When the newborn begins to seechild

Иногда можно услышать мнение, что сразу после рождения child
sees nothing and does not hear, and that the development of these functions occurs
with time. However, this is not quite true. In this article we will try
разобраться, когда новорожденный начинает видеть, и как это
going on.

When a newborn begins to see


When, what and how do newborns see

The ability to see in a child is innate. Most
children immediately after birth see the world vague and as if in a fog.
So vision gradually adapts to new conditions. Kid squints
in bright light, and only occasionally opens his eyes. However some
kids spend the first hour of their lives with their eyes open, and
the look seems rather interested.

Features of the newborn

1. Что видит новорожденный?

  • Сразу после рождения child способен реагировать на наличие
    or lack of light;
  • В первый месяц из общей размытой картины child различает
    large items;
  • Then begins to monitor their movements, as well as
    passing parents;
  • In 3-4 months the baby watches moving toys;
  • К 6 месяцам child может наблюдать за мелкими объектами и
    learn “their”.

2. What does a baby like to watch?

  • Most of all, newborns love to look at their faces.
    parents. Most often the subject of their love becomes the face of the Pope,
    thanks to distinct features, beard or mustache;
  • A change in parent’s habitual appearance can cause
    dissatisfaction with the baby. At best, he just turns away
    worse, begins to cry and act up;
  • Even newborns love to look at black and white patterns, shapes
    or photos.

3. Как видят новорожденные дети?

  • В первую неделю жизни child не останавливает взгляд на
    surrounding objects for more than three or four seconds;
  • In two months, the gaze focuses better, but it’s still not
    stops and slides on the subject;
  • Только к четырем месяцам child может сфокусировать взгляд на
  • Sometimes newborns can “mow down” a little. Such
    the phenomenon occurs due to the fact that children cannot use both
    eyes together. This is considered normal up to six months. However if
    it happens all the time, it is best to see a doctor;

4. How to make contact?

  • It is observed that upright, newborn children
    able to focus the look. Therefore, to attract attention
    child should take it upright;
  • After that, you need to wait for a while until baby
  • Your face or object should be about
    twenty to twenty-five centimeters from the eyes of a child;
  • Toys in the crib should not hang in front of the face of the child,
    and a little further – on the side, or behind the legs;
  • It is necessary to speak calmly, quietly enough, while it is better if
    on the face will be a smile and a “live” facial expressions.

Таким образом, зная, как видят новорожденные, особенности
their visual perception, parents can easily find “common
language “with your baby, and will also be able to understand whether
development of their child in accordance with the norm or it’s time to apply for
consultation to the pediatrician.

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When a newborn begins to see

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