When can I give a cucumber to an infant


  1. When to give?
  2. How to give?
  3. Useful Information
  4. Conclusion

With a newborn in the family comes not only joy. Also excitement. After all, the dearest child wants to give everything the best. Toys, clothes, food.

And it’s so scary to make a mistake and do something wrong! Special the feeding period is full of emotions. New tastes, products. Everything needs to be given at the right time and at the right time. quantity.

So with vegetables is also a problem. I want to give the baby a try delicious healthy product from the garden, but it is not known whether it is possible. BUT is it really possible?

When to give?

Most doctors agree on what to introduce into the diet. cucumbers are needed no earlier than a year. And there are reasons for this:

  • By the year, the gastrointestinal tract of the baby is already well formed, so the child has enough enzymes to digest green vegetable;
  • If you give cucumbers to a child up to a year, as some mothers do (at three, six, eight months), then you can provoke colic and bloating (as there are enough enzymes to digestion has not yet been formed).

How to give?

You can introduce these vegetables in any form into the child’s diet, see what he will like:

  • You can rub them on a grater (do not peel your own required, but purchased – necessary);
  • If the baby has enough teeth, and he already chews well, then you can give a whole cucumber;
  • You can add the product to different salads.

Useful Information

Some facts should be known about this vegetable:

  • These are hypoallergenic vegetables that do not cause allergies. They can eat and allergic children.
  • This is a storehouse of useful trace elements dissolved in water (this the vegetable is 90% water). It has: potassium, fiber, fructose, sulfur, iodine, vitamins C, PP, B.
  • It helps with constipation, as contained in it fiber improves bowel function.
  • Up to five years, you can not give the baby salted and pickled cucumbers.
  • Try to give your child “their” vegetables grown if not on your garden, at least in your city. Greenhouse products carry little use, as they absorb all fertilizers, chemicals and additives for growth.

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After a year, be sure to give your child a taste of this vegetable. Not deprive him of so many vitamins, know when to give a cucumber babies.

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