When can I give juice to a baby?

For most parents who have babies
one of the concerns is the question
правильного введения первого прикорма — и первый из них,
This is when you can start giving juices to an infant like
right how much and what kind of juice to give your baby.

соки грудному ребенку

When can I give the first juice to the baby?

Baby juices, this is traditionally the first product that is given
baby, except breast milk or formula. They contain vitamins and
organic acids that have a positive effect on

The timing of the introduction of juices in baby food?как правильно давать сок ребенку

  • Еще в советские времена на вопросы молодых мамочек, когда
    and how much juice can be given to the child, pediatricians unequivocally answered,
    что в детский рацион соки можно включать уже с пяти недель
    life of a baby, starting with a few drops.
  • According to the current recommendations of the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and
    SanPinow on catering for children of the first year of life, term
    the introduction of juices in baby food has shifted significantly.
    The first juices recommend driving in the diet not earlier than 4-5
    months from birth, starting with 5 ml.
  • Some domestic and foreign doctors, and modern
    parents claim that using juices in baby food
    need to be very careful. They note that the best juice
    give the child after the introduction of all the main foods complementary foods,
    such as cereals, vegetables, meat, fish, etc. Early introduction of juices
    is fraught with gastrointestinal diseases, frequent allergic conditions,
    metabolic disorders in the body.

Правила введения соков в детское меню — как правильно,
how much and what kind of juice to give the child?какие соки давать ребенку

  1. It is better to give juice after feeding. In this case
    он является дополнительным источником питания, как и положено
    in this age;
  2. Drinking juices before or between feeds can
    reduce the appetite of the baby and provoke “denial of the breast” due to
    the fact that the juice will seem to the baby “tastier”;
  3. You can give juice from a teaspoon or a bottle with a dummy, for
    older babies can use special drinking bowls;
  4. Juices from the store can be given undiluted. Juices,
    cooked at home, it is best to dilute with water in
    proportions 1 to 1.
  5. To calculate how much ml of juice to give the child a specific
    возраста за сутки воспользуйтесь формулой: n*10ml. (n is
    baby age (month));
  6. Какие соки давать ребенку также определено в рекомендациях
    Institute of Nutrition, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and SanPinakh. The first juices to follow
    introduce the baby, it is apple or pear without adding
    other fruits;
  7. It is better if the first juice is clarified, and after some
    time can be offered with pulp;
  8. Vegetable juices are recommended: carrot, cabbage. Their
    fruit: currant, cherry, apricot, pomegranate;
  9. Не рекомендуется детям до года давать апельсиновый,
    lemon, grapefruit, pineapple juice. Should also be
    cautious with grapes, it causes increased gas formation in

If your child has low hemoglobin, juices will help him.
slightly increase.

когда давать соки грудному ребенку

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