When painful menstruation can helpViagra

Update: February 2019

It turns out to be a very popular drug to increase potency in
мужчин — Viagra,  при интравагинальном введении оказывается
safe and effective analgesia in women suffering
period of the year, that is, painful periods.

Usually tolerable pain during menstruation is 50%
women, and this is considered normal. But when women appear
severe other symptoms, very intense pain during menstruation with
every bleeding – this is a disease that needs
to heal.

Most often women use pain relief for pain relief.
nonsteroidal anesthetics (see the list of all NSAIDs in
tablets with average prices in the article injections for back pain), also
antispasmodics such as No-shpa, Drotaverine hydrochloride. But,
NSAIDs have a fair amount of side effects, especially when
frequent use, they can lead to gastrointestinal diseases,
gastritis, gastric ulcers, etc., so their prolonged use is not

Earlier it was already known that ingestion of sildenafil citrate
(Viagra) shot bouts of pain in women during menstruation, but
there was a side effect in the form of a headache and the application of this
drug on an ongoing basis is not considered desirable.


При болезненных месячных поможет Viagra

A group of researchers from Croatia and the United States are interested in this
positive analgesic effect and they conducted clinical
tests on 62 women of different ages with symptoms

При этом Viagra использовалась интравагинально. In the experiment
women were of various ages from 18 to 35 with pronounced
painful periods, the causes of which are different for all.

One group of subjects took a placebo (what it is), another
received 10 mg of Viagra intravaginally. Anesthesia effect resolved
was evaluated on a special scale at intervals of every hour, in
for 4 hours, comparing with the initial pain level.

As a result of the tests, it turned out that the administration of sildenafil
intravaginally reduced pain by 2.5 times without adverse
action. Researchers explain the positive action and such
результат тем, что Viagra улучшает кровоснабжение органов малого
pelvis, and usually in the uterus, which helps reduce pain
sensations during menstruation.

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