When can I wear a postpartum bandage and whatit’s useful: advice from doctors

The question of when to start wearing postpartum
the bandage interests many young moms. Such elastic belts are not
have serious contraindications to use and help a woman
recover faster. Therefore, in most cases, wear them
can be immediately after birth. Only if it is a personal initiative, not
doctor’s recommendation is worth knowing a few important

The content of the article

  • 1 Selection Guidelines
  • 2 Contraindications
  • 3 What do doctors say?
    • 3.1 Consultation from an obstetrician-gynecologist with a 30-year-old

послеродовой бандаж

Recommendations for selection

Finding the right postpartum bandage is easy. All models
These products can be divided into 2 types: some are intended for
recovery after a difficult birth, others affect
specific muscle group.

Size should be chosen such as the woman had before
of pregnancy. The exception is when postpartum
The young mother recovered greatly, gaining more than 12 kg. In this case
the bandage will need several sizes larger.

The elastic belt is suitable for those women who
restored after a difficult birth. Also he can help
prevent the development of intervertebral hernia, because during pregnancy
the spine in the lumbar region is exposed to excessive

Postpartum bandage helps speed up the recovery process
after childbirth and facilitate the general well-being of a young mother. With
the peritoneum, external walls and
internal organs, especially the uterus, and all this is fixed in
correct position. Able to achieve positive

  • The uterus after birth begins to decline at times faster
    gradually returning to the previous size;
  • Postpartum bleeding does not increase, but, on the contrary,
    stop much earlier than usual;
  • The abdomen decreases significantly in a short time;
  • The abdominal muscles are restored to their former state, they
    become as elastic as they were before birth
  • A fold does not form on the stomach, the skin does not sag.

Supporting corset brings the maximum benefit to those women
which cannot brag of muscles, elastic from nature. Also
The product provides lumbar support. This is especially
important for problems with the spine or back, because
pregnancy, they can be greatly exacerbated due to the sharply increased
load on the lower back.

According to the observations of specialists, women who wear
postpartum bandage, seams heal faster, while significantly
the risk of their divergence is reduced. Therefore, doctors strongly
It is recommended to wear the product to those who have made caesarean.


It is also important that with the constant wearing of supporting
Corset pains are reduced, and in general a woman feels much
it is better.

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Postpartum bandage can be an elastic belt, shorts or
a corset of a very dense nagging material. Such products
provide support to the abdomen and abdominal organs.
Designed postpartum bandage to restore the skin
on the surface of the abdomen and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Yet,
despite all the positive effects, some women are
product is not recommended.

Contraindications для ношения послеродового бандажа

  • kidney disease, causing a variety of edema;
  • certain types of stitches after cesarean section;
  • diseases of the stomach and intestines.

Doctors do not recommend making their own decisions about
wearing a postpartum bandage, especially for women who are
made a cesarean.
Pre costs
to consult with a specialist, and he will already express his
expert opinion on the advisability of using a supportive
corset in a particular case.

What do the doctor’s say?

Wear a postpartum bandage is recommended at maximum
relaxation of abdominal muscles. This can be achieved if you lie on your back.
Wearing an elastic belt, the skin on the stomach under it needs to be straightened.
hands, since after giving birth, she remains for some time quite

No clear time limits for postpartum wearing
no bandage. In most cases, the elasticity of the skin is completely
recovers within 2-2,5 months after birth
baby Up to this point it is better not to remove the bandage at all, making
exception only for washing. Sleeping is also recommended in elastic
belt or corset. It is advisable to purchase 2 postpartum
bandage so that you can always put on the second, while the first
is erased.

You can wear a supporting corset from the moment when a young
Mom starts walking, but it is recommended to coordinate this with
gynecologist. Periodically remove the product for 2-3 hours. This
allow a little rest and relax as the woman herself
which most recently gave birth, and the skin on her stomach.

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Consultation from an obstetrician-gynecologist with a 30-year-old

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