When you can take a bath after giving birth

Принимать теплую ванну приятно и это нужное условие
for hygiene. Bath helps relieve stress, relax, improve
mood and relieve swelling. If before a warm bath was under
a categorical ban for new mothers, now doctors
not so categorical. So when can you be born after giving birth
to take a bath?


Правда ли, что нельзя купаться после родов?

In society, the stereotype that the woman who gave birth
you can not take a bath until the discharge from the generic
paths, and this is 6-8 weeks after the birth of the baby.

Most gynecologists in answering this question
They say that you cannot fully immerse yourself in water before
Lochia will stop.

At the core of this view is the risk that disease-causing
bacteria penetrate the genital tract and trigger endometritis or
another ailment. Many doctors insist that stitches and small
Vaginal tears – favorable conditions for the development of infections. By
For this reason, young moms were recommended to take only a shower and
refuse bath until it passes from the moment of birth
1.5-2 months.

According to recent studies, the risk of penetration
infection from the water in the bathroom is extremely low.
But warm water
really reduces swelling, relieves tension and pain,
when stitched. Yes, and when taking a bath surface genital
The organs are better cleaned than under the shower.

If the birth was natural

For women who give birth naturally, doctors do not enter
restrictions on bathing – in their opinion, it does not harm
female health. Yet there is one important point: complete closure.
cervix and restoration of its barrier function occurs only
1.5-2 months after the birth of the child. It means,
what to take a bath and swim in the first 40 days after childbirth need
Caution. At this time, do not make the water too hot and
long to be in it.


It also takes time to restore the defenses.
organism, therefore, from steam and temperature fluctuations, a woman can
feel dizzy and even faint. So in
in each case, you need to consider the state of health after

If did cesarean

For caesarean, the uterus is only affected superficially,
but on the part of the vagina there are no breaks and no changes, and
the place of birth does not form an open wound. Deciding to take a bath or
No, you should evaluate the condition of the seam – is it completely
healed if the unhealed weeping wound appears.
If the seam after a cesarean is all right, he heals
OK, then you can swim in warm water, but only
not for long.

When you can take a bath after giving birth

How to take a bath young mom?

When going to take a bath for the first time after childbirth, a woman stands
consider a number of recommendations:

  1. Bath should be well washed, so that it definitely does not remain
    pathogenic bacteria.
  2. Water should not be made very hot – optimally 36-37 degrees,
    and more than 40 degrees is unacceptable (because, because of the blood flow to
    pelvic organs may experience bleeding).
  3. Do not add salt, foam and any flavors.
  4. Care should be taken in the bath – if still
    there is postpartum weakness and fatigue;
    head. It is better to ask for help from relatives.
  5. The optimal bathing time is 15-20 minutes, but it is better to start with
    10 minutes. If everything is in order, next time you can swim
    a little longer.
  6. Do not immerse the breasts in the water – this is fraught with a rush of milk and
    his stagnation.
  7. Byлезно добавлять в ванну отвары из череды, шалфея, ромашки, в
    which bathe the child. These are natural antiseptics that also
    accelerate wound healing.

What women say

  • Women who have gone through childbirth also have different opinions on
    about this. Some say they took a bath in the first
    24 hours after discharge and nothing terrible happened.
  • Others say that before water procedures it is necessary
    insert a tampon and then you can not fear anything. However, doctors
    assure that this personal care product is also not worth it
    использовать несколько месяцев после childbirth.
  • Still others say they haven’t taken a bath for a very long time.
    после childbirth. The thing is, they just didn’t have to
    of time.

Difficult childbirth, breaks and stitches – not absolute
contraindications for a warm relaxing bath. All the same,
when it can be taken after the birth of a child,
you must consult with your doctor so as not to cause harm
to your health.

P.S. The ideal situation would be when before
to take water procedures, mother will visit the gynecologist, who
после осмотра даст свое разрешение.

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