What vitamins do baby need?

Children’s body needs vitamins, but what and for what,
known to few. We will understand this and tell you what vitamins
need your baby.

Any mother wants her baby to grow up healthy and strong. AND
to achieve the desired, first of all it is right
balance baby’s nutrition. For starters, it’s serious
start with yourself, because children are a reflection of the parents, what we eat, then
need a child. AND не всегда это полезная еда и полезные овощи или

The content of the article

  • 1 Vitamins in fruits, vegetables – a storehouse of energy for a child
    • 1.1 Do not interfere with vitamins in one pile
  • 2 How to determine what exactly should be given to your child?
    • 2.1 Какие витамины давать детям.Советы сотрудника НANDAND питания


Vitamins in fruits, vegetables – a storehouse of energy for a child

Many mothers prefer pharmacy vitamins (vitamin
complexes). But this is not always correct. Baby’s organism and so
overwhelmed with environmental chemistry, and then there’s a healthy crumb pill
there are forcing. Nature has taken care of man
get all the necessary vitamins from food. AND не
you need to look for rare or exotic vegetables, fruits and herbs,
just learn the beneficial properties of the products available to you that
grow in your area.

In the same cereal or nuts full of vitamins. Of course, in winter you can
additionally take vitamins at the pharmacy, because studies or classes
sports take a lot of the child’s strength. AND это не считая стресса,
received regularly (test preparation or control, then
amateur performance at school). Often precisely because
stress immunity becomes weak, resulting in a child
sick, especially during the cold season. So extra
help in the form of vitamin complexes, very helpful.

Do not interfere with vitamins in one pile

All vitamins are useful, you only need to combine them correctly to
do no harm. There is everything at once – not right!
The properties of each substance are different – some vitamins complement
each other, on the contrary, neutralize the action of the other.
For example:

  • In 12 it is better to use separately from B1, otherwise it may occur
    allergic reaction;
  • B12 does not work well with vitamins B6 and C;
  • B6 also does not fit well with B1, so they are never prescribed.
    take together;
  • after taking some vitamins should be at least 3-4
    hours, then you can drink others.

To make it easier for you to replenish the child’s vitamin balance,
divide the vitamins at different times: breakfast – one group, lunch –
another dinner is the third. Do not stuff the baby all in a row, come to
deal with the mind, and then you can hurt.

  1. Not everyone can properly analyze useful
    properties of vitamins and the more true to combine them. For better
    effect consult your doctor.
  2. To the maximum, give children natural, natural
    vitamins. But if necessary, do not forget to use
    vitamin-mineral complexes for the child, in which it is thought out
    dosage of minerals and their correct combination.

Как определить, что именно нужно давать вашему


Ребенку для разных случаев нужны разные vitamins. AT
colder months – it is necessary to strengthen the immune system of the baby.
In the summer to replenish the energy resource. Let’s take a look at
some tips on how to choose the right products and combine them
in the daily diet.

If the child is often sick. Need to close
to promote health, but not only due to vitamin C.
Here you need more vitamin A, in the fight against infections he
much more efficient. Prepare more meals for your baby:

  • with orange vegetables like pumpkins or carrots;
  • the liver;
  • from the berries better suited sea buckthorn or wild rose;
  • Bell pepper;
  • tomatoes;
  • green parsley is ideal.

The child gets tired quickly or badly
Значит ему не хватает витамина AT1.
Products where its most:

  • peas;
  • nuts;
  • oatmeal;
  • whole wheat bread.

If in addition to the above symptoms also gums
, значит необходимо добавить в питание еще и
vitamin C:

  • all types of citrus;
  • but most of all with dogrose;
  • gooseberry or currant;
  • sorrel;
  • radish or parsley.

When a child has irritability or
constantly feeling sleepy. 
So your child is not enough
витаминов группы AT.

Успокоить ребенка поможет AT6, его много в:

  • nuts;
  • tomatoes;
  • red sweet pepper;
  • various cereals, like buckwheat or rice.

Чтобы повысить бодрость и аппетит поможет AT12,
you can find it:

  • the liver;
  • meat;
  • milk;
  • fish;
  • yatsah;
  • cheese

Frequent chapped lips or peeling of the face.
Тогда необходимо налегать на витамин AT2:

  • lean meat;
  • a fish;
  • eggs;
  • Brussels sprouts and other green vegetables.

Weakness in the body, increased pallor is akin to anemia,
deterioration of the nails and hair. 
This is the first
признак недостатка AT9 (фолиевой кислоты). Add to food:

  • spinach and spring onions;
  • caput;
  • eggplants;
  • nuts;
  • cereals;
  • oranges and apples.

When a child grows slowly, it does not even tolerate
slight exertion, often sweating or slouching. 
a sign of lack of solar vitamin D. Often walk with your baby in
sunny the weather. Less allow to sit in front of the TV or
computer (harm to the computer), better to interest street games,
so that the child breathes fresh air.

ATысыпания на коже, такие как дерматит, проблемы с
So, the child does not have enough vitamin PP (or
AT3, никотиновой кислоты). Feed your baby nuts and homemade

The main rule of healthy well-being is not a cure for disease,
and their prevention. With proper nutrition, neither you nor the child
will have to suffer from disease, drowsiness or apathy. Do not think –
once drank a course of vitamins, then everything is fine. ATажно постоянно следить
for themselves and not allow bad habits to take over.

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Какие витамины давать детям.Советы сотрудника НANDAND питания

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