What you need to take for a walk with a child


What to take for a walk with a child, considering his age?

  • От 0 до 6 месяцев. В этом возрасте малыш
    most of the time is sleeping. Choose a walk time when
    your baby is sleeping. You need to take a feeding bottle with you (if
    baby wakes up), spare diapers, diapers, pacifier and
    a thermo bag in which it is convenient to put food, a light blanket (if
    walk in summer). In the summer, it will be important to grab
    mosquito net;
  • От 6 месяцев до года. Baby already starts
    be active, learning to sit down, watching from his
    �”Vehicle” for the outside world. Walks are becoming
    longer, so you need snack and drink. As food
    fit sliced ​​fruits and vegetables, jars of baby food,
    biscuit. Grab and bib. Take some favorite ones
    toys Do not forget to take a pacifier and a blanket;
  • От года до 3 лет. In babies of this age
    category on the walk is dominated by physical activity. therefore
    we take antibacterial napkins, a plaster, a pencil with peroxide and
    green (suddenly the child accidentally gets hurt while playing). If a
    go for a long walk, then take the drink and the food that the baby is used to
    there is. If a планируете заходить с улицы в помещение (в детские
    centers, for example), bring removable shoes and lightweight


What toys to take for a walk?

  1. Sand Arsenal. In the sandbox like to play
    children of any age. In the summer boldly take buckets, shovels,
  2. Ball. This is a universal toy. Not
    get the ball too large: children do not matter;
    and you will be uncomfortable to carry. The best diameter will be
    10-15 cm: and easy to wear, and fine in children’s hands
  3. Colored crayons. Are inexpensive, light,
    occupy little space, cool distract and occupy the child on the street.
    In general, good to all;
  4. Balloon. Personally, I can’t every time
    buy a gel balloon when my baby sees it from others
    guys or we go past the seller of balloons. This is ruinous.
    The solution is simple: buy in advance the usual ball, which costs only 5
  5. Bubble. If a вы хотите собрать вокруг
    children themselves, the soap bubbles are great helpers in this business.
    Occupation is there for everyone: someone starts up, someone catches. Bubble
    You can make yourself. It’s all very simple:
    pour water into an empty container from previous bubbles, add to it
    regular shampoo Believe, bubbles will be no worse.
  6. Children’s transport. It could be a scooter,
    bicycle, toy car wheelchair. Kids love to race somewhere and
    on something to go. Moreover, seeing another baby on any
    transport, your child will definitely want to ride too. So
    what you should think about buying in order not to develop envy in your
  7. Personal toy. The baby may have
    desire to take your favorite toy for a walk. But then she should
    become a “pleasure”, if, of course, it is not difficult for you to each
    wash time;
  8. Машины или куклы. Kids love to play role-playing.
    games since 3 years. For the boys are relevant cars, and for girls –
    playing dolls with a stroller. Parents are given during such games.
    freedom: kids are very addicted to such games and leave
    parents alone;
  9. Water. Be sure to take a hot period with
    drinking is essential for all children. Better to have it
    there was plain pure water (not mineral and without gas). Lemonade and
    juices are absolutely not effective: they do not quench their thirst, but, on the contrary,
    will cause the urge to their constant use;
  10. Napkins. Better to be wet.


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Moms from the forums:

Napkins, water, diaper, diaper, igruhi, if we are going
for a long time, but there is no opportunity to feed the system – then a bottle of porridge.
There is always an umbrella in the basket, just in case, and a bottle
simple water, wash hands. In general, it all depends on where we are
going and for how long.


We take a stroller and even if we go for a walk without a stroller,
салфетки влажные, водичка,
печенько, набор в песочницу, кофту(ну так про
ФОТОАППАРАТ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mother’s
wallet still, we can take more curds.
and when in a carriage
and a towel or duvet take !!!


У нас с собой: -салфетки влажные
-водичка -печеньки -кукурузные палочки ( чаще
покупаем уже на прогулке)
-мячик -машинки сейчас уже:
кофточка потеплее или ветровочка
-шапочка легенькая или
иногда: -игрушечная коляска с
-или большая машина -или машинка на
-фотик Таскаю с собой вязание, но редко
when you manage to connect at least a couple of rows.
All this mi
we stuff into the pram bag and basket.


We are now in the street take wet wipes, some water or juice,
crayons required. And at will: bicycle or scooter, or
stroller with “baby”.
But when it will be quite warm and
knees / elbows will be open, then an essential attribute of walking
us becomes a first aid kit. In it peroxide, green, wadded sticks, cotton
and patch. Not раз выручала. Yes, and friends walking with children
Mommies know who to run for honey.
�”Flight navigator”


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