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Often parents ask when a baby can be given kefir. Most children can start eating regular unsweetened foods, when they reach six months and it is time for them to try solid food.

It may take some time for the baby to get used to different textures and tastes. About what is kefir, about the benefits product and when you can start giving it to babies, read on.

This is a fermented milk drink that is popular all over the world. It tastes very sour, so most people prefers to add flavorings or sweeteners. The drink is made from milk, but the texture resembles yogurt.

The beneficial bacteria in kefir provide digestive health system.

He is completely safe for your child, but he may not like the sour taste. The drink can be prepared at home terms or purchase at the store. This is a drink of health, it can be eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



A baby is born with a weak immune system. Your breast milk is a building material that strengthens newborn body. But when adding sour milk mixture to the diet child, you give him extra protection. Here are a few of her benefits during breastfeeding:

  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Prevents eczema and possible allergies;
  • Eliminates colic;
  • Source of protein and calcium;
  • Produces B vitamins.


Many doctors recommend starting to give a dairy product with 9 to 10 months of age. Recent studies however show that the exact deadline for certain foods after how a child reaches 4 to 6 months – it is not as important as it used to be believed. In light of this, some pediatricians may recommend the introduction of kefir into the diet from 6 months.

When a child grows and develops, he needs a lot vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy as well to grow and develop. Starting from 6 months when the baby will be ready, you can start the transition from breast milk or mixture to products such as kefir. How to prepare a mixture and feed it baby – detailed instructions on our website.

Aren’t you interested in knowing how many months you can give juices baby?

Read the certainly interesting publication on daily rates baby’s diet at 2 months.


Add fermented milk products to the baby’s diet, starting from 1 tablespoon per day and up to 100 ml, clearly understanding when infants can be given kefir.

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