When kids start sleeping all night

когда ребенок начинает спать всю ночь

With the birth of a child, many mothers forget about
good nights, because sleeping in newborns is disturbing and tender.
Some babies wake up just a couple of times a night for feeding,
others shudder from any rustling and squeaking. There is a third group
babies, which gets enough sleep during the day, and at night they lead an active
activity Многие родители интересуются, когда ребенок
starts to sleep all night without waking up. This problem is solved in all
individually, as the reasons that interfere with sound sleep
newborns, all different.

Features of children’s sleep, depending on their age

The daily routine of the baby is very different from the activity of an adult.
person Newborns about 80% of the daily sleep time, and in
any time of day. (How much time should a newborn sleep in

Период крепкого сна у ребенка длится около часа. After him
there is another phase during which the baby may awaken from
feelings of hunger, or just missing you.

British scientists conducted an experiment: one group of nursing
children slept in silence, for the other – included audio recordings with the beating
hearts. The second group of babies slept more tightly since nine months
they felt that rhythm in their belly.

For the most part, babies sleep is shallow, therefore
can be woken up by a sharp sound and loud conversations. However, do not
walking on tiptoes and maintaining total silence while the baby is sleeping.
It is necessary to gradually adapt the child to sleep with a slight noise,
extraneous sounds: you can turn on the classic low volume
music On the Internet, you can download suitable audio recordings (choose
with good sound quality), and include them when you stack
baby In less than half a year, the baby begins to sleep more soundly, not
distracted by the sounds.

Healthy sleep is necessary for a child at any age, because
it is in childhood that the nervous system is formed. On how and
how much a baby sleeps depends on his mood, well-being and
development. Sleepy baby is more aware of the world around, better
eats and performs the necessary exercises.

Based on how the child sleeps at night, they can
divided into groups:

  1. The kid hardly sleeps at night. In the nation
    They say about such newborns that they “confused day with night.” WITH
    other problems may interfere with age
    long and sound childhood sleep. In the first three months
    the child may be bothered by colic, then teething.
  2. Children’s sleep at night is interrupted somewhat.
    Often in newborns there is hypertonus of the handles and
    feet, so they are not responsible for their body movements. At night infidels
    a stroke can wake the child up and he can get scared.
  3. The child wakes up a couple of times for meals.
    Frequent feeding of newborns is associated with the rapid absorption of milk.
    The baby will not be able to sleep with a “rumbling belly”.
  4. Малыш спит всю ночь, не
    waking up
     This occurs in newborns extremely
    rarely is a controversial issue. Some pediatricians recommend
    obligatory night feedings.

Based on which group the baby belongs to, are given
recommendations on how to help him sleep at night calmly and soundly.

Video: if the child does not sleep well

How does your baby sleep?

  • The baby owl is awake at night, asleep
    in the afternoon 

In many ways, young parents are to blame for this behavior of the baby. WITH
такими детьми in the afternoon надо чаще разговаривать и играть, но не следует
перевозбуждать состояние baby In the daytime not
close the curtains, blinds: let the sun penetrate the room

In the evening, before going to bed, take baths with the possible addition
daisies, succession. When using herbs, be sure to follow
skin condition of the child, in some people they cause allergies, and
instead of a good sleep, your child may experience discomfort and itching.
The water temperature should be 37-38 degrees, the baby will start to freeze
and, as a result, to warm themselves with various body movements, that
will lead to an excited state.


Also try not to give new toys to your child before bedtime,
Let him surround the already studied environment. So it will be easier for him
fall asleep without arousing your consciousness. Before bed, you can either
sing some particular lullaby or include
заготовленную music Such a ritual will help the child realize that
it is laid to sleep.

когда дети начинают спать всю ночь не просыпаясь

If a child has hyperactivity, which prevents him from sleeping soundly,
swaddling can be applied. WITHейчас ведутся споры на эту тему.
Some pediatricians already in the maternity hospital advise not to swaddle children.
The behavior of each child individually and not subject to strict
to the rules: some kids sleep peacefully in their undershirts, others
wake up from their movements. Up to three or four months can
swaddle the child, even before bedtime, it will help him sleep,
without being distracted by your arms and legs. (Swaddling: “FOR” and “AGAINST”)

  • The baby sleeps soundly, but sometimes
    wakes up

This is explained as the causes of a temporary nature (colic,
teething), and any physical inconvenience. AT
In such cases, it is necessary to analyze these awakenings.
ATозможно, наполнен памперс, или ребенок lies uncomfortable.

Set the room temperature to promote
sound sleep: air the room, raise or lower the humidity
of air. If the newborn is on the natural
feeding, maybe he just does not have enough mother’s breast for
calm down. It is noticed that in case of refusal from breastfeeding
малыш начинает спать всю ночь без ночных кормлений. But not
take the time to wean a child, this can lead to
the opposite effect: the baby will start to get nervous and cry. Optimal
pediatricians consider time after year from birth. (when wean
baby from the breast?)

  • Ребенок wakes up ночью от чувства

Наиболее распространенный случай, когда малыш wakes up для
taking food. AT первые месяцы после рождения рекомендуются частые
feeding in small portions. WITH возрастом необходимый суточный
The amount of food consumed increases: the child eats less often, but more.
The daily diet as they grow older becomes more diverse:
fruit, vegetable purees, cereals, soups are introduced (first feeding: what
start off). At the same time, the child may also wake up at night from feeling
hunger. Although sometimes such awakenings can be associated simply with
by habit Try replacing feeding with milk or a mixture of normal
water If the child does not fall asleep and is naughty, then he

The normal age for weaning feeding at night is
nine month. But not торопитесь думать, что в это время малыш сам
stop eating in the dark. As stated, the development
child individually, and if the child will be disturbed by cutting
teeth, he is unlikely to sleep well. Other pediatricians do not advise.
Avoid nightly feeding until one year old. If a
you are breastfeeding, they must be continued throughout
breastfeeding or decanting at night. Prolactin,
necessary for lactation, is produced only at night.

Kids can not tolerate hunger, unlike adults. Need to
помнить, ребенок начинает спать всю ночь без еды,
когда становятся умственно и физически на это способны. If a
did you decide to abandon the night feedings, you need to do it
gradually. WITHуществует ряд советов, которые помогут в этом

  1. Most of the daily volume of food consumed must be given.
    ребенку in the afternoon.
  2. WITHоблюдение четкого распорядка дня.
  3. Before bed, feed your baby well for longer
  4. Replacing milk / mix with water or baby tea at night. WITHокращение
    the volume of the night portion.
  5. The child should fall asleep himself. So, by pumping it a little
    in the arms, in the cradle or in the crib, you need to leave the baby in
    half asleep.
  • The baby does not sleep at night after reaching one year old

When a child gets older, the possibility of oral
contract with him. AT таком возрасте для малыша важна внутренняя
the atmosphere in the family, the necessary affection and care. The calmer
relationships between parents, the stronger the nervous system and sleep

Продолжение: Как приучить ребенка спать

On the topic of sleeping baby

  • How to put a child to sleep without tears and whims;
  • Ребенок плохо спит in the afternoon;
  • A child under one year does not sleep well at night;
  • The child often shudders in his sleep;
  • Можно ли младенцу спать на животе?

Pay attention to your child: his wishes and problems. it
поможет ребенку спать спокойно и крепко ночное время, а in the afternoon
develop and learn. When children start sleeping all
ночь, у мамы и папы образуется больше свободного времени, и
for further replenishment of the family as well.

ATидео: Правила детского сна

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