When children begin to keep their head downstomach and upright? In 3 months we hold our head badlyIs it worth worrying?

A newborn baby can not control the work of the muscles of the neck. Everything
his movements are absolutely reflex. When raising a child’s hands
his head leans back and he can hurt his neck
vertebrae. Поэтому, до того времени, пока ребенок не
will start to keep his head on his own, you need to keep him
nape, holding, feeding or bathing.

Когда ребенок начинает держать голову

How many months does a newborn begin to lift and hold

Gradually, the child begins to control his body. The first
the achievement of his physical development comes on the second – third
a week At this time, while laying on the belly the child is trying
head up.

Further development of the neck muscles occurs in the following

  • На втором месяце (2 — 3 месяц) дети поднимают
    head at an acute angle (again lying on the stomach). Such a position
    babies can hold for thirty seconds or so
  • В три месяца (3 месяц) дети начинают держать
    head upright. But safety net for immature muscles
    neck is still needed – it is necessary to continue to support the head of the child. Lying
    on the stomach, babies can already raise both the head and the shoulders. When raised
    the child’s body, neck and head form one line.
  • В четыре месяца (4 месяц) наступает
    время, когда ребенок самостоятельно и вполне уверенно начинает
    keep your head up He turns her in all directions, learning
    the world. Lying на животе, малыш уже поднимает верхнюю часть

Naturally, all the time parameters during the development of the baby
are averaged. Everything детки индивидуальны в своем развитии. Therefore not
it is worth being upset if the child did not start at exactly 12 weeks
confidently keep your head in any position.

Early head retention

Do not rush to rejoice if the child began to hold his head in
during the first four to six weeks. Not always
�“Achievement” means rapid and early development. Most likely y
baby high intracranial pressure.

In this case, you just need to show the child to the caregiver.
pediatrician. The doctor will prescribe a treatment, the necessary procedures, a special

Neck muscle strengthening

Для развития шейных мышц настоятельно рекомендуется малыша
spread on the tummy from the first days of life, immediately after healing
umbilical wound (about three weeks). Do not be afraid that
the baby will suffocate. A healthy baby will definitely turn its head to
sideways as a result of the operation of the instinct of self-preservation.

новорожденный начинает держать голову лежа на животе


Putting the baby on the stomach is necessary during dressing up, preferably
before feeding or one hour after. Procedure performed
before feeding, will help even save the baby from the accumulation of gases in
the stomach. It is necessary to carry out laying out on a stomach on firm
surface. The soft surface does not force the child’s muscles
strain. It can be any table covered with a light blanket.

Teach your baby to lie on his stomach should be gradually. At first
Spread it on one minute. Every day duration
staying on the abdomen is increased by one minute. Well if baby
will be naked, along with the strengthening of the muscles of the neck, he still gets
air baths.

With the dissatisfaction and whims of the baby, it is not necessary to abandon
laying on the belly. This is a necessary procedure for physical
infant development. Mom needs to pick a moment when the crumbs have good
mood, he is cheerful and pleased. Distract it with a bright toy,
song and gentle strokes on the back, legs and heels.
Most importantly – do not leave unattended the baby lying on
the stomach.

Spend small gymnastics with your child to strengthen
neck muscles:

  1. �”Face down.” Take the baby in your arms: one arm under the breast
    baby, the second on the thigh. In this position, raise the baby in
    the air.
  2. �”Go”. The exercise is performed using two adults per
    big ball. One holds the kid by the basin, the other by the hands.
    Together they rock the child on the ball.
  3. �”Swing”. Keep the child face down and lift
    alternately head and pelvis.

Video: learn to keep your head

Показываем 3 упражнения для укрепления мышц
neck, back. Учимся keep your head up Ales 2 months and 3 weeks. Small
weakened tone:

3 months – we hold our head badly

To exclude pathology in development it is worth referring to
to specialists, if after 12 weeks (3 months) the child does not hold well
tilts her head to one side or throws her back

Причин, по которым ребенок плохо держит голову в 3
a few months:

  1. Prematurity
  2. Birth injuries.
  3. Lag of the child in weight.
  4. Weak muscle tone.

In the first two cases it is necessary to refer to the children’s
a neurologist who can help figure out the cause of poor development
muscle baby. При маленьком весе крохи поможет консультация
a doctor who specializes in breastfeeding. is he
will adjust the power system, you may have to enter into the diet
mixes. A special massage, prescribed by the attending pediatrician, will increase
toning the muscles of the neck and help your baby hold his head.

Another reason to contact a neurologist will be a permanent incline
baby’s head at an angle. Чаще всего причиной inclineного держания
head is torticollis. The doctor will prescribe a special massage,
drug therapy and, most likely, will advise to buy
orthopedic pillow.

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года  (по месяцам)

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