When to stop nightly breastfeeding

Infant breastfeeding regime still
a few decades ago looked like this:

  • 0-2 months – from 6 to 17 feedings per day;
  • 3-4 months – 5 day and 1 night feeding;
  • 5-6 months –  4 – 5 дневных кормлений (ночью ребенка не
    feed) and a little lure;
  • 7-8 months – 3 daily feeding and complementary foods;
  • 9-10 months – 2 daily feeds (morning and evening) and
  • 11-12 months – 1 breastfeeding (at bedtime) and “adult”

Modern pediatricians and breastfeeding counselors
today hold a completely different view as a chest
feeding in general and at night breastfeeding in

Nightly breastfeeding

According to the latest scientific research, the most comfortable and
physiologically natural is free feeding (or
feeding on demand) and not strict adherence. Besides
natural needs will be satisfied, a small child needs
frequent contact with the breast because it is the only baby
known to him to calm down. Experiencing discomfort
for any reason, the baby begins to squeak and search the lips with an object
which you can suck. Ideally, he is immediately given a chest. Baby
become cozy and warm, he drinks milk, hears the sound of my mother’s
сердца, ощущает знакомые запахи – и  успокаивается. (Cm.
article what feeding method to choose?)

As for night feedings, for the most part
the first months of life (up to about six months) with a free schedule
feeding they will be as frequent as daytime (baby will be
ask your chest every one and a half – two hours). It happens on two

  1. Во-первых, в отличие от взрослых, у
    newborns most of the sleep is dominated by the active phase (in
    adults – passive). Kids sleep restlessly and often wake up.
    After 6 months, the percentage of sleep phases will begin
    increase in the direction of the passive, and the child will be less likely to wake up
    at night.
  2. Во-вторых, грудное молоко в отличие от готовых
    infant formula is absorbed much faster and crumbs just
    need to eat a little even at night.

In rare cases, moms are lucky, their kids stand five –
шестичасовой перерыв at night. But do not expect it to be
the story of your toddler. Many babies after 6-7 months in periods
teething experience severe discomfort, and at this time
�”Hang” on the chest all night.

Do not treat breastfeeding at night as heavy and
tedious duty. Change your perspective on this process:

  • Think that you are not with a child, but a child with your
  • Organize a joint sleep (or push the crib
    as close as possible to the parent bed);
  • Feed your baby well before bedtime;
  • Keep handy wet wipes and a clean diaper to
    if necessary, change it;
  • Get a bedside nightlight to avoid knocking.
    physiological clock baby bright light.

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When to stop night feeding?

Ночное кормление breastfeeding

кормление breastfeeding ночью

По мнению специалистов и опыту многих мам, наименее болезненным
process, both for the nursing mommy, and for the crumbs, will be
gradual weaning. A child with this approach is not
will experience stress. In a nursing woman will gradually decrease, and then
stop milk production without needing to dress the breasts
or take a loading dose of hormones to stop lactation.

Хорошо заканчивать кормление breastfeeding в теплое время года: детишки
many walk in the fresh air, get tired physically and simply
forget about sucking.

According to the rules of free breastfeeding night feedings
stop last, immediately after when
the child will begin to quietly fall asleep without an evening “Sisi.” Maybe,
when weaning, several nights in a row will have to be worn or
rock the baby. Show love and patience in this difficult moment.
Together you can handle it!

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