When a child’s fantasies become dangerous

Dreams and fantasies are peculiar to all children from the earliest
age Such an interesting way of thinking over the years gradually
comes down to “no”, because with age a person thinks more rationally and
no longer gives the imagination.

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  • 5 How does children’s imagination work


In fact, in order for the baby’s thinking to develop outside the box,
there were creative abilities and skills just to dream
necessary. A child who knows how to invent and dream grows
relaxed, open, kind, easy to contact. Developed
thinking is an integral part of the child’s psychological development.
Remember your childhood, when lying on the grass, you came up with images
for passing clouds, or could arrange a real battle without
single toys. All adults were once small too.

But, nevertheless, parents are often concerned about the question of where to see that
line of children’s inventions when they already border on danger to

Aggressive fantasies

Very often there are situations when even yesterday a child
associated himself with a kind doctor, swimmer-rescuer, and today
with a furious cry “flies” around the room and smashes everything around, and in
kindergarten offends other children. Fantasies suddenly go
hell of what is permitted and become aggressive. Baby increasingly
enjoys war games, smashes, breaks, destroys under the guise of
monsters and villains, transferring a hostile attitude in everyday life.
And now he associates with the Evil of another person and can begin
fight against it physically.

If your child starts to do something like this, it’s worth
immediately identify the causes of this behavior. Often the game can
transferred traumatic psyche real


Seen violence, scandals in the family, resentment and the expectation of punishment
– все это может  приводить к агрессивным фантазиям. Child,
capable of violence, most often convinced that he was not loved.

In addition to viewing the aggressive form of imagination
films and cartoons that are not suitable for the child by age
categories. Preschooler still can not clearly distinguish between the image
of good. And if, for example, the seemingly positive hero of the cartoon
(Batman, Superman, Spiderman) in the fight against evil and
injustice physically destroys its opponents
the immature psyche of the child perceives this as a given.
There is a substitution of the concepts of Evil and Good, in the head of a child they are just
are mixed up.

The actions of parents with such a problem are clear: you need to limit
child from inappropriate cartoons, videos and movies, not
It is worthwhile to involve the child in watching adult films, it would seem
the most innocuous content, not for nothing that there is an age

If your baby’s imagination has become aggressive, show to
to the child of more tenderness and affection, play good games (10 games on
overcoming child aggression), explain the difference between good and
bad characters, review your own punishment system and
rewards Only loving parents can find a compromise, teach
children cope with negative emotions.



Imagination a child may begin to use in unnatural
form and start to frankly lie.  Most often lie to the child
need for personal gain and can become a habit, so you need
identify the cause of the lie. A child may be trivially afraid of punishment,
so blame the wrongdoing on the fictional character
animals, relatives. If a child is cheating, multiplying his
real merit, says that in something won, that he was praised
or awarded, and this did not actually happen, then the problem
lies in the insecurity and desire to feel the support and
own significance. Sometimes children try to self-justify by lying.
�”I left myself, I was not expelled,” “He first began” – such phrases
characterize self-doubt. Baby can start
telling others the truth about one’s own family
alarm signal about violation of relationships among relatives.


Do not try to eradicate lies from a child with punishments and cries
teach him to trust you, show the consequences by personal example
tell lies how important is trust in family and friendship. Come to
situations wisely. Do not show lies yourself and condemn it

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Almost all children are subject to a variety of fears:
enclosed spaces, loneliness, darkness. Kids get scared
unnatural sounds and even too bright objects.


If your kid invented a bedside monster, or a monster in the closet,
it is not a manifestation of a sick imagination, but a projection of children’s fears.
To prevent the condition from becoming pathological, help the child.
overcome fears. Draw monsters good, come up with a magic
spell or supermembers from all villains, talk and

Often children’s fears are caused by ignorance, if the baby cannot
explain to himself any phenomenon he dramatizes occurring and
invents danger. Explain to children the usual things
show how it works and what happens.

Fictional friend

The appearance of an unreal comrade is a frequent phenomenon. One side
such a friend helps a child to survive and accept any situation
express your emotions, show leadership, on the other hand, this is an indicator
lack of communication. Moreover, communication here is measured by quality
indicators, it’s not in the total time spent with the baby, but in
what emotions a child is experiencing, whether he can
express yourself and be frank.


If fantasy with a fictional friend is healthy, then the child is sure
realizes the line with reality, he understands and says himself that the truth is, and
what a make-believe.

Если же ребенок переходит грань  и не осознает разницы
between the world invented and real, it is worth turning to
to the psychologist, until such a form of imagination affected negatively
way on the psyche.

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Fantasy can not be unnecessarily eradicated, it is important, on the contrary,
help the child develop imagination: play, invent,
tinkering, do not throw away the collected treasures in the form of a pebble and
chopsticks, and in every way contribute to the development of creativity and
individuality of the child.

All children are not alike, each is individual and unique.
in their own way.

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How does children’s fantasy work

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