When and where to start the first feed, asto introduce new products correctly: basics, tips and rules

Proper nutrition is the basis of a child’s health, which
Laid from early childhood. By 4–6 months, the child grows
need for extra energy, vitamins and mineral
substances. Food should provide the baby with all the benefits.
substances that are necessary for growth and its formation
organism. Первые блюда ребенка должны состоять из овощей
(vegetable puree), dairy products for children and cereals. The first
дополнительное питание способствует развитию жевательного
apparatus, stimulates the enzyme system of the gastrointestinal tract
and prepares the baby for weaning.

The content of the article

  • 1 Beginning feeding baby (with how many months)
    • 1.1 Rules for the introduction of complementary foods
    • 1.2 Useful tips for moms
    • 1.3 How to start the first lure
    • 1.4 5 introduction of complementary foods
    • 1.5 Video: Complementary feeding introduction
когда начинать прикармливать грудного ребенка

Baby lure

Начала прикорма ребенка (со сколько месяцев)

According to the recommendations of the WHO, the first feeding up is introduced to the child on the chest.
вскармливании в 6 месяцев, на искусственном в 4 — 5.

Children on gv

The best food for the baby of the first months of life – mother’s breast.
milk. Complementary feeding healthy child who is on
breastfeeding should begin no earlier than 6 months
. By this age, mother’s milk is no longer able
полностью обеспечить малыша необходимыми веществами. Reinforced
growth of its muscular, digestive, nervous, renal and protective
systems require additional power. Details on baby lure

Children on the IW

A child who, from birth, uses artificial
смесь, уже к 4 месяцам готов получать новую пищу.
this age in the infant matures the digestive system,
immunity of the intestine is formed and the increased
permeability of its mucous membrane. Formed mechanisms
responsible for swallowing and digesting more solid foods.
If you do not start to lure the child of an artificial artist at the age of 4 –
4.5 months, a deficient state can develop in his body
vitamins and trace elements, and this will entail the emergence of various
pathologies. Details on feeding on artificial feeding

Готовность детей к первому прикорму можно
определить, ориентируясь на их возраст и принимая во внимание
following signs:

  • a child more often than usual asks her mother’s breast or a mixture of
    a bottle (not full);
  • the weight with which the baby was born doubled;
  • малыш способен сидеть с поддержкой взрослого, при этом
    confidently holding the head and turning it in all directions;
  • when solid food gets into the child’s mouth, its reflex
    pushing tongue absent;
  • the child has not been sick for several weeks, he was not done and
    will not be vaccinated anytime soon;
  • the kid is interested in eating parents, looking into the plates and in the mouth

Читаем более подробно о том как определить, что
baby ready for prikorma – 10 signs

Complementary feeding rules

  1. Offer any new product to your baby, if only he
    absolutely healthy. The contraindication of introducing new foods is also
    are preparation for vaccinations, the period after them and recovery
    after diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Прикорм давать перед кормлением грудью (соки после
    feeding). Начинаем с 5 г и постепенно (в течение двух недель
    – month) bringing the volume of complementary foods up to 150 g. All this time carefully
    watch the baby.
  3. When preparing juices and mashed potatoes at home, take the necessary
    measures: wash hands, kitchenware, and fruits thoroughly.
  4. Food for an infant should be only
    freshly prepared. Even the short storage of the finished product in
    the refrigerator quickly leads to a deterioration in its quality.
  5. Lure is given in the form of heat, with a spoon, in the position of the child sitting.
    It is impractical to give in one feeding 2 solid or 2 liquid
    dishes of feeding
  6. Не рекомендуется давать один и тот же вид пищи 2 раза в
  7. Switch to a different kind of lure only after
    the child will get used to the first, – in 10-15 days.
  8. The basic rule of complementary foods is gradual and consistent.
    introducing new products. A new type of complementary food is introduced after full
    adaptation to the previous one.
  9. When introducing complementary foods, watch the baby’s stool. If a
    стул остается нормальным, то на следующий день количество
    complementary foods can be increased.
  10. At each new stage of the introduction of complementary foods necessarily
    consult with your pediatrician.

Useful tips for moms

The video tells how to balance the diet of the child.
and provide it with all the necessary nutrients.

How to start the first lure

It used to be that the first product that was supposed to
попробовать младенец, это сок (можно вводить в 4-5 месяцев).
(TOстати, читаем по теме: Учим ребенка пить из кружки) но это
not this way.

TOаши и овощи — вот это на самом деле основные продукты для ввода
the first feeding If a ребенок имеет недостаток веса или
unstable chair, it is better to start with cereals. Conversely, with an excess
weight, normal weight or a tendency to constipation
recommended from vegetable mashed potatoes.



Несколько слов о фруктовых пюре и овощных mashed potatoes.

Пюре из фруктов (обычно зеленое яблоко и груша)
This is such a traditional supplement that has been introduced for decades.
child one of the first, because оно содержит клетчатку, которая
good effect on the work of the intestines, and children are happy to eat
him. But some nutritionists and moms notice that by trying first
sweet fruit, kids do not want to eat vegetable puree and cereal afterwards.

Овощное пюре вводить довольно сложно. To kid
It’s not easy to move from the sweet taste of breast milk or a substitute to
completely unsweetened vegetable. Вам следует набраться терпения.
Предлагать новое блюдо нужно не один раз, а минимум 10–12, и
только после того как ребенок упорно отказывается от него,
switch to another kind of vegetables.

Mistake. After the child did not take
тот или иной овощ родители обычно переходят на каши,
making a big mistake! There is a high probability that the baby in general
will not want to eat vegetables, after the introduction of sweet porridge. One more
moms make a mistake when they additionally sweeten cereals
industrial production.

  • Vegetables (vegetable puree). Perfect for a start.
    прикорма: кабачок, брокколи, картофель, цветная капуста.
    It is important to first offer 1 type of vegetable and observe for 5-7 days.
    for the reaction of the child. If a в период адаптации не возникло аллергии
    or digestive disorders, you can enter a new type of vegetable, and
    затем делать смешанное mashed potatoes. Salt in the mash is not necessary, until
    the child is not used to different tastes, he will like everything. (Read
    detailed article on the rules of introducing vegetable complementary foods + 3
    popular recipe for vegetable puree)
  • TOаши. It is important to choose one-component,
    Allergy-free porridges that do not contain sugar,
    lactose, gluten (gluten free); it’s buckwheat, corn,
    rice and oatmeal. It is better if it is an industrial product.
    production, as porridge from the most crushed cereals,
    saturated with all the necessary baby elements and vitamins,
    it is quite difficult to cook by yourself. TOаши не подслащивать!
    Repeat – enter the cereals as the first feeding
    рекомендуют деткам, которые не добирают в весе. (Read о
    first porridges)
  • Milk products. If a малыш не страдает
    Intolerance to cow’s milk protein, in 6-7 months in its diet
    можно вводить творог (О твороге). It is better
    cook it yourself by heating the kefir in a water bath.

    • См о коровьем молоке для новорожденных;
    • См о козьем молоке для новорожденных.
  • Мясное mashed potatoes. В 7 месяцев ребенок готов
    для употребления мясного mashed potatoes. It is better всего предлагать в начале
    canned mashed potatoes of industrial production, starting with turkey,
    кролика, говядины или цыпленка (Подробно о мясных пюре и
    see the article – when to introduce meat into the child’s diet).
  • Соки и фрукты лучше предлагать ребенку позже:
    in 7-8 months. The least allergenic are pear and green or
    yellow apple, then apricots, cherries, bananas, plums should be added.
    After 8 months you can offer kiwi and strawberry crumbs. If a малыш
    eats cottage cheese, add to it the fruits that it carries –
    get ready snack.
  • A fish. Only after 9 months of age
    child should give him fish dishes. Introduce such a lure
    It should be very careful, as the fish is a strong allergen. For
    the beginning of fish foods fit flounder, hake, pollock. In the same
    Aged children can be given kefir or bifidok for the night.

(Prepare an article with a clear menu of baby foods for months
up to a year. Soon there will be a link)

(Таблица введения прикорма. TOликабельно)

прикорм ребенка таблица

Таблица прикорма (клик для увеличения)

5 ошибок введения прикорма

Proper introduction of complementary foods in the diet of the baby is the key
his good health. But often parents themselves provoke allergies
and other problems, wanting to feed the baby something useful.

On the subject of feeding:

  • What to do if the child refuses to eat complementary foods (does not eat with
    spoons and does not want to eat porridge)
  • Вводим супы (на мясном бульоне)
  • We choose and buy the first necessary dishes
    — http://razvitie-krohi.ru/veshhi-dlya-malyisha/pervaya-posuda-dlya-rebenka.html

TOонсультирует и отвечает на вопросы Анна
 с какого возраста и с чего начинать
прикорм, в каком количестве вводить новые продукты

Video: Complementary feeding introduction

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