When can I give bread to babies


  1. Kind of bread
  2. When to teach
  3. Conclusion

Properly organized diet from childhood will be the key to healthy digestion in the future. Any new for the baby’s product should be introduced into his diet gradually, observing body reaction – if there were any deviations in state of crumbs. It fully sways and so complicated product like bread.

Kind of bread

In our country for a long time existed the tradition of giving the baby bread products in the form of a crust or placed in a tissue. It served as a substitute Nipples, especially in villages. Remembering this tradition, many grandmothers and grandfathers try to transfer this tradition to modern conditions, although there is no such need.

It is due to the prevailing habits of the older generation in the family disputes arise when you can give bread to babies:

  • Keep in mind that breastfeeding for every baby determined by its period, depending on the prevailing circumstances;
  • Kids perceive complementary foods differently;
  • Be sure to keep in mind that products made from flour products that contain starch and complex carbohydrates in large quantities, and in the gastrointestinal tract there are still no crumbs enzymes that can break them down; therefore, problems with the digestion and disposal of such food;
  • The reaction of the body to the components that make up the bread products may be unpredictable.

If you still decide to accustom your little one to this complex product, you should firmly remember that before reaching three years old from the diet, it is necessary to exclude fresh bread baking. But rye products are excluded even in the form of crackers. These limitations are due to the presence of oligosaccharides and gluten free.

They are difficult even for digestion by the gastrointestinal tract adult person. And if you do not give such a load to a strengthened organ of the infant, then the occurrence of serious problems that entail breaking a fragile, only that formed, balance.

When to teach

We introduce bakery products to the kid’s menu gradually, starting with small doses – the first 3 grams he can eat around the age of 7-8 months. Digestive system at this age already formed for the use of dishes of complex composition.

But it should be bread in the form of crackers. Should not be purchased drying and bagels – it’s better to make such a cracker in your own kitchen, laying out the bread material to dry at a low temperature in the oven.

Pay attention to the composition of the bread from which you intend make crumbs for crumbs – there should be no impurities in it, so revered by adults – bran, seeds, and other additives. If possible, it is better as a first acquaintance with bakery products use special baby crackers, made according to all the principles of healthy nutrition for babies.

In a year, the amount of bread eaten by a baby per day can be bring to 20 grams, and it should be crackers, not fresh bakery products. Do not be anxious if your child refuses bread, or, eat it too much according to your opinion. The body of a child at this age is able to regulate itself the need to consume a particular product. read how to get rid of celiac disease in a child.

Young mothers will find it useful to know whether a rosehip broth can be infants.

Mom’s Notebook – Why A Child Drinks A Lot Of Water. Always track the condition of the child when eating bread, whatever the product didn’t seem safe to you. This is necessary, as in any flour product contains gluten, which may appear allergic reactions, and sometimes there is a complete it intolerance.


Attentive attitude to the baby’s health, his condition, and restrictions on the forced feeding of a particular product will keep the digestive system of the crumbs in order. Now you know when to give bread to babies.

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