What to occupy and captivate a child in 1 – 2 years

In ancient times, children grew up without toys, developing books,
cartoons and occupations. The way of life of the ancient man was such
that absolutely everything was done by hand, and the child was born from birth
in the daily affairs of the tribe. Modern life is different: not
you need to hunt for mammoths, weave baskets, make tools, sew
clothes Washes the washing machine, dinner is cooked in a slow cooker,
clothes and products we buy in the store. That is why
modern parents cannot avoid coming up for their
karapuzov lessons and games. In some classes necessarily
the presence of an adult and which are needed just to
an adult could make time for his work.

чем занять ребенка

How to entertain the baby

While the baby is small, games and activities with them are very simple. Baby
up to one year old can easily be carried away by a bright rattle. This
age is most associated with the development of different sensations. Baby
Everything is interesting: feel, hear, see, lick. It is on
familiarity with different sensations is best and direct your

Развивающий коврик

Развивающий коврик
Мобиль на кроватку

Мобиль на кроватку

Можно вместе с крохой перебирать тряпочки разных фактур,
push the buttons of a musical toy, consider large
pictures in the books. Sometimes a mother can separate herself from a child
leaving it with a rotating music mobile or in developing
rug, where you can touch a lot of things and consider. but
by the end of the first year of life the child learns to move to
space: either he confidently and very quickly creeps and rises
support, or trying to do the first steps. From now on it
interest is increasingly focused on exploring the world, and mom
it is necessary to be puzzled by new ideas of occupations for the baby.

We spend time together with the baby age 1-2 years

At the age of 1-2 years old, the best playmate is mom.
Of course, the company of peers to the child will also be interesting, but
children develop in the process of joint activities with
for adults. What can you do with the child?

  • Пускаем мыльные пузыри. Usually all
    малыши очень любят наблюдать, как летают разноцветные мыльные
    bubbles and watch the “magic” of turning water into multi-colored
    iridescent bubbles. They will be wondering where so much is coming from.
    bursting balls, and the child will definitely want to try it himself
    blow a soap bubble. Это занятие может растянуться,
    until the solution in the bottle is over.

мыльные пузыри

  • Artistic creativity. One year old baby with
    With pleasure I will paint with finger paints, at 2 years old the child is already
    cope with liquid gouache, watercolor, pencils and
    markers. Mom does not make sense to actively participate in the process.
    drawing: let the child himself study the properties of paints, mixes
    colors and makes your own discoveries. From an adult in this process
    you only need to properly organize the “workplace” of the artist and
    slightly direct his actions.



Creative activities with kids from 1 year old – drawing
finger paints

  • Modeling. Give the kid a dough for sculpting or
    The usual soft clay. You can show crumbs how to roll a ball
    sausage how to make a cake. Do not require specific
    results or to teach a child to mold concrete forms: babies
    It is always interesting to study the properties of the material. Plus of this
    classes – the development of motor skills.


Sculpt from dough for modeling

  • Reading of books. Children 1-2 years old are not yet able
    perceive long prose and catch the plot thread. No matter how we
    loved fairy tales, 1-2 years old – this is the age of poems and rhymes.
    Small poems on topics that are understandable and known to the child will be
    just right. Parents can not “reinvent the wheel,” and
    give preference to the classics of children’s literature. Also, kids are very
    much like special musical children’s books.



  • Role-playing games. At about 1.5 years old in babies
    Waking up interest in role-playing games. In this game, the child imitates
    an adult, performing those actions that he observes daily.
    The most popular stories in kids are to feed the doll, swaddle her,
    ride in a stroller, put to bed. True, many crumbs
    not yet available, so without the help of my mother can not do. The older
    child, the more “advanced” are the plots of his games.


  • Active games. Should not do without them
    one day with a child. Do not sit constantly at the table with
    brushes, clay and books? Be sure to run and
    jump, warm up. For example, you can entertain your baby by playing
    catch up If the child still does not know how to run, but also
    walk confidently – you can roll a ball on the floor, jump on

  • We play toys. Not enough to force the whole
    nursery different toys. To master their child can only with
    adults, so moms and dads need to be included in
    such games. For kids 1-2 years old cubes are ideal,
    pyramids, musical instruments, frames with inserts,
    constructors with large parts.

Toys for a child 1-2 years

  • Air balloons. Kids love to play with
    balloons. You can draw on the ball, you can inflate and not
    tying, letting go – he will be very fun and quickly whistling in
    blowing process. The child will be surprised and interested, as from
    such a small piece of rubber can be made light and big
    ball. (From personal experience: a small inflated ball stuck
    boy under a t-shirt (like a big tummy). To his joyous
    surprise was no limit. 10 minutes he ran with a happy face
    the owner of a miracle under a t-shirt!


How to occupy a child

�”Distracting” classes for the baby (1-2 years)

Sometimes mom needs to take a baby to make
planned household chores or just a little rest.
Leaving a child idle and unattended is not safe, therefore
better to offer him some interesting activity.

  • Paper expanse. And in 1 year, and in 2 years,
    babies have a big interest in making paper rustle,
    tear or bruise her. The safest option is to give a toddler
    roll of toilet paper. Perforated paper comes off interestingly.
    on the leaves, besides, what a pleasure – to unwind the roll and
    see what is in the middle. Great rustling newspapers and magazines, but
    It’s not advisable to give them to the child: newspapers are very dirty with paint, and
    glossy magazines have sharp edges that can easily
    get hurt.


  • Bag with surprises. In a textile bag or
    gift bag we fold different items and hand it to the baby.
    Children are interested in taking out items one by one, examine them,
    fold back. By the way, many babies love to pack
    from the supermarket. This is not the best activity for the child: the baby can
    put the bag on your head, bite off and inhale a piece of cellophane.
    Such games are possible only under the strict control of an adult.
  • Kitchenware. If mom needs to cook dinner
    – You can take the crumbs with you to the kitchen. Plastic containers
    silicone shovels, pots, spoons, and povyoshki like everyone


  • Pour, pour. For a long time to captivate the baby
    can such a meditative exercise as the transfusion of water from the tank into
    capacity or peresypanie croup. For the game you need a big basin, which
    we fill either with water, or with something loose (large macaroni,
    beans) and various jars, boxes, bottles. If the child is playing
    with pasta or cereals – choose this option so that the particles
    were large.

Games with BIG for the little ones

  • We include in household chores. In some
    situations you can not try to take the child for a while, but do
    household chores together. For example, give him a damp cloth and
    show how to wipe the dust. At 2 years old baby will be able to wield.
    baby brush for the floor and even wash the dishes. You can put
    karapuza on a steady supply near the sink, open the tap with
    with water, soap the sponge and allow to wash the plastic dish.


Читаем по теме: как обезопасить для ребенка
the kitchen and what in the kitchen to captivate the kid in the kitchen –

  • Interactive toys and
     Of course, even cartoons are better for the child.
    watch with adults, but sometimes mom needs a good look
    concentrate and not be distracted by the child for 15-20 minutes.
    Do not abuse this method and “turn off” the baby from
    daily life of the family because watching the actions
    adults give much more for development than the most
    �”Developing” cartoon.

Joint and separate classes are best alternated, with
it is necessary to give the child an opportunity to get bored,
laze around and invent yourself a game. Permanent
slipping ready-made games and activities inhibits creative development
baby and dulls his cognitive activity.

Let’s summarize a little.

  • Adult entertainment:
    • Bubble;
    • Air balloons;
    • Drawing paints (finger, watercolor, gouache);
    • Sculpting dough or soft clay;
    • Books (you can music);
    • Role and active games;
    • Games with toys;
  • Independent pastime of the child:
    • Toilet paper / newspapers / magazines;
    • Rustling bags;
    • Water transfusion;
    • Overflowing croup;
    • Help for Duma: washing dishes / cleaning;
    • Cartoons.

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