When is it better to pierce a child’s ears


  1. Is it possible to pierce the ears of a child
  2. At what age do you pierce your ears
  3. Where can I get my ears pierced?
  4. How to prepare for the procedure
  5. Pierce the child’s ears with a gun
  6. How to choose earrings for a child
  7. How to behave in the office
  8. How to care for the first time
  9. Conclusion

Parents have their own reasons why they want to pierce their ears to kid. This usually comes from aesthetic considerations – little girls with pierced ears really look very cute.

If the baby has grown, and can already express its own opinion, then she herself may ask to pierce her ears, because she sees catkins in adult women. And then mom asks questions, not is it too early to pierce your ears, where is it better to do, what earrings pick up and then how to care …

Is it possible to pierce the ears of a child

You can pierce a child’s ears: medical contraindications to this procedure is not. It’s hard not to deal with the puncture process itself, but with a healing period.

Careful care for the ears of a young child also falls on mom’s shoulders, too mobile baby can inadvertently hook an earring, and an unhealed lobe will respond with sharp pain. As a result ear piercing can bring some inconvenience to the whole a month in advance.

At what age do you pierce your ears

When is it better to pierce a child’s earsOpinions of doctors and psychologists about the optimal age diverge. Some offer girls to wait until 12-13 years, when they themselves consciously make such a decision. Others say piercing ears can be from 3 years old, when the child already understands that once again pull healing lobes are not worth it, it is important to monitor the wounds and not try to remove the earrings.

Psychologists say that piercing girls’s ears age from 6 to 12 months – the best option. So the child will quickly forget the stress and pain experienced, and will not be afraid doctors in the future. But this procedure is stress, so parents should weigh your decision.

Where can I get my ears pierced?

First of all, you should forget about the salons where piercings are done. to adults. Despite the fact that this procedure is the same for everyone, and an experienced master can easily cope with the task, the baby can Scared of the interior. Such establishments are often decorated photographs of finished work that exactly prints in memory girls.

Where to pierce a child’s earsIn large cities now appeared children’s hairdressers, where the list of services includes piercing ears. Professionals working in such a place know how to minimize the potential stress in the baby.

If there are no such institutions in the city, then you can contact any a beauty salon to a beautician who pierces ears and adults. Earrings are usually bought right on the spot.

How to prepare for the procedure

  1. You need to make sure that the baby is completely healthy. If recently she suffered a serious illness, or in the next month she vaccination is planned – it is better to postpone ear piercing to another time.
  2. It is necessary to study the reviews of the salon where it is planned to take place procedure. There are tons of reviews on the Internet like this institutions. In addition, a master who values ​​his reputation is not will not give contact to its customers.
  3. On the eve of piercing the ears of the child, it is imperative to bathe and how to wash his hair.

Pierce the child’s ears with a gun

Salons offer 2 options for ear piercing: a needle or a gun. Needles are offered to adult clients, because with them the procedure It takes longer, and therefore more painful.

After the needle is pierced, only then the earrings are inserted. For children the best solution is a gun: in just 2 seconds the master pierce the earlobe, and the earring will already be inserted after the puncture by the gun itself.

How to choose earrings for a child

How to pierce a child’s ears with a gunUsing pistols suggest choosing earrings-cloves made from special hypoallergenic medical alloy. This material is not irritates the wound and contributes to its rapid healing. Catkins themselves differ in shape and color, so mom and daughter can choose the most interesting model in their opinion.

In addition to the medical alloy, gold earrings (750 try). This metal is also not allergic, it does not oxidize, and the child does not have problems with him. Feature gold earrings in that they are usually worn after application needles.

After a pistol, gold earrings are worn much less often, because first it is necessary to pull out the stud earrings with which they made a puncture. But better give preference to this particular metal: small gold rings impossible to lose, they do not interfere during sleep and allow care for fresh punctures without removing the earrings themselves.

How to behave in the office

First, a specialist will process the earlobes and identify future locations. punctures. The expert look of the wizard allows you to do this as much as possible. symmetrically, but mom should not be left out. Wrong the puncture made will then not be fixed.

During the procedure, the child should sit on her mother’s lap, so that in which case he could be quickly reassured. At using a gun the girl doesn’t even have time to come to her senses the earring will be in her ear, but then she may feel pain and burst into tears.

At the end of the procedure, it’s important to ask the master about the subsequent care, since progress does not stand still, and he can advise something most effective. Also do not be afraid to ask for a number the one who pierced the ears of the baby so that later consult or share a room with other moms if everything will heal safely.

How to care for the first time

Is it possible to pierce the ears of a childThe first two days, preferably not soak your ears until the wounds are at least slightly healed. Then swim can be scheduled. Ears need over the next 3 weeks wipe several times a day with a good antiseptic with a healing effect.

It can be tincture of calendula, alcohol or chlorhexidine. Using a fleece, the product is dripped into the puncture site, and the earring is slightly scrolled so that everything is properly lubricated. If there is clotted blood, this should be done as much as possible. carefully so as not to cause severe pain. unusual birthday – we pierce his ears and give earrings.

All about the basics of gender education of children.

Find out from our publication when newborns begin smile. If your ears begin to fester, it should be on the same day. consult a pediatrician. He will advise either to remove the earrings, or will prescribe a proven pharmacy remedy for this problem. To do self-medication in this situation is impossible, because there is a risk of getting complications.


In a word, ear piercing a child is not such a difficult procedure, but do not forget that not all adults like earrings to women. Before you lead the girl to the master, you need to weigh everything For and against, carefully choose a salon and prepare the child. Mom’s support during ear piercing and thorough care after procedures will allow the girl to quickly forget unpleasant memories and Rejoice at your reflection in the mirror.

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