What to rub the child of the first year of life whencoughing

One of the most difficult and powerful experiences for parents
is the disease of their children. Especially, if this baby – chest

растирание при coughing для детей

Most often, little kids suffer from colds.
Of course, to self-medicate without consulting a pediatrician’s doctor
worth it. But use some old, proven over the years
methods with the permission of the pediatrician can. One such method when
простуде и coughing является растирание.

Rules for rubbing

It is recommended to carry out grinding, starting from six months
age When carrying out this procedure must be observed
following rules:

  • If the child is newborn, then rubbing can be done, only
    Having consulted with the children’s doctor.
  • Up to a year, do not use rubbing agents containing
    camphor oil, as this oil can be harmful to
    hardening heart baby.
  • It is desirable to do the procedure in the evening, before bedtime.
  • You can not rub the ointment in the region of the papillae and heart
  • It is necessary to rub the back, breast, soles and heels of the crumbs.
  • The movements are light, massaging, or from the bottom up, or circular, by
  • After the procedure, it is necessary to wrap the child well,
    legs wear warm socks.
  • Do not rub at elevated temperature.
    body baby.

What kind of rubbing can use up to a year?


Pharmacy rubbing permitted to
use in the age category up to a year.

For example, with Pulmex baby ointment, you can rub baby with 6
months. It is applied on the thoracic back and the breast the day before.
bedtime and before bedding at night. Lightly rubbed to
absorbed, and warmed rubbed places.

Traditional medicine tips

Folk remedies are also widely used for warming
rubbing children up to one year old.

Very effective use for grinding liquid
натурального меда (медовая растирка).

  • If he candied sugar, it is necessary to warm it using water.
    bath, to a liquid state.
  • Prepare an old T-shirt and socks, warm them to
    were warm.
  • Gently rub some honey into the breast and back of the infant,
    avoiding the heart and nipples area.
  • Wear a warm T-shirt on the baby, wrap a warm scarf
    or a handkerchief.
  • Now rub honey in the soles and heels of the diseased crumbs.
    Having finished rubbing one leg, put a warm sock on it. So
    act with the other leg.
  • Put the baby in the crib, cover with a warm blanket.
  • By morning, honey is completely absorbed.

Можно использовать растопленное теплое сливочное

Since ancient times, our great-great-grandmothers are used for warming
растираний нутряной свиной, козий или барсучий
The technology of rubbing is the same as honey.

Эффективна и растирка из козьего жира и

Cooking technology is simple.

  • To make it, melt 0.5 kg of fat. For this
    Put the container with it in a pan with hot water.
  • Pour in 20 ml of pharmacy propolis tincture, mix.
  • Put the pan, without removing the container with fat, on the middle
    the fire.
  • Heat, stirring, until all the alcohol has evaporated.
  • Cool and store the composition in the refrigerator, using small
    grind portions for grinding.

Можно использовать для проведения растирания масло на
cumin seed based.

  • For preparation of means pound 20 g of seeds of cumin.
  • Put the pounded mass in any vegetable oil (100
  • Pour the mixture into a jar (preferably from dark
  • Insist for a week in the room, putting in a dark
    a place.
  • Store in the refrigerator.
  • Filter oil is not necessary.
  • Before use, it is necessary to warm up a single portion to
    room temperature.

All these rubbing well warm up the breast and back of the baby,
soften cough and improve sputum discharge.

Use for treating cough folk remedies will help you
cure the little patient faster and more effectively. Not only
forget that the use of folk remedies is only an addition to
treatment prescribed by a pediatrician.

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