of various types of warts,
1 to 4 – cause plantar warts, 49, 28, 3 and 10 –
flat, HPV 27 – ordinary.

Oncogenic HPV types, such as 52, 39, require special attention.
33, 31, 30, 70, 40, 51, 55, 61-64, they can provoke
the occurrence of a precancerous condition and are considered the most

With localization on the penis, in the vagina, on the cervix –
types of HPV 16, 11, 13, 31, 33, 35 – form genital warts
and papillomas. Especially dangerous are the following papillomaviruses,
which can be localized to the external genitals and
mucous membranes are 70, 66, 56, 33, 31, 18, 16 types.

Many people who have warts ask a question, but
Is it possible to remove warts, is it dangerous or not? Anyway,
a person should consult a dermatologist to determine the nature
neoplasms, its type.

In addition to eliminating aesthetic discomfort, increased risk
injure growth, treat or remove neoplasms
necessary because the presence of foci of viral infection provokes
spreading it to other areas of the skin, as well as
risk of transformation of a neoplasm into a malignant one. Sure to
You should consult a dermatologist to determine the type
warts, papillomas or condylomas and determine the best way
getting rid of her. Do not postpone the visit if:

  • The neoplasm is bleeding or there is a strain
  • If a бородавка становиться болезненной, появляется зуд,
  • Changes color, becomes patchy color, changes shape and
    the size
  • The number of warts grows, multiple children appear
  • If a бородавка локализуется на видном месте, часто подвергается
    traumatizing and delivers psychological discomfort

БородавкиWhere to remove a wart baby? Should remember that
You can not do this in any beauty salons, this
процедуру должен выполняться только квалифицированный врач и
only in specialized medical institutions with
using modern equipment. Children under 5 years old
does not recommend to remove growths by any method. The choice of method
removal of a neoplasm depends on the nature of the growth;
локализации, the sizeа и прочих особенностей.


Dermatologist can offer removal today
бородавок жидким азотом, laserом или методом электрокоагуляции. These
procedures имеют как свои преимущества, так и недостатки. Believed
that these methods have virtually no contraindications, however, there are
certain conditions in which wart removal is not

  • Recently transferred infectious disease
  • Exacerbation of any chronic somatic disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Herpes in the acute stage
  • Women during pregnancy should postpone any ways
    wart removal

Removing a wart at home alone may not

All doctors are unanimous in their opinion that wart removal should be done at home.
dangerous and not advisable for the following reasons:

  • Self-deliverance from narsta most often leads to
    scarring, scarring or burning the nearest skin tissue
  • With various home methods it is possible to infect
    wound and development of the inflammatory process or spread
    virus to other skin areas
  • Of course, the probability of a true wart reborn
    malignant neoplasm is not large, but still such a risk
    there is and after self-removal of any neoplasm, without
    diagnostics and hysteroscopy of the removed material may be
    adverse effects.

Современные методы wart removal в амбулаторных

If a перед вами стоит выбор где удалить бородавку и чем лучше,
by what method, we offer a comparative characteristic of all
modern ways of getting rid of warts today.
Such a method as surgical excision of growths, moles,
papillomas, which was quite popular a few more decades
back, today is almost never used, because it has a number
deficiencies such as scar formation
healing, possible complications after surgery.

Removal of warts laser, liquid nitrogen or method
electrocoagulation these days have the greatest application and
considered the fastest, safest, most modern and
progressive technologies:

Variants of wart removal by physiotherapeutic methods
  • Laser wart removal
  • Electrocoagulation or radiowave surgery
  • Removal of warts with liquid nitrogen – cryodestruction


a liquid nitrogen


Soreness of the procedure, anesthesia anesthesia required, in some cases it may be easy
местная анестезия необходима, soreness procedures local anesthesia is mandatory, so it is almost painless.
How many sessions are needed 1 is enough, but relapses are possible most often requires a second session enough 1 session
Duration of the procedure  no more than 1 minute  10-40 seconds  15-30 minutes
Security  safely  safely  safely
Efficiency Считается популярным,  эффективным методом, но бывают
cases of need for re-procedure
Depends on the skill and experience of the doctor, but often enough
there is a need for re-session
Rather effective method, but not used for plantar
What happens after the procedure, care for wounds after
Wound healing occurs within 10 days, it follows
treat with a disinfectant and after 2 weeks a crust,
образующаяся после procedures, отпадает.
 After a few hours at the place of processing is formed
a bubble that cannot be wetted, injured, pierced,
process the wound in a week with steep potassium permanganate solution
or salicylic alcohol
Также как и после laserного удаления, формируется корочка,
which heals within 10 days, you should avoid water
and other adverse effects, handle any
antiseptic within 7 days
Does scar, scar remain Usually leaves no residue, since the depth of processing is easy
to control
Usually does not remain, but with excessively deep processing, it is possible
there will be a trace
 Scar, scar does not usually occur, but there are
Cost price 250-5000 rub. depending on the size, location, clinic,
considered the cheapest method, the formation of up to 0.5 cm
costs 100-500 rubles., more than 0.5 cm 350-1300 rubles.
 in Moscow prices range from 1000 -1500 rubles.

As can be seen from the table, each method has its own characteristics. If a
remove the wart with nitrogen, when freezing is very often required
repeated sessions, with too intense exposure may
remain scarring as well as the recovery period can be
quite painful and requires caution.

То же касается и метода удаления бородавки laserом, этот метод
not always painless, especially when breeding formations
on particularly sensitive areas or in children, as well as in some
In cases of relapses, warts reappear. If a
сравнивать safelyсть и эффективность, все эти способы считаются
safe, and efficiency depends on the skill
specialist, medical institution – clinic and equipment,
using any of these methods.

If a рассматривать стоимость процедур, сколько стоит удалить
a wart in a medical facility – this is largely determined by
the place, the city of its holding, depends on the size of the neoplasm,
places of its localization, the choice of method. Some clinics count
the cost based on the size of the tumor 250-600 rubles for 1 mm,
other prices are determined by up to 0.5 cm and over 0.5 cm., also
cost increases due to dermatological research and
consult a doctor. And ultimately, prices become roughly
the same

In addition to physical methods of wart removal, the doctor may
produce chemical exposure is the use of different
acids, for example, means:

  • Solcoseryl (4 types of acids are a part)
  • Verrucacide (phenol and metacresol)
  • Суперчистотел (гидроокись калия и натрия,
    самое эффективное средство за 20-30 рублей)
  • Cryopharma, Wartner Cryo

Use such active compounds should be very careful
as it is possible to get burns of the skin and mucous membranes
shells. Among the “grandmother’s recipes”, perhaps the most popular and
the most effective is to get rid of warts
the juice of celandine, in the article on the celandine warts you can find out how
remove the wart to a child or adult in this way.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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