When can I plant a girl (will there be any harm fromearly sitting down?)

For a child who has learned to sit, an amazing
world! In a vertical position, he can see the surrounding environment in a new way.
setting, take objects with your hands, self-occupy yourself.
Adults are looking forward to this stage in the development of the baby. Parents
daughters very often ask a question experienced mothers and pediatricians, (and
кстати, правильно делают), во сколько месяцев можно начинать
sit down girls because their physical development is different from
development boys.

at 6 months able to sit with the support of an adult, 7 can hold the backrest upright independently, at 8 - easily садиться из положения "на четвереньках" или "лежа"

at 6 months able to sit with the support of an adult,
7 can hold the backrest upright independently, at 8 – easily
садиться из положения «на четвереньках» или «лежа»

When начинать присаживать девочек?

Pediatricians believe that normally developing girls in 6
months able to sit with the support of an adult, in 7 can keep
back upright independently, at 8 – easy to sit out
provisions “on all fours” or “lying.”

At the age of six months, children are already quite well fortified.
muscles of the back and abdominals. This age is determined by children.
врачами как срок, когда можно присаживать девочек. But
deviations for a month and a half are also considered normal.

Up to 6 months is not recommended to artificially sit down.

However, if a four-month-old baby takes
half-sitting while playing or exercising
leave in this position for a short time. Only necessary
ensure that during the day the girl sat no more than an hour. Parents
must secure the place where the daughter is sitting on all sides.

If a girl who is not yet 6 months old has learned
to sit with support, it will increasingly occupy this position. Child
will quickly realize that it is so much more interesting to play and watch
happening around. Useless and wrong in this situation.
put the girl in a horizontal position: she immediately takes that
pose, which chooses itself. In addition, it can slow down
natural development of the child. If the daughter is sitting long
time, it should be distracted with a toy or hold on her hands.

At first, the girl will sit uncertainly, falling on
side. No need to worry about this and constantly correct
her. Как только мышцы ребенка окрепнут, он будет сидеть ровнher. Not
should cover the baby with pillows or rollers from a blanket. In that
If the child is difficult to change his position, if he
will get tired.

Tips for parents

What do mom and dad if the seven-eight-month
daughter can not sit?

Уже настал тот период, когда, не боясь, можно сажать
девочку хотя бы полусидя, например, на стульчике или
in a wheelchair but the child can not sit. Understand, no
make the baby take a position that is not comfortable for her. To help
child needs to do with it strengthening exercises, which
Especially useful for weak and premature girls.

Expert opinion (video):

Exercises to help strengthen the muscles of the child

Simple exercises which are necessary will help to strengthen back muscles
perform on a hard surface: floor or changing table.

  1. Put the girl on her stomach so that her legs rested against
    adult body. Lift the child with one hand
    under the lower leg and the other under the breast. The back and buttocks of the girl at the same time
    must be tense. After a few seconds, put the baby and
    Repeat the exercise again.
  2. During the daily air baths lay the girl on
    belly, placing in front of her a bright subject to induce to reach for
    him This will perfectly strengthen the muscles of the back and abdominals and prepare the child.
    to the sitting position. You can buy small rings and hang them
    over the crib. The girl will try to get them, and
    seizing, try to sit down. At the age of 7-8 months baby
    можно сажать на колени на несколько минут в день.
  3. Hold the index fingers over the back of the girl. When
    she grabs them, then tries to sit down. The back of the baby should
    detach from the surface, while the abdominal muscles tighten. AT
    this position of the child must be kept for 20 seconds, and then again
    return to the horizontal position.

These exercises can be performed with your daughter every day, starting with
three months old.

Well, if the city has a swimming pool sharing with
young children. Swimming will greatly strengthen the muscular system and
will prepare the girl to sit down. With the help of a qualified
specialist to perform water exercises can be in the bathroom.

Also effective massage on the back and gluteal region, which
parents can conduct their own or entrust the procedure
baby masseuse.

Why doesn’t the girl need to sit down early?

когда можно сажать девочку

If a mother doubts whether she can sit down her daughter, she should
consult a pediatrician. ATрач оценит физическую готовность
малышки и расскажет, почему нельзя сажать девочек до 6
months. Если малышка готова к новому для нее положению,
parents should help her to sit down.

Большинство детских врачей говорят, что девочек
нельзя сажать до 6 месяцев, если они не сели
on their own.
Before this age the spine of the child is still
not ready to take a vertical position: for him it is big
load. Sitting down too early, parents can hurt
her health. AT более старшем возрасте это может отразиться на
able posture. Children’s orthopedists have revealed a direct link between
early squatting and scoliosis in the future.

Medical studies have shown that girls who started
early to sit, there is a deformation of the pelvic bones. This is a violation
can cause problems in labor because
curved pelvic bones can block the birth canal by giving birth
long and painful. Previously sitting down affects
psycho-emotional state of the child. AT непривычном для себя
a sitting position a girl can feel the fear and

Myth or reality?

It is believed that girls who started early
prisyvat, can bend the uterus. However, with medical
point of view is just a myth. The deviation of the uterus posterior is
physiological feature of the structure of the female genital organs,
which is a consequence of a genetic predisposition or
inflammatory processes in the pelvis. ATрачи единодушно утверждают,
that between the bend of the uterus and the early sitting down is absolutely no

Opinion specialist 2 (video from

ATзрослые должны знать, что если девочка не начала самостоятельно
sit up to 6.5 months, you can not accelerate this process. Not нужно
plant the baby and put pillows on her
следует присаживать на руках на длительное время
(sit down on the hands of reclining for a few minutes of course
можно, это не страшно)
. Walking position backrest stroller
can be installed in reclining position. Not рекомендуется
use the various carriers in which the girl is in
sitting position.

Parents, которых интересует, когда можно сажать девочку,
should carefully watch your baby. Strong, healthy
the baby will sit by herself when her muscles are ready for it. Delays with
adopting a new position arise in premature babies as well
having overweight and loose body structure. The girl will sit later and in
if mom and dad don’t do gymnastics with her.

Читаем далее: когда можно присаживать

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