When is the best time to stop swaddling a baby andDo I need to rock him

Time is running fast and your baby is growing by leaps and bounds.
for hours. It seemed that he was born only yesterday, but it has already passed
three months, and he has grown up, do you think it’s time
приучать кроху засыпать без пеленок. How to be? How to teach
child sleep “grown-up”?

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  • 1 Sleep as an important part of the life of a newborn
    • 1.1 5 способов приучить baby засыпать без
  • 2 To rock or not rock: we are looking for a compromise
  • 3 How to wean a baby from motion sickness? My experience


All the impressions that the child absorbs during
wakefulness, accumulate and unwittingly “reproduced” in a dream.
The nervous system of the newborn is not yet formed and
reflexes are not controlled while he is sleeping, and therefore
the baby moves involuntarily. Sleep crumbs depend on him
genetic and individual qualities and character. More active
baby, the more often he wakes up because he can freely
move in a dream. The child often shudders, sharply moves his hands and
because wakes itself up.

More calm babies, respectively, and sleep tight, and therefore
The need for swaddling these children is much less. It happens and
so that kids like and feel more comfortable sleeping on their stomachs. These kids
sleep better than those who are used to sleeping on their side or back. They are not
будят себя движением ручек и ножек  и не требуют
swaddling с самого рождения.

Sleep as an important part of the life of a newborn

Contrary to the opinion of child psychologists that newborns
just need warmth, affection and parental involvement, some
of moms think that you can teach a baby to sleep on their own without
taking him in your arms. Let them shout for a couple of nights, and then
get used to sleep himself, nothing, they say, to teach him to hand.

Unfortunately, it is not so rare to hear from parents: “I
I will not swing and swaddle him. Let him cry a couple of nights, then he himself
fall asleep. ” Or: “I give him a cry – it will stop anyway. It’s him
shows character! “

But what can such an attitude lead to? Definitely – to the bad
sleep and undermine confidence in parents. Ребенок понимает
Only one thing: that he is all alone, that he does not sympathize. Remember:
The most likely result of using the “give a shout” method is
shaky psyche of the child.

A pussy who has just stepped into this world needs
protection and love of parents, and this he can receive only if
when they take him in their arms and warm him.

The information that the baby receives in the first months of life in
moment of activity, it is processed by him in a dream, and therefore the moment
Sleep is very important for a child at this age. Impressions,
received at the time of wakefulness, can become a “brake” and
affect the process of falling asleep. Mom needs help baby
fall asleep. Sleeping in the first few months of a little person’s life is important.
component of the psychological and physical development of the child.

While the baby is resting, he has:

  • formed the nervous system as a whole and the neurons of the brain in
  • hormonal growth is activated;
  • there is a “tune-up” of a clear and proper work of the nervous
  • the speech and motor apparatus is formed;
  • there is a balanced mental development.

Even adults cannot feel awake and
healthy if they sleep badly. What then to talk about
baby In order for a child to grow and form properly,
it is necessary to provide him with a full and proper sleep.
It is unacceptable to disturb the rest of the child and thereby deprive him
normal psychophysiological development.

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5 способов приучить baby засыпать без

Now, when it is clear what role sleep plays in the life of the crumbs,
It is necessary to answer the question of when and how to teach a baby
спать без swaddling и надо ли его укачивать при укладывании?
Of course, there are far more ways to teach a baby to “adult” sleep.
more. Everything will depend on the nature of the baby and the patience of the mother.
Experienced moms advise:

  • Можно начать со свободного swaddling, несильно стягивая ребёнку
    hands so that in a dream he could free himself. Next, do not swaddle him
    during daytime sleep, and later abandon the night
  • At night, you can gently deploy the baby and lay it next to
    his bed, covering the crumbs with a blanket;
  • You can immediately pack your baby with you without wrapping it in
    diapers. After a while he will get used to sleep

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Swaddle or not swaddle the baby?

By the age of three months the crumb is already growing up so that the mother can hardly
wraps it up completely. The activity of the baby does not allow him
fall asleep quickly, so you just need to start the process of weaning off
diaper. But how to do that? Quickly, cutting off all the ways to retreat
and solve this question in one fell swoop, or gradually?

Unequivocal answer to this question is not. Everything is solved
individually. You need to resolve this issue yourself by trying
several ways and opting for one that fits
you the most. But the main thing in this difficult matter is still patience
moms. Patience and, of course, love.

Here are 5 basic techniques to wean the baby off

  1. Fall asleep with mom on the handles. There is an opinion that
    baby can not be taught to fall asleep in the hands of the mother, it will be “bad
    привычкой» и лишними тратами сил для moms. Nothing like this. Arms
    mothers are protection, and falling asleep on them, the newborn feels like
    security. But if you are afraid that a child will never be able to
    to become “independent” and fall asleep without your presence, then you can
    without waiting for the stage of deep sleep, put him in the crib, but not
    go far. And if the child wakes up, then reassure him, giving
    understand that you are near.
  2. We sleep with my mother. Moms are tired too and want
    отдыхать. So why not put the baby near
    with myself? Mother’s warmth, her smell, the beat of the heart and mother’s hands quickly
    they will calm the baby, and he will sleep peacefully. You can later shift
    put him in a crib and cover him with a blanket, just as he was covered when
    Slept next to my mother. This method will teach him to fall asleep and sleep.
    separately in my bed.
  3. Gradual attainment of freedom. This way
    gradual weaning from the “shackles” of the cradle is quite effective and
    suitable for patient moms. It is necessary to weaken every time
    swaddling, watching the crumbs sleep. Mother’s patience will
    rewarded. Soon the child will get used to sleep in the unfolded
    diaper not only during the day, but at night.
  4. We are tourists. For a child during sleep, the main thing
    – warmth and comfort. Diaper can be replaced with a blanket, folding it
    an envelope. You can use a real children’s sleeping bag.
    or blanket envelope. It is clear that being in too much time
    a warm blanket is bad for a baby, so mom can unbutton
    bag and give freedom to the little “tourist.” Such a way
    «неswaddling» выручал не одну маму.
  5. Hold the handle. This way отучения от пелёнок
    – also for diligent and patient moms. Clarity will help to be
    next to the baby and hold his hands until he falls asleep. And so
    as the time of falling asleep, all babies are different, and then the patience of moms
    should be plenty. You can only get your hands off
    when you were convinced that the baby was fast asleep. But then not worth it
    go far away from him. After all, he can wake himself unintentionally, and
    then you will need to calm him down in a quiet whisper and again put
    his hands on his pens.

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Well, each mother chooses herself, how can she disaccustom her baby from
swaddling и сама решает, что для неё и её ребёнка лучше и
комфортней –  быстрое или медленное отучение. Some
babies, for example, fall asleep quickly during motion sickness. But not all
mothers for this method of schooling to sleep. How to be whether
motion sickness or without it you can do?

It is believed that by three months of cognitive activity
the crumbs grow, the diaper binds his movements – as a result,
development is slowing. In fact, you need to turn again to
индивидуальным особенностям baby. If in a diaper he sleeps much
stronger – so convenient for him. And it is much better than regular
wake up all night and then moods during the day (only
because parents suddenly decided to stop using

To rock or not rock: we are looking for a compromise

Let’s start with the fact that while still pregnant, mother involuntarily
rocked her baby while walking. And so baby, when
Already born, psychologically perceives rolling as a rhythm of calm.
From ancient times to the present day, traditions of rocking babies have come down.
in cradles, cradles or worn on themselves. After all, while the child is walking,
being on the breast or on the back of the mother, feels calm not
only because of the heat emanating from mom, but also from the rhythmic

In general, rhythm, as such, plays an important role in
psychological formation of the child. He not only gives the baby
confidence and security, but also balances the work of all
органов,  в том числе и работу головного мозга. But also
постоянная, беспорядочная  и интенсивная качка не пойдёт на
favor baby. You should always remember that you are not preparing a child in
cosmonauts, and to be moderate in their aspirations to put a baby to sleep
by any means. Moreover, not all children love them

Every mother has her own way to rock and lure the baby.
Someone is wearing a baby in her arms, and someone is sitting in a rocking chair,
кто-то в люльках Деток постарше можно усыплять, покачивая в
special rocker. When the child falls asleep, the mother shifts
either in his crib or in his bed, or he can be shifted
in other ways. After all, not all kids immediately fall asleep and therefore
you can:

  • Перекладывайте в 2 этапа. To lay
    first to his bed, and then, making sure that the baby is sleeping
    – в кроватку baby;
  • Lay in a dream. Once a child
    start to doze, you can immediately put it in the crib. Ok if
    instead of a crib there will be a cradle, and it can be will shake. If a
    no, then you can quietly sing a lullaby.
  • Всегда будьте неподалеку. Can be laid
    baby on the sofa or in his crib, and just sit next to him, holding
    baby’s hand;
  • Help relieve stress. Light strokes
    по спине поможет маленькому человечку расслабиться и
    fall asleep.

True, there are cases when the children, who were transferred to
bed, suddenly wake up and not seeing a mother next to it, cry. what
do? The main thing is not to ignore this cry, believing that the child himself
can calm down; do not hurt the psyche of the crumbs and
make him think he was abandoned. Go to the baby and
успокойте его, дайте ему understand that you are near. Over time he
get used to this thought and learn how to fall asleep on their own.

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If a ребёнок легковозбудимый или гиперактивный, просыпается
immediately after motion sickness and cannot sleep for a long time, it is not
be upset, it will pass with time. The main thing for these children –
it is to be close to them and to teach them to stay after the motion
calm. This will help your personal example and develop
a certain ritual of going to bed. Bedtime story or lullaby
calm and relax the baby, and a soft toy under the flank will instill in
his confidence and sense of security.

Tip: enter the bedtime ritual. Up to 1.5 years is bathing,
feeding, motion sickness under a lullaby. With 1.5 years – “lay”
favorite toy, swim in a warm bath with herbs, listen to
a short kind fairy tale or a quiet little song, take along a soft
toy- “keeper” (already without motion sickness). The most durable and
a ritual for excitable children must be consistent – so as not to
disturb sleep

Высокая возбудимость baby может стать проблемой для всей
families. For example, some time after swinging on the arms and
it seems to be a peaceful transition to sleep, the baby suddenly wakes up,
gets up on all fours, sits down or crawls quickly. Such phenomena are not
need to be treated, they disappear in the course of natural development. But if
the baby sleeps restlessly for a long time and it is accompanied by others
disturbing behaviors (not only at night, but also during the day),
better to consult a specialist.

what ж, отучая ребёнка от swaddling и от укачивания, следует
have patience and understanding. Your little one is still very hard
perceives any changes, and therefore for him these changes will be
one of the first steps in his long life. And help make the first
step must be as tact and neat as possible. Otherwise, you can
to injure still not strong children’s mentality.

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Как отучить baby от укачивания? My experience

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