What you need to know for those who are waiting for twins: 10important tips

Waiting for twins is twice as much happiness and care.
Moms-to-be have many questions. How is going
pregnancy, does it have any features besides a big belly? what
need to know about childbirth, how to prepare for them? Mom twins will try
answer these questions and also give advice to those who expect


1. You will need to go to the doctor more often.

Многоплодная беременность  это всегда риски, в два раза
more than usually. Every deviation causes a doctor
anxiety. Be prepared to take many tests and
ходить в женскую консультацию  чаще, чем ваши подруги. Not
neglect your prescribed medicines and doctor’s advice.

2. Your abdomen will increase, on average, with
two weeks ahead.

It is not necessary that it will be huge, just by
it will seem that the term you have more than it actually is.
The load on the spine is significantly greater, especially in the third
trimester. However, remember that with multiple pregnancies
There are a number of contraindications for wearing a bandage. One of them –
положение ребенка поперек, бандаж, в данном  случае, мешает
baby turn around. In addition, it can prevent
proper blood circulation and cause problems with the vessels or
lack of oxygen in the cells. Consult a doctor 
before putting on a bandage.

3. Let the stretch marks do not bother you.

Not смотря на то, что живот у вас может быть больше чем у
the rest, the skin on the abdomen is not necessarily covered with stretch marks.
Of course, it depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, but
you have no more chances than the rest. Skin care is your main
weapons against stretch marks. Use olive, flaxseed or
almond oil from the beginning of pregnancy (to prepare the skin),
up to the birth (after all, stretch marks can appear even a day before
childbirth). Especially pay attention to the area around the navel.

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for pregnant

4. Take vitamins only as directed.
a doctor.

Even if you bought the most expensive vitamins from a pharmacy, take
they should only be after consultation with the doctor. After all, there are vitamins,
which can be taken only in a certain trimester
pregnancy, and there are also contraindications for
vitamins (for example, toxicosis).

5. You may not immediately recognize the sex of children.



It all depends on the position of the fetus. On the ultrasound you can tell the floor
only one baby, if the second one turned away or
�“Hide” behind the first. Also, pictures with ultrasound are not always obtained.
beautiful and clear, because the kids all the time in motion.

6. You will need to learn to eat a little.

Your pregnancy is 9 months of a strict diet. Salt and sugar –
your main enemies, as well as everything that holds water in the body.
If you think that you eat correctly, only what you can, but
weight is still added more than necessary, you will need
reduce the serving size by a third or half. That is, even
despite the fact that you are waiting for twins, you will have even less
than pregnant one baby.

7. You will need to learn how to sleep.

From a certain moment of your pregnancy (2-3 trimester) to sleep
and you can only lie on your side. On the back is possible, but more often
it hurts in all, because under the weight of the fruit is crushed
lumbar nerve. Think in advance and build yourself a nest in
which you will be comfortable on all sides. Perhaps it will be
rollers or pillows that will support you from
lower back and abdomen. You will also need a separate high pillow.
under the feet. Look for a position in which the whole body relaxes.

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it is better

8. Get ready for natural childbirth and caesarean
cross section.

Двойня не  обязательно появляется через кесарево сечение,
although this option is more common. In your situation, choose not
and the mode of delivery should not be for you
fundamental. But still, at about week 36, discuss with your
doctor all the indicators and, if there is a chance to give birth on their own,
choose. If you attend childbirth preparation courses, do not
refuse to listen to lectures on natural childbirth or
кесаревому cross section. Let there be two possible in your head
scenario, then you will not panic when “unexpectedly” 
Your doctor in the hospital will insist on natural childbirth.

9. Your babies will most likely appear for two weeks.

On average, twins are born at 38 weeks. This time is considered
perfect. Ваши малыши полностью сформированы  и готовы
be born. If mom is not hard and comfortable in her
condition, you can, having discussed with the doctor, go ahead and wait for the beginning
natural contractions. In other cases, childbirth can be stimulated
this term.

10. Think less about childbirth, more about what awaits you.

Many say that raising twins is very hard. Maybe it’s in
tom, then they talked too much about childbirth, but did not think
what will happen after them. Good preparation, useful information and
the necessary devices will help you not to be in a “hopeless”
position when you do not know what to grab and where to run.
Just twins are twice as much preparation and more.
organized approach.

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try to influence the floor of the kids. Natural and artificial


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