When a newborn first begins to smile

When the baby begins to smile in response to his mother’s voice, from this raises the mood. Conscious emotional response to what happens in the baby appears after one month of life.

Prior to this, the smile of the newborn will be of a reflex type. Some children start smiling at the hospital. The appearance of her on the face of a newborn means that he feels comfortable in the environment in which he fell after birth. See a smile of this type is possible during sleep, bathing or after a full saturation.

An emotional response to what happens after a certain process will occur in areas of the brain that respond for the transmission of nerve impulses. In the fifth week, a conscious smile may appear on an emotionally colored event. She can call:

  • Mom’s song;
  • Affectionate voice;
  • Expressed facial expressions of the speaker’s face;
  • Well distinguished facial features;
  • A doll with large features.

Developing gradually, the baby will learn to maintain visual contact, respond to attention-grabbing sounds, affectionate touching hands. Before others, healthy children begin to smile with rapid development, sustainable psyche, possessing life-affirming character. If the child does not smile for more than 12 weeks, then you need to consult a baby Neuropathologist. Also find out if a 5 month old baby needs gymnastics.

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Do not forget about the gender education of the child – about it separate publication.

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