What types of cancer affect women more often thanmen?

Update: February 2019

In 2011, according to statistics from Russia, more than
522,000 cancer patients, among them 240,000 men, women
282 000. That is, women in our country are more likely to be men
oncological diseases.

The female population is larger (53% of women 47% of men), and
accordingly, the statistics of registered cases of oncology in
beautiful half more.


Понятно, что только женщины  подвержены риску развития
oncology of organs such as: ovarian cancer, cancer of the body of the uterus, cervix
uterus, breast cancer (it is extremely rare in men). Men – Cancer
prostate gland (see oncology tests).

The most common types of cancer in Russia:

  • breast cancer 28.4%
  • cancer of the genital organs 21.8%
  • cancer of the digestive system 13.3%
  • lung cancer, trachea, bronchus 11.7%
  • prostate cancer 11.3%
  • cancer of the circulatory and lymphatic systems 7.8%
  • skin cancer 5.7%

These statistics are published in the yearbook “Men and Women
2012 Rosstat:

Women are more likely to get sick:
colon cancer 58% 42%
skin cancer 63% 37%
cancer of the gallbladder and bile ducts (extrahepatic) 65% 35%
Men get sick more often:
laryngeal cancer 6% 94%
trachea, lung, bronchus cancer nineteen% 81%
esophageal carcinoma 21% 79%
bladder cancer 22% 78%
cancer of the pharynx, lips, mouth 24% 76%
stomach cancer 43% 57%
pancreatic cancer, rectum, blood, lymphatic
51% 49%
kidney cancer, liver cancer, intrahepatic bile ducts 45% 55%

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