What type of blood will the baby have? Is it possibledetermine by parental data?


  • What is a blood type? What are the?
  • Blood transfusion rules
  • How is the analysis to determine the group
  • Blood type – which child inherits?
  • How to find out the blood type of the child according to the table?
  • What is the Rh factor? Inheritance features
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  • Is it possible угадать резус-фактор?

To understand how a child’s blood type is inherited from
parents table and minimum knowledge of the laws of genetics
help future mom and dad. And then they won’t have to wonder
why their blood characteristics differ from those of

What is a blood type? What are the?

Blood type belongs to the signs that a person
receives from father and mother even at conception. It is unchanged
indicator, with him to live a lifetime.

At the beginning of the last century a classification was made
blood. The whole system is called ABO. Belonging to a specific
group is fixed by antigens. These are special structures
located on the surface of red blood cells – red blood cells.
Researcher Karl Landsteiner divided these substances into 2 groups –
A and B. If a person has neither antigen A nor B, then these cells
are called 0. A little later, the cells and membranes were opened
which contain both antigen A, and B.

Группа крови у ребенка

So, there are 4 groups:

  • I (0) – on the surface there is neither antigen A nor B;
  • II (A) – there is only antigen A;
  • III (B) – there is only antigen B;
  • IV (AB) – the combination is determined, that is, both antigen A and

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Blood transfusion rules

Это деление важно при переливании blood. Transfusion procedure
It began to be conducted by doctors for a long time, but they could not
to guarantee a positive result, because they did not understand what
depends on success. During scientific research it was observed that at
the connection of some blood groups appear clots, blood as
glued, and in other cases this does not happen.

Based on this, the rules were highlighted:

  • it is forbidden to patient with blood group A to transfuse blood of a group
  • a patient with 4 (AB) blood group can be given any blood;
  • a person with blood group 0 will only need a similar
    blood. After all, if there is no antigen A or B in the body, then
    transfusion of such blood, the body will not accept it, when mixed
    there will be a so-called agglutination reaction, i.e. gluing
    red blood cells. To avoid these sad consequences, parents
    to know your blood type better in advance, and the child has it
    identify at birth.

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схема переливания крови

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How is the analysis to determine the group blood?

You can donate blood at almost any clinic or
medical center. The material research itself is conducted in
laboratories. Заранее готовится сыворотка анти-А, анти-В и анти-АAT.
After which a few drops of blood are mixed with each sample.
serum. According to the reaction of antigen-antibody (antigens of the blood sample
реагируют с белками-антителами сыворотки) определяют, к
What group does this sample belong to?

The definition is as follows:

  1. if the agglutination reaction has not happened anywhere, then it is I
    blood type;
  2. if the reaction occurred with anti-A and anti-AB serum, it is II
  3. if it reacts with anti-B and anti-AB serum, then III;
  4. and if agglutination has arisen everywhere – IV.

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Blood type – which child inherits?

Once the compatibility has been clarified, that is, which
blood safely transfused and to whom, genetics took up the study
inheritance problems. They wondered if it could be calculated, with
what group of blood will be born baby, or at least predict
probability. For relatives, sometimes it’s just a matter of interest –
what color the eyes will be in the baby, which of the loved ones will look like.
And for scientists and doctors, the main task is to prevent
congenital diseases.


It has been proven that just as a baby inherits color
глаз, кожи и волос, тем же принципам подчиняется и группа blood.
Genetic laws are quite accurate, there is only a small
probability of exceptions.

How to find out which blood group the child will be born with?

There are some general patterns

  • if both parents are owners of the first blood group, then
    a child will be born with the same;
  • if mom and dad have the first and second groups, then the children also
    будет либо одна, либо другая Group;
  • The same applies to the situation when parents have the first and third
  • у мамы и папы четвертая группа blood? Babies can be born with
    the second, third or fourth group;
  • and when the parents of the second and third groups, there is a chance
    рождения ребенка с любой группой blood.

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All these calculations are based on the teachings of Mendel, the famous
genetics. By parents you can find out important information about the future.
baby It is known that children inherit 50% of the genes from the pope and 50%
from Mom.

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How to find out the blood type of the child according to the table?

When all data is in a compact form, you can easily and
Quickly imagine what is waiting for a child. It requires
know only the blood type of mom and dad.

Parents The possibility of having a child with the first group The possibility of having a child with the second group The possibility of having a child with the third group The possibility of having a child with the fourth group
I / i one
I / iI 0.5 0.5
I / iII 0.5 0.5
I / iV 0.5 0.5
II / iI 0.25 0.75
II / iII 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25
II / iV 0.5 0.25 0.25
III / iII 0.25 0.75
III / iV 0.25 0.5 0.25
IV / IV 0.25 0.25 0.5

Find out the probability of having a baby with a specific blood group.
quite simple. It is necessary to find the corresponding row of the table and further
already to see how many percent of the probability of having the first group
baby, how much the second and so on.

In addition, they say that can be determined by blood type
and even character. The sex of the baby can be reliably determined only on
Ultrasound, so it is better not to rely on various unverified sources.
And there are some correspondences in the characters.

For example, the first blood group appeared earlier than others, usually
people are born with a strong leadership character who loves meat.
Representatives of the second group, on the contrary, do not like meat food very much,
many of them even become vegetarians in the future. By
character, they are much calmer. The third group is good
adapts to environmental changes, these are moving children and
adults. Representatives of the 4th blood group, the rarest, most often
sensitively sensitive, with a fragile and vulnerable nervous system. These facts
are not scientifically proven, they are simply based on

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What is the Rh factor? Inheritance features

It is necessary to remember about the future heir. Rh factor
(its designation is Rh), it is a protein, a lipoprotein, which is present
in the body in 85% of the world’s population. It is located on the red blood cells
rather, on their membranes. The designation of positive rhesus – DD
or dd. Negative – dd.

If at least one of the parents has the dominant DD gene, then
Rh factor baby will be positive. Quite a rare situation
but it happens that both mom and dad have negative rhesus, then
the baby will get the same. But if mom and dad with heterozygous
Rh (Dd), then it is impossible to say exactly how this will manifest in
child – will be plus or minus.

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