When newborns start to hear

Having taken the child from the maternity hospital, the parents start more thoroughly.
study him and watch him. They care about the general condition
baby, his reactions to the world around him, manifested in
motor activity, vision, hearing, crying.  Sometimes
parents are concerned that their newborn baby does not respond
(or reacts very poorly) to extraneous noises and sounds, may
never notice and wake up from
работающего телевизора, каких-то шумов из соседней
apartments, etc. That’s why many parents
интересуются, хорошо ли слышат новорожденные дети сразу после
born or not heard at all.

Когда новорожденный ребенок начинает слышать

Уже давно установлен период, когда ребенок начинает
слышать — это происходит еще на 16 — 17 неделе
of pregnancy. 

Proved: the child is not born, but already hears

Being in the womb, the child already has the ability to hear and
respond to sound. With intrauterine development, there is a reaction to
music and voices that have been repeatedly proven
экспериментально:  мама на последнем сроке беременности
read a few children’s poems. When certain time passed
after the birth of the child, a familiar verse was read near him and
the “recognition” reaction followed: the child began to actively move
legs and handles.

Реакции ребенка на звук

Есть мнения некоторых родителей, что только что родившийся
the child still does not hear well, or even does not hear at all because of the liquid
in the inner ear, and begins to distinguish sounds only on the second –
the third day, but it is completely wrong!

From the first days of life, the child reacts to sounds, but reacts in
mostly only at loud sounds (sharp, which can create
vibration), so if there is no response to a working
телевизор, на спокойные голоса, на другие спокойные шумы not necessary
think that the baby does not hear anything, he hears everything, just does not

The fact that
новорожденный умеет отличать голос человека от любого
another sound, i.e. there is a congenital reflex in the child
ability to hear. Faster and better among other voices
pussy begins to recognize the maternal voice that was spoken on
протяжении of pregnancy.

The baby immediately after birth has a well developed
hearing and has a reaction to:

  • intonation;
  • speech tempo;
  • timbre of voice;
  • rattles;
  • different sounds.

Это выражается в:

  • in the motor activity of the legs and arms;
  • bends of the head;
  • searching for the source of voice through the eyes;
  • fading;
  • startle;
  • cry;
  • listening.

Repeat, if the first days the child does not react to strangers
sounds, it does not mean anything. Anyway, if you
это настораживает и пугает, всегда можно обратиться к
to the doctor.


FACT. Слышит младенец одинаково и
когда бодрствует и когда спит :) 

By the end of the third month, the child consciously turns his head on
any sound – rattle or voices.

How to check hearing

If you are concerned that the child does not hear, you can
check his hearing. Через 3 — 5 дней после рождения незаметно
похлопайте (естественно без фанатизма :) ) рядом с ухом ребенка — ребенок должен моргнуть или
show any other reaction. Rattle a rattle on the right or
to the left of the child’s head – he will turn his head toward the sound.
 If the child does not respond to the sounds, it is necessary
обратиться к to the doctor.

A sharp reaction to sounds is normal.

Многие детки в первые недели жизни при громких, резких
sounds startle, cry, they may appear convulsive
movement. The baby can also react from quite
calm Когда начинают слышать новорожденные дети

voices, very close, unexpectedly. But such
реакция не говорит о его «неадекватности». On the contrary, it
indicates a perfectly normal hearing.

The same reactions can occur on any unfamiliar
circumstances not only in the first weeks of life, but also almost
offensive school age. This indicates that
normal developing babies are very high
sensitivity to the environment. Поэтому разговаривать
с новорожденным ребенком нужно спокойно и ровно.

Важно: почему ребенок боится громких
звуков (что делать)>>>

Best of all babies are high pitched,
listening to the children’s sonorous song or rattle. Babies with
enjoy listening to conversational quiet speech, sometimes dying off
or trying to find the source of the voice with your eyes. For the development of hearing in
wakefulness period include children’s songs, read poems and
just talk more with the baby.

By the beginning of the second month of life, the child will disappear convulsive
movements, the response to the voice will be expressed in a more orderly and
uniform motions. There is a clear reaction to the rate of speech.

  • as soon as the pace of mom’s speech speeds up – the movement of the child
    are accelerated;
  • Mom goes to calm, measured speech – movement also
    become smoother, smoother and more rhythmic.

If a child is keen on something (plays with a toy,
looks around for interesting and new items), he
may also not respond to any extraneous sounds, it is quite
normal phenomenon, children simply abstract, therefore not necessary
to worry about.

Hearing problems

If during pregnancy a woman was ill
корью, краснухой или принимала токсические
препараты, алкоголь или наркотические средства, то у ребенка
может быть такое заболевание как тугоухость или глухота.
Чтобы не допустить у ребенка потерю слуха,
необходимо помощь и рекомендации специалиста.

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