What to play with the child in the clinic whenturn

The queue at the clinic – for the game!

A trip to the clinic often becomes an unnerving event.
for both mom and baby. Children miss waiting for their
queues and start coming up with fun
corridor, run, scream, talk to other children and
adults, climb under changing tables or benches. Moms and
grandmothers are trying to calm down especially noisy, grumble, make
remarks, and from everywhere it is heard: “It is impossible, it is impossible, it is impossible”.


Parents get tired and angry, but children can also be understood: their
locked in a room with boring walls, there are no toys, and quiet
to sit on a bench when energy is over the edge is torture.

But sometimes it takes more than an hour to wait! We suggest to replace
This is the waiting time for playing and communicating with your child.
Think how often we do everything on the run. And here is the one
the case when you don’t need to hurry anywhere.

So, what can you do in line to the doctor?

Getting to know the place

For many children, going to the doctor is a cause for concern.
Unfamiliar rooms and people, or memories of past hikes
can cause alarm. Therefore, at first it would be good
talk with the baby, tell him about everything he sees:
Doctors sit in doors, treat children, mums with children in the corridor, but
here are the pictures, and here is the window.


If you haven’t brought any toys with you, use everything that happens.
in room. Show the child medical posters, whatever
they turned out to be boring. One year old child will pay attention to
fruits and berries on a poster about proper nutrition, and a six-year-old with
It looks at the structure of the human body. All the same
Often the posters in the clinic are not very interesting.
children, so it’s better to go to the poster with the child: “Let’s
read what is written here! “And among the long descriptions choose
Some interesting facts – new for you and for the child. �”BUT
я вот и не знала…» �”BUT как ты думаешь, если…» — такие фразы уже
may be the beginning of some kind of dialogue that can distract from
long wait.

For the little ones: hand games

If the little child is completely tormented to wait, you can cheer
his playing with fingers. Squeeze his handle into the cam and turn down.
fingers under the poem:

– Пальчик-мальчик, Где ты был? – With this
В лес ходил. With theseм братцем Щи
With these братцем Кашу ел. With these
Песни пел!


Сидит белка на тележке, Продаёт свои орешки:
Лисичке-сестричке, Воробью, синичке, Мишке
Заиньке усатому.

Jump up!

В таком скучном месте, как turn, хорошо и немного
fool around with the baby, shaking him on his knees. At home we usually
there is no time to do this.

Поехали, поехали С орехами, с орехами,
Поскакали, поскакали С калачами, с калачами!
Вприпрыжку, вприскочку По кочкам, по кочкам —
Plop into the hole!

Quiet catch

But many children need movement. How to be? Worn by
the corridor is impossible. If a little to overcome parental desire
sit on the chair, you can play pretty calm
catch up:

�”Follow me, stepping only inside the cells, on the line
it is impossible. “
�“Will we tiptoe to the end
«Иди за мной, ставя след в след».
�”Chase me backwards.” �”Let you go
in a difficult way, and I will repeat your movement. “


Amusement rides

Amusement rides бывают шумные и быстрые. And there are quiet rides,
when children do some not-so-simple tasks
an adult.

  1. Have the child stand up, put their heels and socks together,
    put your hands behind your back so that the wrist of one hand clasps
    wrist another. Now, crouching, he should lift from the floor
    a small object at his foot.
  2. You need to walk in a straight line in such a strange step: right foot
    bring behind the left and put it as far as possible; then left
    bring the leg over the right and take the same step.
  3. It is necessary to carry on a palm a piece of paper from one wall to
    other. If the leaf falls, it needs to be lifted, put on the palm and
    continue driving

Riga stew

The adult turns to the child. They both hold in front of them.
hands clenched into fists. Adult shakes fists and sentences:
«Riga stew, ригу-рагу…», а затем высовывает большие пальцы и
says: “Fence with horns” or “Deer with horns.” If he pronounced
the name of the animal that does have horns, baby
must also quickly stick out your thumbs. If the parent
call an animal without horns or some object, the fists of a child
must remain compressed. When the child makes a mistake, you can change


The child conceals the word in secret from the mother. Now mom asks him
a question, and he answers with a hidden word. For example: “What are you
today was driving? “” On the hippo. ” �”What do you like to eat for breakfast?”
�”Grasshoppers”. Потом можно поменяться roles.

You can complicate the game if you answer the question not with a word, but
line of the song. �“What are you dreaming about?” “I am a brilliant detective!”

Practice memory

An adult calls a word (noun, common noun,
singular in the nominative case), the child repeats it and
adds the second. Parent repeats two words and comes up with
the third. The child will need to say four words already. A game
lasts until someone gets confused.

An adult can tell a child that it is possible not just
mechanically memorize words, and invent a story with these
in words, then the word order will be repeated more easily. For example,
to memorize a series of “squirrel – snail – spade – cake –
bulldozer … “, we come up with this story: the squirrel met a snail with
a shovel, a cake lay on a shovel, it looked like

Games with a pencil and paper


If you have a pencil or pen with you, as well as a piece of paper
paper, stay in the clinic can be made more interesting.

  • The simplest thing is to have your child draw two
    the same pattern at the same time with two hands. Now let
    will try to draw two different ones. And how are you?
  • Try using a “write” picture for a phrase,
    for example, “I came to the clinic today and met a frog.” Can
    give poodgadvat such drawing letters to each other.
  • Draw a squiggle on a piece of paper, and then
    Pass the piece to the child. Let him finish your line so that
    It turned out meaningful drawing – an animal, person or object.
    Now let the squiggle draws a child, and you turn it into


All children love these dirty tricks.

  • Why does a cow lie down? Because it does not know how
    sit down
  • Why does the kitten cross the road? To be on another
    to the side.
  • How to break a branch, so as not to scare the bird? Need to
    wait for the bird to fly away.
  • How many peas will go into the glass? None,
    peas do not go.
  • What tap are you not drinking from? From lifting.
  • What color stop cock on the plane? No airplane
    stop crane.
  • How can an abandoned egg fly three meters and not break?
    It is necessary to throw an egg on four meters.
  • What gets bigger if you put it upside down?
    The number 6.
  • How to jump off the twenty-meter ladder and not break?
    It is necessary to jump from the bottom step.
  • When is it easier for a black cat to get into the house? When
    the door is open.
  • What end day and night? A soft sign.
  • Can an ostrich call itself a bird? No, ostriches are not
    they say
  • What is the most needed dinner? Mouth.

Joint tale

And finally: you can just write a fairy tale, telling
take it one by one when everyone adds
offer. The writing of fairy tales on the principle of nonsense is very
like children.


Remember! A hungry child is not happy with his
excessive activity. Therefore, a box of juice, a bottle of water,
fruits or cookies will be superfluous in your purse. Take out
small toys at home. Depending on the age, the child may
play them with your help or myself. Let him reproduce the situation –
he brought his toy animals to the doctor, but they are bored and need
somehow occupy them. Or he is a doctor, and toys are patients. Help
baby develop the plot.

Article author: Daria Velizhanina

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