When a child can start givingsweet?

Sweets … Some parents absolutely do not give
babies nothing sweet. Others on the contrary indulge the child big
the amount of sweets and cakes. Так можно ли детям давать
сладкое, а если можно то в каком количестве?

Sweets: useful or harmful

The term “sweet” contains a large list of products containing
large quantities of fructose and sucrose. This is a pastry,
sweets, pastries, ice cream, jelly, marmalade, marshmallow, marshmallow, etc.
Sugar products are indispensable for the body. They are
source of energy and are needed for normal brainwave

Many goodies in addition to fructose and sucrose contain the necessary
body nutrients. Dried fruit, fruit candy and marmalade have in
composition of easily digestible carbohydrates and trace elements. However not
buy candy or marmalade bright colors. In such products
many dyes that can harm the body.

Honey in general is a storehouse of beneficial substances: trace elements,
vitamins, enzymes and other biologically active compounds. is he
possesses high antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
At the same time immunity increases, internal forces accumulate.
organism. It is necessary to be careful when introducing into the diet of honey
– It is a pronounced allergen.

In addition to body benefits, sweets are a powerful source.
positive emotions. A child rejoices at a beautiful birthday cake
or during a walk, eating nuts with my mother.

Когда детям можно начинать давать сладкое

But it’s better to refuse using some sweets.

  • Sugar in its pure form does not bring any benefit. Not worth it
    add it to porridge, tea or mashed potatoes for the baby.
    Adults just
    it only seems that the child will taste better. is he привыкает к пресной
    food and its taste suits him.
  • Cookies, cakes and pies are high in content.
    fat, heavy carbohydrates and sugar. is heи быстро насыщают маленький
    organism, but do not bring any benefit. It is worth refusing
    daily consumption of these products, leaving them exclusively
    for the holiday menu.
  • Jams, jam and jam are concentrated
    sucrose solution in fruit juice or puree. The benefits of these
    products is questionable, and high sugar content is alarming.
    You can spread a thin layer on a sandwich, but not to get involved.
  • Candies can be given to the baby only after three years. Most harmful
    Of these delicacies – caramel and lollipops. They have a lot of sugar and
    dyes and they will not bring any benefit. If you really want to give
    sweetie baby, then let it be chocolate. Chocolate contains
    B vitamins and antioxidants that strengthen the immune system.

When babies can be given the first treats

So, some sweets can be given to kids. is heи принесут
positive emotions and benefits to the growing body. Rises
вопрос, когда же детям можно давать сладкое, когда
the moment will come to give the first delicacy.

The first sweets and a small amount of sugar can be entered in
diet after the first birthday. 

Starting a journey through the world of sweet pleasures is better with
fruit mousses, cooked with fresh hands and
fruits. Then you can give your child a try marshmallow, marmalade and
jelly sweets. After the third birthday comes the turn
try a low-fat ice cream and cakes with a light cream.

Give sweets only after the main reception
So he will not want much sweet and will not interrupt
appetite, if you give him a treat between feedings.

можно ли детям давать сладкое

можно ли детям сладкое

В принципе дети, как и все люди, вполне могут обойтись без
delicacies. Baby since birth knows and loves one type of “sweetness”
– breast milk lactose. And only parents with their habits
sweeten the child tea, porridge and other foods. Over time baby
привыкает к вкусу сладкого и может даже отказаться от обычной food.
In addition, excessive carbohydrate food can lead to diseases
metabolic disorders (for example, diabetes mellitus,
alimentary obesity) and caries on milk teeth.

Sweet tooth babies grow most often with their sweet tooth parents, so
exactly how adults form a food stereotype in their children. Themselves
parents, using a lot of sweet, believe that it is for babies
necessary. The second cause of sweet tooth babies is
lack of attention given to the child. The first time, having tested
delicacy, baby, receiving less attention and caresses in the family, wants
get it with pleasure from the delicacy.

Not worth it предлагать малышу сладости с ранних лет, а начиная его
indulge do it wisely. Do not replace your love with sweet
affection, not give as a reward. What once again give the baby
sweetie, better go with him for a fun walk, arrange
mischievous game or go to the circus, and sweets replace fruit and


  • Baby and sweets: we build the right relationship
  • Opinion moms: can and should a child under 3 years of age to give salt and
    sugar. + Consultation of Dr. Komarovsky and Professor of Pediatrics
    Sergey Nyankovskogo
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Dr. Komarovsky answers the question at what age
and why children can eat sweets and what kinds of it

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