What you can eat nursing mom

Update: November 2018

Any woman who has recently become a mom has a mass
questions about what you can eat nursing mom. Most
women consider that it is worth adhering to a very strict diet.
It should immediately be said that there is no product when taking
which moms always and all babies have negative

There are just certain food groups that
It may possibly cause some complications, but this may be
individual location to them mothers, and accordingly, her
baby This concerns the presence of allergic reactions in the mother itself.
some products, and of course, the woman and so tries them
to avoid. Concerning известных всем ограничений типа огурца или
cabbage and so forth – today all specialists in thoracic
feeding claim that the body and a pregnant woman, and
nursing mothers, often he himself suggests that you want to eat,
to ensure the full flow of nutrients to the baby and
не вызвать отрицательную реакцию у baby

And if mommy listens to her body, and she has something
really wanted to – try everything, but the main thing in moderation and watch for
the reaction of the baby. If a кожа или желудочно-кишечный тракт ребенка
gives an inadequate response – remember what got into the diet from
risk groups and no longer consume this product. And with
Over time, the baby’s response may change, causing negative
the reaction in the first 3 months of feeding, after six months may not
выражаться на состоянии baby Consider the most exciting young
Mom questions on the topic – what not to eat, what is possible, especially in the first

The very first month of feeding a newborn – which is better
there is?

  • bread – with bran, wheat-rye, wheat, not rich,
  • vegetables – boiled and stewed zucchini, cauliflower,
    potatoes, you can in a limited amount of carrots, white cabbage
  • dairy-free cereals or milk (on the explored milk 1: 1 with
  • lean meat – beef, veal, chicken without skin in boiled
    the form
  • soup – on weak broth or vegetarian without
  • dairy products – only dairy products without preservatives and
    additives, natural cottage cheese, white yogurt, kefir, ryazhenka.
  • drinks – herbal teas with dill, cumin, anise, stewed fruit
    яблок, сухофруктов, слабо заваренный tea.Меню при лактации у женщин

What can not be in the first month of feeding:

  • whole milk
  • coffee, strong tea
  • store juices and compotes
  • any carbonated drinks, alcohol
  • yogurts with any fillers
  • any sweet, pastry
  • smoked, fatty, canned foods
  • sausages, rich broths
  • red fish, seafood

What kind of fruit can you eat for a nursing mother?

There are different opinions on the use of fruit, some
специалисты утверждают, что в сыром the form фрукты употреблять до 3
months of the child – it is impossible, others believe that it is possible, only

Definitely, one should be especially careful with
exotic fruits such as mango, kiwi, avocado, carambola,
pomelo, rambutan, and also citrus – this is a well-known fact.
The digestive system of mom and her baby is easier to learn and more
the body benefits from eating those fruits that
grow in the area where they were born, so by virtue of their
foreign fruits can become an extra risk factor
for the occurrence of indigestion or allergic reactions.

For children born in Florida or Spain, oranges are
the first products of complementary foods for babies. Also do not forget about
the fact that imported fruits, vegetables and herbs often come to
the counters of our stores without proper control, they
are treated with special chemicals, the dangers of which
manufacturers and suppliers are deliberately silent
diphenyl, fungicides, methyl bromide, sulfur

Can I Apples?

It is believed that apples and bananas have a relaxed
action and cause gas formation, but it is exclusively
individual characteristics of the human digestive system.
Therefore, apples can be eaten, and after 10 months you need to enter them in
baby’s diet. Of course, if mom / baby is allergic to
red fruits, they should be excluded, but this is rare.
If a же у женщины во время беременности не было на них аллергии, то
and when feeding, too, will not. So eat apples for health
any color, if mommy has serious concerns about
red fruits – peel the peel. Some специалисты по
breastfeeding is recommended only in the first 10 days or even in
the first month after the birth of the baby do not eat apples in the raw
the form, а только в запеченом the form.

Can nursing mother bananas?

In the maternity hospital, women are warned – do not eat bananas, apples,
zucchini. This excessive care, unjustified, can
eat bananas and even need. This is a very healthy fruit that
contains a lot of nutrients, mineral salts, vitamins and
even mescalin is a drug of happiness, so after it use of
many people improve their mood, strength appears and their tone improves
organism. Especially tasty and useful for mommy to drink a cocktail from
yogurt and banana made with a blender or mixer.

When buying products, even yogurt, you should pay attention to
the presence of preservatives and dyes, artificial flavors,
enhancers of taste and aroma, sweetener aspartame is especially dangerous,
which is, for example, some manufacturers in fermented milk

Today in our market a lot of unfair
manufacturers of substandard food. Not an exception
make up and yogurt, when choosing this product is better to give
preference to plain yogurt, without additives, best
buy kefir, add some sugar or honey, or
jam and banana – beat with a mixer and use, but in a small
quantity. It is very tasty and much healthier than any.
industrial yogurt.

Is it possible during breastfeeding strawberries, cherries,

  • Клубника. When breastfeeding mother eat
    strawberries can not be – just another myth. If this berry has grown on you
    country house or you bought it from your grandmother on the market in the summer season – of course
    You can try 5 – 7 berries and look at the reaction of the baby.
    Of course, if you eat half a bucket, you can sprinkle not only the baby …
    Everything is good in moderation and give up the tasty and healthy fruit in
    the season of its growth is not worth it. This berry is very rich in vitamin C, its in
    She more than in overseas orange.
  • Sweet cherry and cherry. Suggestion that everything is red under
    banning scares many moms, but the reaction to the red fruit also
    purely individual. The pigment that gives red color to fruit and
    vegetables, like any allergen, can cause a reaction in a child with
    hereditary predisposition, or if mom overeat
    delicious delicacy. A woman can eat a few berries of sweet cherry
    or cherries to check, besides it is very tasty and necessary
    I will fruit
  • Арбузы, дыня — для женщины, которая кормит
    Breastfeeding is really very controversial products. Today early
    watermelons are dangerous even for a healthy person, because without mass
    chemicals in our time to grow melon crops is not possible.
    The lands on which they grow are most often depleted and
    farmers spend millions of rubles on one alone
    chemicals that are not displayed in the first watermelons and melons, but
    accumulate. If you really want watermelon, eat it in the middle
    August or September. As for the melon – it is very heavy
    a product that can be eaten only slightly and separately from others

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Is it possible during breastfeeding to eat cucumbers, cabbage,

What kind of vegetables can nursing mom? Until crumbs 3
months mothers use white cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini
may cause excessive swelling, colic in the baby, because they
it is a lot of cellulose and they possess some laxative property –
This is the opinion of many women.

Можно ли молоко маме

  • Cabbage. White cabbage, especially in
    winter time is an irreplaceable product, it has a lot of vitamins, especially
    vitamin C and folic acid. A borsch and stewed, sauerkraut-
    Traditional dishes, without which it can not do in the winter. No reason
    deny yourself the use of this product. If mom or
    baby cabbage causes increased gas,
    add cumin to it, it reduces bloating.
  • Cucumbers. Cucumber duet with cabbage – the leaders in
    списке запрещенных products. Green feces and baby jeep
    provided – claim many women. Reason foamy
    greenish stools or gazikov can be in the event that
    there is a shortfall of back fatty milk by the baby and when
    early excess, and also because of the lack of milk from mom. Some
    studies prove that intolerance to foreign protein,
    which is in mixtures or breast milk rather cause a change
    stool than poor cucumbers with cabbage. There are any familiar
    female body vegetables, especially after 3 months of age
    child, and not to be influenced by prejudice.
  • Tomatoes. Also considered prohibited.
    product for the mother because of the red pigment, and after all lycopene, which
    gives them this allergenic red color is unique
    agent, it is an antioxidant that is so necessary and growing
    body, and for the health of the mother. Besides, tomatoes are very rich
    vitamin C, in 1 glass of freshly squeezed juice is half
    the daily requirement of this vitamin, only it can not be consumed
    on an empty stomach  The only caution against drinking
    nursing mothers tomatoes, is the acquisition and use
    nitrate vegetables. To choose quality tomatoes you should know
    some rules:

The thicker the peel of a tomato is, the more nitrates it contains. If a
the pulp is cut with whitish streaks, if the vegetable when hitting the floor
does not deform and jumps off, if the skin is dense, and from the finger
when pressed, a dent remains – these are signs of excess chemicals in
this tomato and such a doubtful vegetable that feeds a woman
better not to use.

Can nursing mother beer, juice, tea, coffee, kvass, compote?

Many women are interested in the question of what to drink when
are you breastfeeding? To the exciting drinks that should
eliminate, or use in meager amount of specialists
carry – cocoa, coffee, hot chocolate, coca-cola and strong

  • Шоколад и какао. It really is those drinks
    and products that are worth limiting or not to use in the period
    feeding in general. First, the child may be allergic to proteins.
    cocoa beans, secondly it is a very sweet product, and during
    feeding the baby sweets should be limited.
  • Beer. This drink in our country is many
    perceived as normal, not harmful, natural, practically not
    an alcoholic drink that is sold on every corner and widely
    advertised. Remember, in Russia there is no natural production
    this alcoholic drink. Beer contains a lot of harmful
    ингредиентов, консерванты и это алкогольный
    который ребенку пить нельзя. Concerning
    безалкогольного пива для —  это тоже спорный вопрос, поскольку
    to make this drink non-alcoholic, it is subjected to
    additional manufacturing processes, which makes it very
    far from the wholesome natural product you need
  • Kvass. It is also better to avoid this drink.
    Firstly, it is a fermentation product, that is, excess yeast in the intestine
    mom and baby, secondly it is also not a natural drink, its
    specially aerated, for its production use leaven
    concentrate, most often it has various E-additives. Only in
    If kvass contains malt, yeast and sugar, if
    you really want it, you can drink this kvass, but not
  • The juice. Магазинный сок —  кроме вкусового
    pleasure has nothing to do with natural freshly squeezed
    vegetable or fruit juice. All the juices on the shelves of supermarkets
    made from concentrates, in the production of which no
    there is no benefit from the fruit, only taste and smell, as well as
    adding sugar, unnecessary synthetic vitamins, preservative
    or additional ingredients. You can drink juice in a small
    quantity and only freshly squeezed – carrot, apple, pomegranate
    (see harm to store juice for children).
  • Кофе и крепкий tea. From this drink
    it is strongly recommended to give up during breastfeeding
    feeding. Caffeine easily passes into milk, causing an increased
    irritability, poor sleep in a child. Research scientists
    prove that caffeine in coca-cola, coffee and strong tea causes
    insomnia in babies, irritability and agitation, which can
    affect the development of the nervous system of the child.
  • Компот. This is what you can and should drink.
    woman during lactation, especially useful compote of dried fruit. If a
    compote brewed from red berries, again it is worth watching
    the reaction of the baby.

Is it possible to milk, ice cream, eggs?

  • Молоко. Opinion of experts in this matter
    also divided. Some believe that cow milk is pure,
    shop it or home – can not be used, allowed
    only a small amount to add to weakly brewed tea
    or use in the preparation of cereals and mashed potatoes. Others are confident that
    if the child is not allergic to cow protein (which can be established
    by a special blood test), you can drink milk to a nursing mother,
    and also use cottage cheese, low-fat sour cream and fermented milk
    products. If a у ребенка появилась сыпь, то следует исключить
    dairy products from the diet for 7 days if the baby’s skin is
    be cleaned and the rash will pass, you should pass the analysis to clarify – there is
    Are allergic to dairy cow protein.
  • Ice cream. Of course, if a child has
    allergic to cow protein, and then eat ice cream with breast
    feeding is impossible. However, the interesting fact is that
    time in ice cream by our domestic manufacturers is added
    a large amount of palm oil, which is most often not
    Mention on packaging labeling. And the harm of this type of oil is already
    proven long ago.

Palm oil, which is part of many dairy products,
is the strongest carcinogen. Most developed countries
abandoned its use in the food industry,
be sure to indicate on the label of its addition. In Russia
Palm oil is exported in hundreds of thousands of tons annually. The most
big sources of palm oil are ice cream and
margarine, and as a result all baking – cookies, cakes, cakes,
condensed milk, and in recent times is no exception and
shop cow’s milk, cottage cheese and sour cream. In food
the content of palm oil should be normalized and reflected in
composition on the labeling. However, in Russia people are often
faces brazen deception and does not get an objective

  • Is it possible eggs. Nursing woman to eat
    eggs can be no more than 1 per day if the child is not allergic
    for chicken protein, which can also be checked by a blood test.
    It is advisable to use the most fresh chicken eggs that you can
    check by dropping eggs in a glass of water. If a яйцо свежее оно
    if it comes up, it will be more than 20 days old. Also before
    using eggs should be washed and eaten only after
    heat treatment.

Can I have seeds and nuts?

Both sunflower seeds and nuts are inferior in frequency of allergenicity
only milk and eggs. In order not to provoke allergies to
vegetable protein is the most that you can eat nursing mom –
nuts no more than 2-3 pieces per day. Especially often women are addicted
walnuts, as this is the most important source of vitamin C,
vegetable fat, besides it contributes to the support of lactation.
But everything is good in moderation, it concerns absolutely any products with
breastfeeding. Concerning семечек, то если у мамы
there is a seasonal allergy to grass pollen – pollinosis, then
eating seeds can also cause an allergic reaction.
If a аллергии нет, то небольшое количество семечек употреблять

So, we can conclude, except for all known harmful
products such as sausages, sausages, smoked meats, canned foods, coffee,
alcohol, products with all sorts of chemical additives – there is
everything is possible, but in moderation, adding only one new product per day to
its menu to make it easier to determine the reaction of the baby.

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