When can I do a pregnancy test,instruction, result evaluation

With the invention of tests for the early, and most importantly simple
definitions of pregnancy women can become happy earlier
put 6-8 weeks of an interesting situation when the gynecologist
confirms the development of a new life.

Two cherished stripes bring many joyful emotions to the future
parents. In this article we will talk about all the intricacies of home
express diagnostics of pregnancy, teach you how to do a test and
understand the result.

How does the test work?

All tests are based on a single mechanism – determination in urine
hormone chorionic gonadotropin or hCG, the production of which
begins with the penetration of the growing placenta villus into
the uterus, i.e. embryo attachment. Every day its amount
is growing, but at the very beginning the growth of this hormone can be determined
only by special examination of venous blood (the result will be
positive 5 days earlier than the most
sensitive tests).

The sensitivity level of most rapid tests begins.
with 25 mUI hCG. Some manufacturers write on the packaging that the test
sensitive even at 10 mUI hCG, however, it is difficult to prove. how
say pharmacists, this is more an advertising move than the truth. Still
tricky advertising moves are the inscriptions that the test has the most
high probability of determining pregnancy before a delay, accuracy
at 99.5-99%, etc.

If you have a regular menstrual cycle

The release of a mature egg ready for fertilization falls on
mid cycle. With a 30-day cycle, this is the 15th day, with 28 – 14th
day. Over the next two days and may occur
fertilization. After the merger of the egg with the sperm, another 4-5
days, it “floats” to the place of placentation in the uterus. Those. by about 22
the bottom of the cycle for blood analysis can already be seen growing hCG. Most
sensitive and high-quality tests can show 2 strips for another
4 days before the expected menstruation, when urine hCG levels
will become more than 25 mUI.

Thus, you can do a highly sensitive test on day 26
cycle at 30-day cycle, and on day 24 at 28-day cycle!

If you have an irregular menstrual cycle

Determine when ovulation occurred by:

  • ovulation test;
  • increases in basal temperature;
  • the onset of PMS symptoms.

Denoting the date of approximate ovulation, to this number
12 days are added – it is already possible to detect an increase in hCG in the blood (see
norm hCG during pregnancy weekly). 15 days after
approximate ovulation can do the test with high

What time of day should a pregnancy test be done?

how правило, в инструкциях к тест-полоскам нет рекомендации, в
what time of the day to conduct testing. This means that when
pregnancy test will show 2 strips at any time.

Gynecologists advise to do the test in the morning, using night urine.
In this case, the result will be reliable, especially in the early
duration of pregnancy. If, however, conduct testing during the day, there are
probability of error because the urine is not so concentrated
the amount of fluid consumed during the day. The same is possible if
do the test in the evening – the content of hCG in the urine will be less. If
there is a need for testing during the day, it is better to do it
after four hours of urinating, restricting
This use of fluid to get more concentrated

General rules for the proper use of tests on

  • Тест на pregnancy должен храниться в условиях, указанных
    manufacturer on the package;
  • Dough packaging should not be damaged;
  • Overdue tests cannot be used;
  • You can not use the same test 2 times;
  • It is best to test for night urine;
  • Packaging with dough is opened immediately before
  • Before urinating should be washed up and dry off.
    a towel;
  • Urination should be carried out in a clean container;
  • It is very important to strictly follow the instructions: lower the test in the urine
    exactly to the designated level, withstand in the urine not less and not
    more than the recommended time, evaluate the result only
    designated time.

Тест на pregnancy – инструкция использования

Pharmacies sell many test options. They all have
different cost, but equally promise accurate result.
We will understand how to use them correctly and which ones will still be
the most reliable.

  • Frautest and
    Evitest тесты на pregnancy. Tests of these German manufacturers
    occupy an average price niche (100-140 rubles), but do not sin with false
  • All other tests can be considered equally reliable when
    conditions of their correct use, especially for time
    до delays. The most reliable result can be obtained by conducting
    testing in the first 1-3 days of a delay of periods.
  • The cheaper the test, the cheaper the reagent that is in it.
    is used.

Strip test

Popular and inexpensive paper strip tests with
coated with a layer of antibodies in hCG. Hormone contained in
urine, reacts with the impregnation of the strip, and appears on the test
second strip. Instructions for the test. For testing
You will need a clean container, in which several
milliliters of urine. The test tip drops into the urine until indicated
Tagged and held for 10 seconds. The result is evaluated over
1-10 minutes (the less HCG is in the urine, the later 2
strip). Reliability – from the first day of the delay. Plus: cheap.
Cons: not easy to use, does not show the result until
delays may be wrong.

01 03 04 09
  •  FRAUTEST Express
  •  Evitest №1
  •  Secret
  •  Femitest Practic
06 07 05 08
  •  BBtest (140 rubles)
  •  Femitest Practic Ultra
  •  Eve
  •  Itest Plus

Tablet test

Available in a special box with two windows. Principle
The action is the same as the strip test. Cup included
for urine collection and pipette. Instructions. In one window you need to drip
4 drops of urine. The result is estimated in the second window in 1-10
minutes (1 or 2 strips). Reliability – from the first day of the delay. Before
Delay does not show pregnancy. Pros: inexpensive, easy
read the result. Minus: require a lot of action.

011 012 013 14
  • Frautest expert
  • Evitest proof
  • Sezam
  • KnowNow optima
16 18 15
  • LadyTest-C
  • Femitest handy
  • Clearblue

Inkjet test

The name itself suggests that it can be placed under the stream
urine. Instructions. The test is placed under a stream of urine or in a container with
urine tip with filter for 10 seconds. The result is evaluated in
1-10 minutes in a special window (1 or 2 bars). Beforeстоверность –
determines hCG 5 days before the delay. One of the best tests. Pros:
accurate, most comfortable to use. Minus: dear.

23 25 26 19
  • Femitest jet ultra
  • Clearblue
  • Clear view
22 20 28
  •  Evitest Perfect
  • Duet

Electronic Pregnancy Test

Another name is digital. The most modern rapid test.
Instructions. The test is lowered into the urine with a filter tip until it
soaking. The result is evaluated in 3 минуты: в случае
A “+” or inscription appears in the window of pregnancy
�”Pregnansy”. Beforeстоверность. May show pregnancy for another 4
day to delay. Considered 99% accurate when conducting
testing 2 days before the estimated monthly. Pros: Результат
It is impossible to evaluate incorrectly, the most highly sensitive. Minuses:
the result is visible only for about a day, then the inscription disappears,
leave proof of pregnancy for memory will not work. Most

  • Test with usb-connector Pteq – the last word digital
    express diagnostics, the test result of which can be
    see by connecting the device to a computer (price ~ 18 USD).
  • Clearblue Digital is a leader in both reliability and price,
    which is about 700 rubles.

  • Clearblue

  • Pteq

Can there be a negative test result when

The level of hCG is increasing in all differently. Within 2 weeks after
the delay test can still be negative if you have
women endocrine dysfunction or threatened miscarriage.
A false-negative test will also be performed when it is too early.
use, some women start doing tests from the day
possible conception. Well, there is nothing harmful in it, but is it worth
torment yourself, waiting for a miracle?

Another reason is the failure to use the rules.

False positive test result

This happens in the following cases:

  • in the first 2 months after delivery;
  • ovarian dysfunction;
  • the development of a hormone-producing tumor (chorionic carcinoma,
    bubble skid);
  • when using an expired test.

Beforeстоверен ли результат теста, проведенного во время

In some women, menstruation may continue with
come pregnancy. However, menstrual blood is in no way
does not affect the sensitivity of the test, so the result will be
reliable. Even if a woman did a urine test, colored
bleeding, if it has the proper level of hCG
The test will show a bright 2 bars.

Test results for ectopic pregnancy

When ectopic pregnancy is known, the attachment
the gestational sac occurs outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube. But
HCG begins to be produced in this case. Feature is
lack of growth of hCG or a small growth.

Thus, the usual pregnancy test will show the same 2
stripes. Probably the second bar will be barely visible or more
blurred than during normal pregnancy, and positive test
will be only after the delayed menstruation.

Special test INEXSCREEN allows to suspect ectopic
pregnancy a couple of weeks after the delay. Diagnostics based
to identify the level of the modified isoform in the composition of hCG,
which during ectopic pregnancy is significantly lower than the 10
% characteristic of normal pregnancy.

Test results for missed abortion

If clear, repeatedly received a positive result in
during the week it becomes doubtful, and then the test
shows only one strip – a high probability that
missed abortion. Should urgently visit a doctor.

How to decipher a dubious result?

A dubious result occurs when there is doubt
есть ли second strip. It may be slightly visible, be blurred.
or slightly shine from the inside. The reasons:

  • low hCG level, borderline with the minimum, at which the test
    becomes sensitive;
  • unserviceable test, noncompliance
  • огромное желание женщины увидеть 2 stripes. Very often we
    wishful thinking.

What to do if the test showed a dubious result? Repeat
it in a few days, and better – 1-2 days after

Antirating pregnancy tests

Unfortunately, it also happens that with strict observance of the rules
Conducting a rapid diagnosis pregnancy test shows
a result that is not true. False
positive and negative results sin tests:

33 34 38 36 37
Vera rest assured Bee-sure Bebichek Mon Ami

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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