What you need to remember a young mother in the early daysafter returning home from the maternity hospital

Женщины после childbirth буквально считают часы до выписки из
maternity hospital and dream to be home as soon as possible. And it is absolutely clear.
– at home we are waiting for relatives and friends, whom we have not seen for a long time.
We are waiting for a shower, own bed and slippers. But waiting for us at home
not only rest, but also many new things and responsibilities.

Cleaning, washing, cooking, ironing – and this is not the whole list
daily affairs. And for the care of the baby you need so much strength! And if in
home and older children? You really don’t need to try to cover
all: therefore in the first days after returning from the maternity hospital it is very important
for mother and baby to adjust the situation for themselves and more

первые дни после роддома

So, if you and the baby are all right from the hospital, you will discharge
for 3-4 day. During this time, relatives have probably already managed to do
general cleaning, take out of the room where the baby will now live
excess carpets, furniture and strong-smelling home plants,
They installed a cot and made room on the balcony.

The first day at home after the maternity hospital makes a real panic on
new mummies, especially if it was their first birth. what
generally do after the hospital, you need to know how to
to care for a newborn, what a child needs after a maternity hospital and how
plan your own schedule? All these questions are simple.
fall on young mummies. But inexperience is no big deal. we
tell you what mommy needs after birth and how the first ones should pass
days of the child after the hospital.

A few days before discharge

You need to take care of your arrival home before discharge.
Make a list of purchases and chores that your husband must do before
your arrival. Many women believe that their husband and without
Additional tips will do everything necessary. But this is only for you
It is obvious that any nursing mother needs black tea and milk, cottage cheese.
and boiled turkey, and any child – wet cleaning in the room and
a bed … That’s just the most caring man in joy
may get confused, forget something or confuse.

Your first business after discharge

After returning home, you want to lie down and do nothing.
Of course, you need to sleep both at night and during the day – the benefit of the newborn is
does often and in large quantities, but there are some things from which not
get out of the way:

  • Call the children’s clinic and report on the new
    Now you must visit a doctor. While the doctor is not
    come, find slippers for him (or buy disposable shoe covers),
    notebook or notebook where you will enter information about caring for
    a child. The pediatrician will examine the crumb, will give some recommendations on
    some procedures and will introduce the main rules of care;
  • Need to take care of the redistribution of responsibilities
    the next few days.
    After discharge from the hospital to the mother
    нужно побольше relax. But what about cooking, washing and cleaning? These
    responsibilities will take your loved ones. Give your husband a cleaning and
    product purchase. Leave your mother cooking
    Mom will make a big pot of soup and meatballs – so that you don’t
    think about cooking for at least a couple more days) and
  • It is important to adjust the GW. For successful lactation
    need to eat well, drink plenty of fluids, smaller
    be nervous, have a rest and apply your baby to
    chest Eliminate from your diet any foods that can
    provoke allergies. If your chest gets empty, drink milk tea,
    Do not be nervous and sleep more. Do not wash your chest before each
    feeding is enough to take a shower once a day. And feed
    baby in a convenient position for you. There are also several
    simple rules, following which can be long and without problems
    breastfeed First of all, it is pumping only in
    if there is a good reason for this. For example, if
    need to leave home for a few hours, or
    compaction in the chest (lactostasis), which the child can not
    �”Dissolve”. Secondarily, the correct attachment, you need
    make sure that the child correctly captures the nipple, otherwise
    avoid cracks. And thirdly, alternate breast replacement for
    feeding That is, for 1 feeding, provided that there is no
    lack of milk, you need to give one breast, in the next feeding
    another one.

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nursing mom

Microclimate for mom and baby

On the first day at home after the maternity hospital, it is necessary to limit the arrivals
родственников — кроха адаптируется к новой окружающей
setting, and strangers can only add stress.

Doctors do not recommend walks in the first days of a child’s life –
his immunity is weak, he can get sick very easily. Not
overheat your baby – his cotton clothes should
be only one layer warmer than your clothes. Prepare the room
for the baby. First, thoroughly air it. Secondly,
do wet cleaning. Baby need to bathe every
день (причем с мылом только раз в неделю. Желательно заранее
purchase a separate bath for the baby) Boil water for
bathing at all not necessary. После купания вытирайте
dry umbilical wound. What to process it, you should tell in
maternity hospital. There is no consensus – some doctors tend to peroxide
hydrogen and green paint, others advise just boiled water.

what же касается домашней одежды, то обычно новорожденных большую
Part of the time, especially during sleep, is kept in diapers. Because
the child cannot control his movements yet
hard to sleep, diapers in this case, good helpers. But only
tight swaddling is harmful (details about swaddling). And in short periods
the wakefulness of the child should be worn in the undershirts and sliders.
The cap at normal room temperature should only be worn.
after swimming.

Disposable or reusable clothing may be worn under clothing.
diapers. The first ones are very comfortable and safe for baby’s skin if
timely to change them. And on the street can not do without them.
Reusable diapers are more likely to be used conservatively.

Organize a children’s corner so that you do not need to spend
extra time on the transitions from the locker to the changing table,
bend over the diapers, move the cot. Newborns
cocoa up to 20 times a day, after each attachment to the chest –
be prepared for this and stock up enough
diapers – useful.

If, suddenly, a bad mood rolls on you and
irritation, you should not suffer from the feeling of guilt that you are a bad mother –
just tell someone about your experiences, you can
to an inanimate object, write your bad thoughts on paper, and
then tear and discard.

Children’s room organization

It is necessary to take care of the room for the baby in advance, not in that
the moment when mom on the threshold with the bag goes to the maternity hospital.
The best option is to organize a room with the participation of
mom and dad. It is best to choose together the design and interior.
rooms –the color of wallpaper, ceiling, etc. It is best to choose cool
room and maintain a constant temperature in the room 20 – 22º
at a humidity of 60%.

When planning a room you need to consider a few
nuances. ATо-первых, занавески должны легко стираться и быть не
from heavy and coarse fabrics. AT комнате должно быть минимум
furniture that must be wiped daily with a damp cloth.
Secondly, в комнате не должно быть ковров с длинным ворсом,
Palaces and flowering houseplants.

The baby’s crib should be as far away from the window as possible.
Notжелательно вешать на кроватку тяжелые балдахины из мощной ткани —
Such a design would be an excellent “dust collector”. The best thing
use lightweight transparent fabric.

AT кроватке новорожденного должен быть жесткий матрас из
гипоаллергенного материала, подушка такому крохе не нужна.
Стоит обратить внимание на постельное белье, которое
must be made of soft natural fabrics.


Choosing clothes for crumbs

Clothing for the newborn also needs to be taken care of.
in advance. Notдопустимо использовать одежду из грубых тканей с
Multiple fasteners, rivets and zippers. Also worth paying
attention to the seams in the clothes – they should not be rude, but ideally
they must be on the outside. Currently problems
with the selection of clothes for kids there.

It is important to pay attention to how a child is dressed. Always parents
It is necessary to follow the rule – put the child on one layer
clothes are bigger than yourself. You can check whether the child is hot or cold
a simple test – check his head. If he is cold – baby
froze, if it is hot or sweaty
It is necessary to undress the baby.

Personal hygiene

Not забывайте о себе. After all, you just experienced a few days ago
childbirth, you may even have stitches, so keep hygiene
it is very important now. Change clothes more often; if during the birth you
stitched, do not forget to rinse them regularly (make sure that
the seams in the perineum or on the abdomen were clean, dry and not
sore). Buy a bra with wide straps for nursing
Moms – they will help prevent the formation of stretch marks. if you
did an episiotomy – for the next two weeks you sit
contraindicated, otherwise the seams may diverge. Therefore follows
learn how to feed a child in a prone position and half lying. Bathtub
take a while is impossible, only a shower (When after birth you can
to take a bath).

Within 3-6 weeks, women who gave birth will have
послеchildbirthые выделения из влагалища. But bleeding with every
the day should be less intense. After disappearing
postpartum discharge, i.e. about 2 months after
childbirth, it is recommended to visit a gynecologist. He must examine the neck.
uterus, which could suffer in childbirth, and also recommend
contraception if maternity is not coming in

In the first weeks after birth, you may feel
emotionally overwhelmed, confused, insecure in their own
actions. Believe me, this will pass with time, no need to sharpen
attention to your own mistakes, better find someone who tells
you what’s what.

Schools for pregnant now provide a special service –
visit of the consultant for lactation and the first days of the baby. Inviting
specialist, you will avoid unnecessary hassle like “is it right
I feed him (bathe, swaddle). ” Otherwise feel free
ask all your questions to the nurse nurse from the clinic, and then
and the district pediatrician (they are required to regularly attend


Now the priority is vegetables and porridge, steamed,
boiled lean meat. It is better to abstain from coffee at first. Not
should be consumed carbonated drinks, as well as foods and dishes,
leading to bloating. Fruits and fruit juices injected into your
diet is necessary gradually. The advantage should be given to fruit
green as they are usually less likely to cause
allergic reactions.

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Parental experiences

Sometimes young moms and dads in the first days after the maternity hospital cause
panic is an absolutely natural phenomenon, especially if there is nobody
consult Situations in which you should not worry:

  1. Heat. In children, thermoregulation is not formed.
    immediately, and if when feeding or shouting a mark on the thermometer
    reaches 38 degrees, then after the crumb calm down, she
    usually goes down. So do not panic if there is no coughing and
    other cold symptoms.
  2. Skin condition In the first weeks of life, she gets used to
    environment, therefore peeling and redness are possible. Not стоит
    to get involved in herbs and manganese baths, it is better to learn from
    pediatrician about suitable moisturizer.

And finally, you need to do three things: register
child in a marriage ceremony, register it in the apartment and arrange yourself maternity

Let the husband find out what the timing of the registration of babies (up to
3 months) and clearance assistance (half a year). This can be done before
birth, prepare in advance the necessary help. Remember, baby can
to register to any of the parents without the knowledge and consent of everyone,
living in an apartment (even privatized).

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So, of course, there are enough difficulties (but this is a positive
опыт), и если всё делать правильно, то через несколько дней
all this will become a habit. Then the excitement will recede, and you
will be able to cover the usual household chores. Very soon you will be thrilled
You will remember about these first days of your life with

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First week at home

You became a mom! Ahead is very important for the kid and exciting
for you first week at home. Scarce adapts to the light, the first
sounds and touches. Help him in this difficult matter. AT
Today’s video we gathered some simple tips that
help you worry less and enjoy more moments
long-awaited happiness.

Ульяна ATерис: Первые недели после роддома. Tips

Жизнь после childbirth. Первые дни с baby Послеchildbirthая
depression. ATыписка из роддома

How do the first days of mother and child begin? What difficulties
faces a young mother after the birth of the baby. Послеchildbirthое
department. Плюсы и минусы контрактного обслуживания childbirth

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