When can (and can) be given cow’s milknursing baby

можно ли давать молоко детям

Nature decreed that the first food for
The newborn baby is breast milk. He has
everything that the organism initially requires for development
маленького человечка: жизненно важные нутриенты,
building material, energy and protection.
But in life
каждого ребенка имеет место переход с грудного вскармливания
for feeding “adult” food. And the transition should be smooth,
поэтому многие мамочки спрашивают, можно ли начинать давать
cow’s milk to children, abruptly replacing their usual breast milk?
Let’s figure it out together …

Cow milk lure

Nutrition is the introduction to the diet of the baby new
products other than breast milk or a mixture if you are missing
opportunity to give a breast. As the first feeding mom

  • Fruit and vegetable puree;
  • Fruit and vegetable juices;
  • Cow or goat milk;
  • Kefir;
  • Kashki.

We read a useful article about the beginning of lures (when and with what
start off)

New food should not cause allergies in the child, problems with
tummy and disgust. The kid already has its taste preferences,
and if he does not like, for example, mashed zucchini, then not
include it in the diet. With cereals, juices and mashed potatoes everything is clear: they can not
give a lot, because this food is too different from the usual. But
вот можно ли грудным детям давать обычное коровье молоко?

No matter how strange it may sound, but cow’s milk from all
listed types of complementary foods is the worst (!)

Cons of cow’s milk

  1. Iron deficiency can cause anemia in a baby. And she, in her
    turn, will cause other deviations in development, weakening
  2. Presence in milk of a high amount of mineral substances:
    (calcium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine, magnesium, potassium). Surplus
    минералов у взрослого человека выводятся почками. Have a little
    ребенка почки не могут справляться с избытками минералов
    и у малыша могут накапливаться отложения.
  3. Excess casein (protein).
  4. Not enough carbohydrates.
  5. Lack of iodine, copper, zinc, vitamins E and C;

Коровье молоко часто является причиной аллергической сыпи у
children: at an early age the body is not always able to digest
milk protein.

Когда и как давать

Pediatricians believe that there is no need to give cow’s milk.
детям, не достигшим трехлетнего возраста. It is to
3-м годам молодой организм обретает готовность к питанию
�”Adult” food, which also includes milk.


If you still decide to enter into the diet of the child
натуральное коровье молоко, то сделать это можно не ранее, чем
в 9 месяцев, а лучше в год (!)

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: С какого возраста ребенку
you can give shop milk

Первый раз коровьего молочка малышу следует дать совсем
a little – with a teaspoon and diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2. If a
will not be followed during the day the reaction of the organism, the portion gradually
can be increased. For a child up to a year, the lure should occupy
only one meal, all the rest is breastfeeding or
a mixture. If a rash occurs

Через неделю, если малыш хорошо воспринимает молочный
lure (no allergies (see signs of allergies) and anxiety), then
молоко можно разбавлять водой в пропорции 1:1

У ребенка может быть индивидуальная непереносимость
dairy products – in this case it is better to refuse milk!

Молоко в рационе питания детей до года

можно ли давать коровье молоко ребенку до года

Comparison table of breast milk and

It is impossible to independently formulate the diet of the baby and
administer supplements without consulting a specialist. О том, когда
your baby can be given cow’s milk, your pediatrician will tell you.
The little man is not the one on whom you can bet
experiments. Suppose, at first glance, they seem

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