When to enter pea soup in the child’s menu

Dishes from legumes are deservedly popular.
These tasty dietary meals are on the menu of many people. Peas
is the leader among the other relatives, and the most
A common dish of it is soup. He is loved and popular in
many families. When a child appears in the family, it is natural
вопрос: когда детям можно давать гороховый суп, который
brewed at home often enough.

Peasовый суп в меню ребенка

Когда детям можно давать гороховый суп

Peasовый суп для ребенка

Peas в своем составе содержит витамины, необходимые
trace elements and a lot of protein. It activates the nervous system,
brain. As a full-fledged pea dish
soup can be given to a child after 1-2 years.
If before
time baby will eat a spoonful of this soup, for example as
pedagogical complementary foods, there will be no harm.

Giving pea soup, like any new dish, should be gradually.
Start with one or two spoons, watching the reaction of the baby. Legumes
are diet food and contain large amounts
protein, but cause excessive gas formation.

How to cook pea soup for a child

Итак, выяснив можно ли ребенку гороховый суп, нужно
to cook it properly. After all, a classic recipe for smoked
ribs are not suitable for the use of a little fucker. Exists
several basic principles of cooking soups (not only
pea, and any) for children after a year:

  1. Boil the soup is on the vegetable broth.
  2. You can cook the soup in meat broth. For this you need
    use lean flesh, finely chopped. Pieces of meat
    put in cold water. After boiling remove the meat and water
    to drain. Rinse the meat with cold water and pour boiling water over it. After half an hour
    Slow boiling broth ready.
  3. Peas для быстрого разваривания лучше замочить в холодной воде
    from the evening.
  4. Ingredients for soup put in descending order of time
    cooking: peas, carrots, potatoes, onions.
  5. In the beginning it is better to cook cream soup – it will be easier for the baby to eat,
    and the stomach to handle its processing.

For cooking pea soup for children up to three years is better
use fresh or frozen green peas, not dry
split peas. So the dish will be more dietary, useful and
easy This soup can begin to give the kids after six

Invalid ingredients for baby

Some products should not be used in cooking.
pea soup for baby:

  • smoked meat;
  • fat meat;
  • spice;
  • bouillon cubes.

To simplify the work, the mother can not cook the baby separately
pea soup. Just soup, which was cooked for the whole family to dilute
water or vegetable broth twice.

On the subject of feeding:

  • First feeding
  • Broth soups
  • Mushroom soup
  • Juices

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