When начинать чистить зубки детям?

In matters of childcare, a special place is occupied by the topic.
care of teeth and oral cavity. Parents always have a very
много вопросов: нужно ли чистить молочные teeth? When начинать
brush your teeth? What hygiene products are suitable for the smallest,
and what – for older children? To мамам не пришлось дожидаться
consultation of a dentist in the clinic, try to give answers to
the most important questions.

The content of the article

  • 1 Зачем малышу brush your teeth?
    • 1.1 When начинать уход за зубами?
  • 2 Baby oral care products
  • 3 How to clean the teeth
    • 3.1 How to teach your child to brush their teeth: learn
      by playing
    • 3.2 If the baby refuses to brush his teeth
    • 3.3 When milk teeth change
  • 4 Some useful tips
    • 4.1 School of Health
    • 4.2 Good doctor Dentist cartoon children about teeth

чистим зубки малышу

Зачем малышу brush your teeth?

In the parent environment can be found the opinion that for dairy
you don’t need to take care of your teeth – they will all the same be replaced. Opinion this
is wrong, and brush your teeth a little child after all
need to. The fact is that enamel of milk teeth is very weak, therefore
caries affects her very easily. Risk of caries is not associated
also with the type of food: even if the child has not yet received complementary foods,
his teeth may suffer as well as maternal breast milk,
and milk formulas contain sugar.

Carious teeth can be a source of infection,
which is descending may disperse throughout the body and cause
serious diseases from sore throats to pyelonephritis. кариес

Familiarity with early dentists is unlikely
will please the baby, and neglected caries is a toothache, an exception
sick tooth from the process of chewing (which means the child will not be able to
следует пережёвывать пищу), а в худшем случае – удаление tooth.
By the way, remove milk teeth before their natural change.
extremely not desirable.
This may disrupt the process.
bite formation, lead to speech defects or curvature
permanent teeth. To не допустить таких серьёзных последствий,
you need to take care of baby teeth

Video tips for parents how to teach a child to clean

When начинать уход за зубами?

It is difficult to name a specific age from which to start
care for your teeth. Дело в том, что чистить teeth нужно с момента
their appearance, and this process is very individual. Average first
a tooth appears in the mouth at the age of 6 months, but some babies
acquire teeth earlier, and some only for the year please
parents of this event. Cut through is considered a tooth, at least
one peak of which appeared from the gums. True, caring for him in
this period is twofold: on the one hand, during
eruption of local immunity of the oral cavity is reduced, and the risk is high
catch the infection. On the other hand, the gums are inflamed, around
a real wound is formed on the cutting tooth, so cleaning can
be very painful for a child.

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first teeth are cut

Some dentists are of the opinion that
oral cavity must begin without waiting for the first teeth.
First, even in the absence of teeth in the mouth and complementary foods in the diet,
microorganisms that can cause such
unpleasant diseases like stomatitis, gingivitis, candidiasis.
Secondly, the early start of oral care contributes to
hygiene habits, and the toothbrush no longer causes
child of such a protest. According to this approach, gum care
It’s worth starting 2-3 months before the first teeth appear, that is, in
age 3-4 months.

Baby Oral Care

Before the appearance of milk teeth, oral hygiene of the child
involves wiping the gums and tongue. This way you can without
labor to remove harmful plaque and clean the baby’s mouth from bacteria.
You can also wipe the very first teeth that are even soft
brushing will be unpleasant. To wipe, you can use
the following means:

  • Gauze swab or bandage dipped in boiled water
    (воду можно немного подсолить)
    . Use cotton wool for these
    goals can not: it does not fit the texture (no rough edges)
    and can leave behind a fiber;
  • Napkin cleaning cloths with xylitol.
    Служат для очищения полости рта и зубов, для снятия боли
    от режущихся зубов, профилактики детской
    молочницы, защиты десен, профилактики кариеса. There is with
    taste of mint and banana. there is no taste. Used for cleaning
    not only the teeth, but the entire oral cavity. Designed for children with
    birth to 6 years;
  • Dental napkins. Mouth Wipes
    « spiffies» со вкусом винограда или яблока. They are soaked
    special safe antiseptic – xylitol, so good
    disinfect the oral cavity. Used for cleaning не только
    teeth, but also the entire oral cavity. The only negative – this option
    would be costly to the family budget because napkins
    disposable and not cheap.

After about six months the child disappears
push reflex. From now on for brushing can
use other means:

  • Silicone brush-fingertip will need from 6 months
    up to 1 year.
    At this age, the child can not yet
    keep a toothbrush and make the necessary movements, so brush
    teeth will be more convenient with the help of such a brush;
  • Classic baby toothbrush. Have such
    brushes should be soft bristles, short comfortable handle and cleaning
    The surface is about 2 children’s teeth.
детские зубные щетки для самых маленьких

детские зубные щетки для самых маленьких
Dental щетка напальчник

Dental щетка напальчник

Вместе со щёткой нужно использовать зубную пасту. Dental
Paste is also selected according to the age of the child:

  • Gel Toothpaste with Neutral or Milk
    Tasteful for children who have not yet received complementary foods.

    This paste does not contain abrasives, and neutral or
    milk taste does not cause discomfort in the child and
  • Dental паста с фруктовым вкусом. Children who
    already familiar with the lure, good attitude to the “fruit” paste:
    banana, raspberry, strawberry.


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your little one

How to clean the teeth

Техника чистки зубов

Техника чистки зубов

Чистить зубки нужно 2 раза в день: утром и вечером. Each
the duration procedure should be about 2-3 minutes, but
it is possible to start cleaning with less time so that the child gets used

It is very important not only to formally follow the procedure, but to clean it.
teeth right. Rules for cleaning children’s teeth are not much different.
from adults, but it will not be superfluous to remind them.

  • The brush should be applied to the teeth at an angle of 45 degrees and
    make it “sweeping” movement from the gums to the cutting edge
  • You need to brush your teeth with both external and internal
  • The chewing surface of the teeth should be cleaned with circular ones.
    progressive movements.
  • Do not forget the tongue: it must also be cleaned with
    using the back of the brush (almost all brushes have
    rough outside just for this purpose).

как правильно чистить teeth

How to teach your child to brush their teeth: learn
by playing

To clean the teeth yourself the child usually starts to two
years, and the first attempts to keep the brush in hand appear
about a year. The best way to teach your child to wield a toothbrush –
This is a personal example. Children tend to imitate adults, because it
The best way to learn new skills. That’s why start better
all with a joint trip to the bath in the mornings and evenings. Of course,
The first attempts of the baby will be very far from perfect, but
and need parents close by to guide the inept pen.

Another good way is to put a mirror in front of the crumbs. Children
love to see their reflection. Seeing yourself is easier for the child
control movements and more interesting to observe where he is
reach out with a brush.

To a useful lesson was also interesting, you can make
him elements of the game. Some games have proven themselves

  • The smallest will be interesting to brush your teeth to the beat of your beloved
    counts, songs or poems. Especially talented moms can
    even compose a poem themselves in which the name will sound
  • With older kids, brushing your teeth can be turned into a performance.
    secret assignment to protect the baby from the furious Kariozikov;
  • It is very effective to engage your child’s favorite toys and
    to brush teeth together with a teddy bear or doll;
  • Для отработки навыка brushing can устраивать семейные
    competitions who brush their teeth faster. Parents, of course,
    it is worth succumbing and losing the match.

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teach your child to brush their teeth

Video: how to teach a child 10 11 months to clean
teeth and how to make him like the procedure:

If the baby refuses to brush his teeth

It is rare when teeth brushing is immediately perceived by a child on
�”Hooray!”. A child may resist a toothbrush because
perceives it as a foreign object (if we are talking about an early
teeth care), or because the cleaning delivers or sometime
brought him discomfort (for example, in the period of active
teething). In any case, parents should not
give up.

  • Even if the baby refuses, keep trying.
    involve him in a hygienic procedure, but not much
    It is enough just to offer every day.
    clean your baby’s teeth;
  • Try different means: brushes, fingertips, different
    Perhaps the reason lies precisely in the rejection
    some particular means;
  • Turn your teeth care process into a game.
    Toys, poems, songs customize the baby to the desired mode.

Real video like a baby in 1 year 9 months mom cleans
teeth (look at everything. Pay attention to the reaction of the child
:) ):

When milk teeth change

The change of milk teeth begins at the age of 5-7 years. When
permanent teeth begin to form, dairy roots begin to form
dissolve. The teeth are loosened and gradually fall out.
Baby teeth fall out in the same manner as teething. To
slightly speed up the process of loss of milk teeth, you can give
the child to chew on fresh vegetables and fruits – this increases
chewing load.

Changing teeth is a long process. Stretch it can
for 7-9 years. Finally all permanent teeth erupt to 14-16
years, and “wisdom teeth” can appear only in 20-25
years old.

Some useful tips

  1. To зубная щётка сама не стала рассадником инфекции, каждую
    week it needs to be processed, rinsing well with hot water. Change
    the brush should be every 2-3 months, and if the child is sick – the brush is better
    replace to prevent re-infection.
  2. Children’s toothpaste should not contain
    Since the kids still can’t rinse their mouth, they
    swallow pasta. Fluorine, entering the body through digestive
    tract, has the ability to accumulate in the body, and this element
    very toxic.
  3. Visit the dentist regularly, even if the child has nothing
    worried. Routine inspection allows you to identify problems in
    very early stage and time to eliminate them.

School of Health

Тема: Как научить ребенка чистить

Proper care of baby teeth – a guarantee of healthy
permanent teeth, so pay attention to this issue
literally from the cradle. The health of a child is very dependent on the parents, and
they can not only keep their teeth healthy, but also instill
good habit for the child: carefully monitor your teeth and follow
oral hygiene.

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Good doctor Dentist cartoon children about teeth

Lessons from Pingy and Krokie: how to teach a child to brush

Learning together – Why brush your teeth – cartoon Hello

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