When a child starts to fuck

Finally, the long-awaited baby was born. Ahead
a lot of worries, experiences and the joy of his success. Still very far away
until the long-awaited word “mom”, but the first sounds made by the baby,
can be heard very soon. And every mom is looking forward
момента, когда ребенок начнет to fuck up.

When a child starts to fuck

Первые звуки или во сколько месяцев дети начинают
to fuck up

The first four or five weeks from the newborn can be heard only
grunting and crying. Only by the beginning of the second month of their lives
begin to make the first sounds. It all starts with a simple
pronunciation of vowels: “a”, “u”, “o”, “e”. We hear “agu” for
account guttural pronunciation of these sounds by a child.

Первое время, когда дети начинают to fuck up, они
�”Talk” with themselves, trying out a new skill for themselves. They
long watching the sound source and trying to reproduce it.
Then the kid begins to apply a new skill for dialogue with
parents or toys. Often the kids start to pound under
favorite melody, as if singing to her.

In the fourth to fifth month, children begin to try to pronounce
first consonant sounds. First, the so-called labial, “m”, “p”,
�”B”. Gradually, all the syllables will sound clearer, of which
the first babble of the child will begin to form. By the end of the first year
the baby is already starting to try to pronounce the first words consisting of
identical syllables.

Учимся to fuck up

Agure – an important process for further formation
Of course, specifically teach baby to roar
is impossible. However, some actions will help your baby faster.
start to communicate with the outside world.

  1. In-первых, с ребенком надо побольше разговаривать.
    Any action parents must accompany the explanation that they
    are doing. It is necessary to speak with the baby during the swaddling, morning
    toilet, feeding, bathing, that is, throughout the wakefulness.
    Speech should be soft and affectionate, without sharp bursts
    of emotions.
  2. In-вторых, повторяйте за малышом его звуки и
    add new, simple ones. Children are essentially imitators and
    they will try to repeat what was said. Let between the child and
    Mum will dialogue “agu” with a smile.
  3. В-третьих, надо обязательно поглаживать и нежно
    to massage the palms of the child. Here are the acupuncture.
    points associated with brain areas responsible for speech development.
    Finger games and palm massage develop fine motor skills and
    способствуют дальнейшему развитию speech.

When communicating with a little man in no case be necessary
distort words and lisp. Reading short nursery rhymes
folk tricks and jokes will have a beneficial effect on
development of the baby. 

Already a month, but the child is silent

In сколько дети начинают to fuck up

Не стоит волноваться, если младенец не начинает to fuck up к
the end of the first month. Kids are not mechanisms with strictly specified
development program, each of them has its own pace. In
сколько дети начинают to fuck up — вопрос исключительно
One already in the third week tries
сказать «агу», а другой, по природе молчун, обрадует
the first sounds a little later accepted.

Бывают случаи, когда ребенок вовремя начал to fuck up, но потом
suddenly fell silent. The fact is that the baby is preparing to master
the next batch of speech skills. After a while
will return, but laughter will be added to the voice, squealing and squealing.
Sometimes termination of agukani caused by external factors, such as
stress, or poor well-being of the child.

With a long “silence” (after eight months), the baby is worth
contact your local pediatrician. Inзможно, у вашего чада возникли
some neurological problems or impairment
hearing aid. The doctor will refer the child to a specialist.
(to a neurologist or otolaryngologist) to determine the causes of the delay
development and their treatment.

The baby is walking and smiling at the sight of its familiar adults.
toothless smile and fills with happiness and joy the hearts of parents.
This means that its physiological and emotional development goes its own way.
by turn.

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