When babies start dreaming

Why is the baby smiling in a dream? Does he dream?
They say that smiling in a dream newborns see angels. Sometimes
sleeping crumbs begin to sob and touch legs. What kind
experiences make you cry in your sleep

Kogda deti nachinaiut videt` sny`

When a child sees his first dream

For a long time, humanity lived with the axiom that a child for the first time
dreams only after birth. Not so long ago, scientists proved that
children see dreams still in the womb of mommy. Already on
the eighth week of pregnancy simultaneously with the development of organs of vision
baby begins to see dreams.

This is a message from Harvard professor of psychiatry Allan Hobson.
turned the presentation of the academic world and future moms about
human uterine development. Baby inside maternal tummy
most of the time is asleep, REM sleep, when seen
dreams, lasts four times longer in the womb than ours,

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What do children see in a dream

It may be said that a child develops through sleep, but this
while only guesses of scientists. What kind сновидения посещают наших
kids just have to open. What will it give to the world? Will develop
new branch of pedagogy, – perinatal education and training.


Dreams of newborns are unsystematic pictures. They are seen and
babies up to a year. The more baby typed “life experience”,
the more often the pictures are woven into the plot, painted with impressions and
emotions. Up to three years your child is unlikely to be able to deploy.
tell what you see in a dream. He will utter one word – cat,
birdie or any other.

Real dreams, imaginative and emotional, filled
actions and storylines, your child will be able to tell
adults only getting older after three years.

What comes first

Allan Hobson is convinced that a serious scientist is not to be believed
no reason dreams are primary. And this means that small
a man is born already with his vision, with his “card
of the world. ” And it is laid back in the womb.

Take a closer look at what your child does in a dream. If a
smiles and quietly sniffs into the pillow – well, it means to him
good dreams, good dreams. But when she cries, sobs,
shudders restlessly – this is an occasion to think.

Usually unpleasant, frightening dreams visit sleeping babies.
because of experiences or unsolved problems in real life. The reason
nightmares of the child can become a sleep disorder. These
problems need to be solved in conjunction with a pediatrician or child
a psychologist.

Everything in man takes its origins in childhood. Both character and
habits, and evil, and virtue. So say psychologists. Or maybe
before birth?

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