When can I cut my baby for the first time?


  1. Signs and beliefs
  2. Scientific background
  3. First haircut
  4. Haircut at the hairdresser
  5. Home haircut
  6. Conclusion

Young parents are often interested in when to cut their baby in the first time, because the opinions are very different. Alone parents are convinced that if you immediately cut off the baby’s infant fluff, and then repeat the haircut often, then a thick hair.

Others do not cut the baby as long as possible, considering thin and Fluffy baby curls are the most beautiful. Still others don’t shear babies in their first year of life because they will not be lucky in of life.

Signs and beliefs

From ancient times, it is believed that if you cut a child bald, beautiful hair will grow. Since hair has energy potential, then cutting them ahead of time, you can provide diseases to a fragile body or even “cut off” the tongue, disrupting the natural development of speech.

Is it fundamentally important when cutting a child’s hair at first time? Our ancestors had special attitude. To grow luxurious curls to the heir, she was hidden on the ceiling behind a beam, drowned in a river, buried in anthills.

If the baby was born with good hair, this was considered a symbol of prosperity and prosperity. On the head crumbs rolled out the eggs so that “the hens would carry many eggs, like the hair of a newborn. ”So that the harvest is glorious, and the trade is successful, they were scratched with coins.

Hair is considered a symbol of witchcraft used in rituals, since they live independently of people, they are cut off without pains.

When is the first time to cut a childCosmic energy accumulated in the hair, could cause trouble if you cut the baby ahead of schedule. In Poland, an early haircut has always been associated with a harbinger of poverty and a difficult fate, Belarusians saw this causes of speech impairment.

Fearing to damage the baby’s mind, some peoples do not cut children under 7 years old. In royal families, hair is not cut all your life, since cutting them off means giving up the throne.

In Russia, a one-year-old child was seated on a bear’s skin, and godparents cut the cross on top of their head. The strand was bandaged red ribbon and kept in a special chest.

Since the soul is found in the hair, the first curl of the baby many save now. If a person cannot make a decision or fell ill, he picks up his first curl and the strength of his kind, with which he was associated at birth, helps him cope with difficulties.

And today, cut strands do not drop anywhere. If their someone drag away, fear that it will turn into a headache pain, you can lose reason. In the east, the first curl is stored in a book so that the child grown smart.

There is an opinion that the moon phase also affects hair. If you cut them with the new moon, it accelerates growth, in the full moon ─ they become more, the waning moon retards growth.

Muslims are tonsured for the largest feast all relatives. The birthday is dressed up, and the most honored guest cuts off the first strand and passes the scissors on the baton to others.

Scientific background

When can I cut my baby for the first time?Who is right? If approach the issue scientifically, then all arguments unconvincing, since the root of any hair lives in the skin in follicular sac, where it receives nutrition. Are formed follicles exclusively during the prenatal period.

Their number is closely related to the baby’s state of health, hereditary and other individual factors. how many bulbs, so much hair in the baby.

With the birth of a baby, new follicles do not develop, therefore, a haircut up to a year or after on the quality of the hair is not affects. After the haircut, there is an illusion of good hair, so how they grow now evenly, taking the same length. Much more important is caring for the baby, proper nutrition and general health status of the baby. What time can I cut my baby first time? If you can’t wait to do the first haircut, pediatricians recommend wait 40 days after his birth so the baby is a little strengthened.

Usually newborns are born with a special cannon, which gradually updated and replaced by stiffer hair. The growth rate of hair in an average child is up to years ─ 1 cm per month.

At such a pace, the need for a mandatory haircut appears by the end of the first year of life. If the baby was born with thick hair, the process of their growth is more intense. If parents not bound by superstition, you can cut it earlier.

The locks of infants are most often soft and thin, with As they age, they become thick and stiff. Hair growth provide multiplying cells at the base of the root.

With an increase, it pushes the rod; is growing. When is the first time to cut a baby? Does this mean that up to a year children do not need to cut at all?

First haircut

When to cut a child’s hair for the first timeIn fact, the frequency of haircuts is determined only by the characteristics of the hair of a particular baby. Even if the baby’s hair grows slowly, it’s necessary to cut in 2-3 months.

Otherwise, hair is difficult to care for. Volumetric hair enhances perspiration; an ideal environment for development pustular infection.

The thin and delicate scalp of the baby must be combed (and thereby more cut with a machine) carefully. This is especially true for haircuts under zero. Shaving a fluff can damage the bulb.

Head during this period is washed once a week with boiled water and baby soap. If pre-dried, then comb thin hair less injuries. Combing helps strengthen hair.

Every evening, locks are combed in different directions: to the left, to the right, against hair growth, and lay them in the direction. Massage scalp comb stimulates blood flow by supplying oxygen onion.

Choosing a comb for children is a crucial moment. Ok if it is made of natural materials, preferably made of wood with rounded teeth.

Instead of shaving at zero, it’s better for the first time just cut off the bangs, this will save vision. Can shorten long hair around the neck, especially in the summer when they sweat and irritate the skin.

When to cut a baby for the first time, when it comes to girls? Up to 4 years, experts do not recommend growing a baby long braids, because they are still weak, and hairpins, elastic bands, dressings they are easily damaged. Beautiful ponytails constantly pulled elastic bands, make children’s hair thin, weak, sparse, in in places of constant irritation, only a light fluff remains, which can not always be restored at an older age.

Each child is unique, if the girl has thick curls, you can leave. The last word remains with the parents, it is important that when the first haircut, everything went without stress.

Haircut at the hairdresser

What time can I cut my baby for the first timeAll parents know how difficult it is for the kids to agree to the first haircut, perceiving this simple procedure as self-abuse. After all, hair for a child is part of himself and lose them, according to children psychologists, it’s like cutting off an arm or leg. By this vagaries, fear that will hurt, discomfort after haircuts as if losing something important.

If mom never held hairdressing scissors in her hands, she entrusts the haircut to the master. New environment and new people are stress for a child, so you need to prepare for a haircut.

You can take your child with you for an adult haircut. Watching his mother’s behavior, having become comfortable in an unusual environment, he will understand that his fears are in vain.

For complete comfort, you can take your favorite baby toy, distract his interesting conversation. In Europe, in children’s salons reminiscent of the royal throne, car seat, and combs, hair dryers look like interesting toys. Such institutions are already in Russia, but these services are not available to everyone.

If the baby does not adapt well in the cabin and is difficult to tolerate procedure, you can invite the master to the house.

Home haircut

When can a child cut their hair for the first time at home? Some parents think this is a very complicated procedure. But if to get acquainted with the basic techniques, you can cut a fidget at home no worse than in the cabin. Moreover, the familiar atmosphere will not be to worry the baby.

When you need to cut your baby for the first timeMom’s hands and love for the child is more important than any qualification. For haircuts in every home there are scissors, a spray, water and a baby comb. And here step-by-step instruction:

  1. Set the child on the lap of an adult.
  2. Prepare scissors with blunt ends, as children are in the process can sharply turn your head.
  3. To make the haircut look like a game, you can attach a doll, a bear, soldiers.
  4. The main method: moisturize the hair, comb along the growth line, hold the curl with your thumb and forefinger, quickly and accurately cut off the tip of the strand.
  5. The client is unlikely to be able to sit still, the procedure may bother him at any time. We must constantly remember this and not delay the process.
  6. Most of all, children are afraid when the scissors touch the ears. Can distract the baby with cartoons.
  7. It is necessary to start a haircut from the most difficult zones. Then even with tiredness and protests of the baby the main thing will already be behind.
  8. The home master must be confident in his abilities, so how his baby feels on an intuitive level and behaves respectively.
  9. After all the trials, the baby must be praised, show everyone which he became handsome, his good behavior can be encouraged.
  10. Most kids love to be the center of attention, if all do it right, another time the baby agrees to a haircut more willingly.

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The first time they cut their baby, each parent decides myself. If the mother during pregnancy, without fear, cut her hair and dyed hair, then superstitions associated mainly with high levels infant mortality, when only in the family after a year, with today’s level of medical services seem baseless. Now everything became clear when you need to cut baby for the first time.

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