When pregnancy can be cancer – onefrom cases of choriocarcinoma

Update: February 2019

New Yorker Sarah Kokchiar was shocked by what happened.
with her in some sense a scary story. 31 year old american
suspected a second pregnancy, however, it turned out that
in fact, she was sick with choriocarcinoma – a rare cancer

Choriocarcinoma is a malignant
neoplasm. The tumor gets its development from embryonic
cells that fall outside the endometrium (mucous membrane
uterus) and began to actively share. Such cancer is rapidly
develops and almost immediately gives metastases (foci of cancers
cells to other organs). Most often, choriocarcinoma appears in
The first year after pregnancy and is expressed in the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the abdomen of different strengths.
  • Discharge from the genital tract from clear mucous membranes to
  • Unreasonable and quick weight loss.
  • Unexplained Fever.
  • Fatigue, low performance.

Sarah independently identified a second pregnancy by
test results. In addition, all external manifestations were similar to
signs of a woman’s first pregnancy: breast enlargement,
lack of menstruation, mood lability, frequent feeling
hunger, drowsiness. And really, an American simply could not
suggest cancer Unfortunately, everything turned out wrong

During the ultrasound and the search for the ovum in the uterus is not
found instead a medium sized education
grapefruit. Doctors diagnosed choriocarcinoma. The cause of the appearance
a cancer tumor was one or more embryonic cells from
Sarah’s first child’s placenta, Madison girls. They stayed after
childbirth in the uterus of the woman and reborn into cancer.

Due to its origin, the neoplasm imitated all
signs of pregnancy, which is why Sarah could not so long
believe that she is sick with cancer and not waiting for the second baby. Now
terrible consequences behind – the woman was operated on, the tumor
removed on time.

She, of course, will not be able to get pregnant anymore. But, according to her,
she doesn’t regret anything, and if you could rewind time
back, would still have given birth for the first time, knowing what it is
will turn around.

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